Tall Planters For Privacy: 7 Planting Tips For A Beautiful Privacy Screen

Tall planters are great statement pieces. There’s little that’s as impressive as a tall plant in a commercial or residential living space – It’s like having a piece of the jungle inside your room!

Besides this obvious wow factor, what really adds that extra utilitarian aspect to owning a large plant is its ability to create privacy. From your garden or backyard, to really any indoor or outdoor space, a tall planter box can help divide spaces and produce private areas for people to enjoy.

Regardless of if you’re a landscape designer, interior designer, or simply a prospective homeowner, understanding how to use a tall planter can aid you in creating the commercial or living space of your dreams! This is beneficial as according to findings of a 2015 study, retail products and services are considered up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements from nature.

In this post, we’ll start off by giving you some quick stats on what constitutes a tall planter box. Then we’ll provide 8 examples of tall planters for privacy that can start you on your gardening journey. You’ll be shopping for tall planters in no time!

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How Tall Are Tall Planter Boxes?

Tall Box planter
©Jay Scotts

Tall planters are normally considered any container beginning at 25”, or a little over 2 feet tall. As a general rule of thumb, plants grow best in containers half their size, so that means you could end up with around 50” of cover from your tall plants!

To get an idea of what a tall planter looks like, why not check out the Amesbury Tall Corner Planter? If that doesn’t suit your fancy, how about the Brisbane Tall Corner Planter? These are classic designs of tall pots.

7 Tall Planters For Privacy Tips

Toulan Planter
©Jay Scotts / Beach Walk Hallandale

1. A Restaurant Patio Privacy Screen For An Oasis In The City!

Never before has dining on a patio been considered more hip. Long gone are the days of white tablecloths in stuffy restaurants where waiters watch your every move like hawks.

Nowadays, people want to enjoy the experience of eating out, and dining on a patio is one of the best ways to impress customers not only with delicious flavors but spectacular scenery too! A large container makes this possible by serving as a privacy screen, giving diners the chance to forget about their troubles and stresses and focus solely on each other and their meal.

Start off by picturing the patio. Will it be in the style of a quaint yard or more a lush, greenery garden? Having an idea of what you want is important. Otherwise, you can end up having too many planters and plants that you end up taking away from the restaurant’s food, rather than serving to complement it.

Once you’ve got an image in mind, start decorating your patio! By using a planter box like the Amesbury Narrow Rectangular Planter, you could even frame around the dining tables and create an extra sense of intimacy.

Details like the container’s material and finish to whether you’ll also have a light display over the patio make all the difference in creating an atmosphere sought after for its beauty.

Check out the Pura Vida Las Olas Project in Miami for more design inspiration!

PuraVida Miami Valencia
©PuraVida Miami Valencia / Jay Scotts

Want to know more about plants in restaurants? Read about the best plants for restaurants here!

2. Rectangular Planter Boxes For Modern Minimalism

Due to their natural length and height, rectangular planter boxes are the ideal containers for those who prefer a more sleek minimalist design. Not only this, but by arranging them so they sit in a row, it’s also possible to create a privacy screen.

Rectangular planters
©Jay Scotts / Lasting Greenery

Take an office building. Many interior designers might opt for a more subdued design in such a setting, so as not to distract workers from their work. Having rectangular planter boxes growing bamboo or simpler plants like the Snake plant at various points indoors can produce a nice display of modern beauty in an otherwise drab office.

Going a step further, having planters in rows around various sections of an office floor can serve as walkways while also maintaining privacy between each section. This could boost the productivity of office workers as according to a study in 2015, interaction with indoor plants has stress-reducing effects!

With the inside of the office complete, how about framing the exterior with rectangular planters growing Cedar trees? Relatively easy to care for, these trees grow quickly and have wind-breaking qualities for colder locations and seasons.

Want some more inspiration? Check out this botanic office design!

3. Relax In Your Private Tropical Jungle

For homeowners who prefer a more tropical feel inside their homes, a tall planter can make your every wish come true.

Round planter
©Jay Scotts

Using tall planters in outdoor living areas like the balcony, backyard, or on deck is perfect to create a lush sense of private greenery, even if your home is in the middle of the city! Something like the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter is perfect for this. Whether you’re planting flowers, trees, or other plants, you can really let them flourish in that kind of planter box. Soon, the whole landscape will be filled with greenery!

How about we see what we can do with a deck? Wood and plants are a match made in heaven so there are a lot of possibilities!

By having planters create lines along the edges of a deck, you can transform an outdoor space into a garden reminiscent of Eden. Install drainage holes in your pots if they come without, and make sure the plants and flowers growing there can withstand a lot of sun – on a deck they’ll be getting a lot of it!

Want to know more about the planter possibilities at home? Check out the Claude Marquise Project for more!

4. Beautiful Privacy With Tall Plants At Home!

large rectangular planters produce curb appeal
©Coffinier Ku Design / Jay Scotts

Taking the previous tip a step further, how about building a frame around your front lawn, backyard, or back garden?

You can create an outdoor privacy screen in a yard or garden by having a row of large containers with something like a Cedar tree, shrubs, or even ornamental grass growing from them. Such dense greenery means there’s no way anyone outside can see in, giving your yard or garden that much-desired sense of privacy.

This is possible with a front lawn or porch, too. Mix and match different styles of planter boxes with your favorite flowers and plants to create a nice screen along the front of your house. A planter box like the Tolga Rectangular Planter above are great pots for the small spaces here!

Want more information on getting maximum privacy at home? Take a look at the Zola Properties Project!

5. A Tall Planter Box Brings Rooftop Privacy To The Highest Spots

A tall space like a rooftop is notoriously trickier to fill with plants and flowers because of the harsher wind and weather conditions. On top of this, for safety reasons, roofs tend to be surrounded by concrete which, though durable, doesn’t exactly create the most aesthetic appearance. This can pose an especially big issue with rooftop pools or gardens in hotels and resorts, making it something landscape designers need to figure out how to overcome.

Rectangular planters
©REWS Media LLC / Jay Scotts

For one, what are some plants and flowers you can plant on a rooftop?

  • Perennials like Hostas, Black-eyed Susans, and Catmint.
  • Herbs like Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, and Lavender (why not try growing them on a trellis?).
  • Fruits like Blackberries and Raspberries (why not try growing them on a trellis?).
  • Drought-tolerant plants like Cacti and Succulents.
  • Trees like Cedar, Poplar, or Maple tree.

Now you know what plant will work on a rooftop pool or garden, begin arranging the planter boxes along the edges.

Why not try mixing and matching a Darwin Tall Corner Planter for those small, narrow spaces and a Delray Tall Rectangular Planter for a trim appearance length-wise? Not only will you feel more at ease with a privacy screen blocking outside eyes, but these planters will also bring all the feeling of relaxed lushness to any rooftop!

Check out the Penthouse Pool Club Project for more!

6. Provide A Pathway And Privacy Screen With A Tall Planter Box

Most beneficial for hotels, resorts, and residential apartments, planters can be used to edge out pathways while simultaneously creating a privacy screen for your clients.

planters with palm trees in patio
Montroy Cube Planters. ©Jay Scotts / The Plant Guy

Take an outdoor space such as a walkway leading from one area of a hotel or apartment to another. For example, from reception to a parking space. By having planters placed in between pillars or along a walkway, a natural privacy screen is created that also gives a bit of softness and color to what might otherwise be a boring walk.

It’s these small details that really make a difference in the overall satisfaction of your clients. Working to pair the architecture of a building with a plant should be considered a focal point when starting to develop a living space–If you’re going to pay the price to build something, you don’t want to pay the price by cutting any corners!

Want to read about a hotel that took into account the difference a planter makes? Check out the project by Fortune House Hotel Suites!

7. Indoor Tall Planters for A Privacy Screen Between Rooms

Potsdam install at Baltus Midtown
Potsdam Rectangular Planters. Baltus Midtown. ©Jay Scotts

A good way to use a planter indoors is to have it create privacy between rooms. This works because contemporary architecture and interior design increasingly favor an open floor plan. Rather than using doors to cut each room off from the other, you can use tall containers and pots instead, which, not only act as a frame but also allow you to achieve an airier feel indoors.

Let’s take a look at how you might manage this with a living and dining room. Though these rooms serve different purposes, having them side by side on the same floor allows for convenient communication and movement to and fro. Simply put, many families like to lounge in the living room before and after a meal at the dining table. As such, having a planter box like the Potsdam Rectangular Planter can provide a sense of separation whilst still not being as divisive as a closed door!

Interested in some more information about using a planter box indoors? Read about the Dalmar Fort Lauderdale Project!

Best Tall Planters For Privacy

How To Use Tall Planters – Filling & Watering

Tall planter
©Jay Scotts / Lasting Greenery

Before purchasing a tall planter, here’s some extra information to help out.

How do you fill a tall planter?

  • Make sure there are drainage holes (if not, install some). Drainage holes provide proper irrigation so your plants can breathe. Also, clean your planter!
  • Prepare a filler. Packing peanuts, plastic bottles, or plastic bags can be used in the bottom of the planter to save soil and water. Once packed, separate it from the soil with newspaper or some other similar material.
  • Fill the rest of the pot with soil. Store-bought soil works best as it’s filled with nutrients that can help your plant live a long and healthy life!

How do you water a tall planter?

  • Stick a finger in the soil beforehand to check the dampness of the soil. Sometimes, the surface can be dry even though it’s wet right underneath!
  • Slowly add water to the planter, making sure to get an even pour. With proper drainage holes in your planter, the water should flow through smoothly. If your plants are in the garden, you can alternatively set up a sprinkler system.
  • Have a routine and stick to it. Whether your planter is in the garden or indoors, having a routine of watering at the same times every day helps the plant adapt to its surroundings, ensuring healthy growth.

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A tall planter makes it possible to have a privacy screen in an indoor or outdoor living area, while also creating the green space you always wanted.

If you’re now interested in shopping for a wholesale fiberglass planter, Jay Scotts Collection offers some of the industry’s best, with a warranty to ensure peace of mind when purchasing any of our products.

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