6 Benefits of a Snake Plant – The Best Plant You Can Get for Your House


Snake plants (or sansevierias) have enjoyed increasing popularity nowadays. Have you ever wondered why snake plants always show up in design magazines? It’s because this plant with its silky, spiky foliage is full of magic. This article will walk you through the 6 benefits of a snake plant. In the end, you will probably want to run to the nearest plant shop and carry them home.

1. Excellent for decoration

No one can deny the beauty of a snake plant. Its sword-like leaves give off a vibe of vitality. Its size, from 1 to 4 feet tall, along with the interesting pattern on its foliage can attract all attention. Its aesthetic appearance makes the snake plant a natural, green sculpture for your house.


2. Mental health booster

Like all houseplants, snake plants can give you some mental support. Science proves that growing a plant in your house makes you calmer and more content. Moreover, the fresh oxygen produced by snake plants also helps improve your mood and energy.


There is also proof that caring for a plant reduces your anxiety and stress, and at the same time, increases your sense of self-love. Watering your snake plant, or just simply watching it grow might be a temporary escape from your stressful and busy life.

3. Air purifier

One of the benefits of snake plants is air purifying due to the large area of its leaf surface. It is best known for producing the highest amount of oxygen among all the houseplants. Unlike other plants, snake plants can converse carbon monoxide to oxygen at night. This makes the snake plant a friendly plant for your bedroom. The oxygenation also improves your sleep quality. 


Besides producing fresh oxygen, the snake plant can also absorb mold and cancer-causing toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene.

4. Feng shui benefit

The snake plant is believed to bring abundance, luck, financial prosperity, longevity, and strength to its owners. Who does not want such a blessing, right?


Because the energy of this plant is quite aggressive, some people believe it is not good to place the snake plant indoors. However, when you put your snake plants in a suitable place, preferably a less-trafficked area like Southeastern, Southern, and Eastern corners, its shiny foliage is believed to protect you from the negative Chi.

5. Low maintenance

Another benefit of a snake plant is its easy-to-care. Suitable for beginners and busy owners, the plant can stand some neglect. Water it very little or you will risk rotting its root. Watering the plant once every two weeks in the hot summer, and once in 6 weeks in winter is enough for your snake plant to stay healthy. Because of its drought tolerance nature, it is preferable to use cactus mix or well-drained soil for your plant.


The snake plant is incredibly versatile. It can thrive in a wide range of light conditions, either indirect sunlight or shadow. However, it still prefers some medium light. The best place to put your plant is in rooms which do not have big windows.

The plant is highly pest resistant. Very rarely do pests attack your plant. So, you don’t need to worry that your plant will get sick.

6. Easy to propagate

You love your snake plant so much and want to continue its legacy? Don’t worry! All you need is a leaf or rhizome and some water.

To propagate your plant with its leaf, make sure your leaf is healthy, shiny, and not too old. Cut off the leaf, then put it in a tall container for your leaf to stand straight. Keep the cut end of the leaf in water. You only need enough water to cover the bottom quarter of the tissues. Then you can place the container under indirect light. Remember to change the water regularly. After the root develops from the leaf, you can place it in sand and take care of it normally.


Another way is to use the under-soil organs of the soil called rhizomes. To make a healthy offspring, it is recommended to have three rhizomes and one healthy leaf per new plant. After cutting them off, you can leave the offset underwater for a month so that it can develop enough roots. You can also plant the offset directly in a pot and put it in an airtight jar. This way the offset will grow faster.

Considering the benefits of snake plants that are listed above, it is a must-have plant for your house. What else can compare to a multi-functional plant which is excellent for decoration, reduce your stress, provide you with high air quality, protect your energy with minimum care required?

As a houseplant, it is important to choose a good planter for your snake plant. To suit its stunning visual, our fiberglass planters are the best option. Their elegant design does not only help your snake plants stand out, it also easily fits in your interior design. Take a look and get ready to grow some snake plants!

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