Privacy Planters For Patio + The Best 6 Planter Box Ideas For Privacy Screens

A patio is one of the best outdoor spaces for relaxing and entertaining guests, whether that be at home or in a commercial landscape such as a restaurant or resort. Pair that with plants and studies show that customers are willing to spend 25% more money and time, particularly in a retail property. And yet, using privacy planters for patio projects is a little-known trick with effective results.

By adding planter boxes filled with lush plants and flowers, it’s possible to take the beauty and style of a patio to the next level, all the while creating a privacy screen for that extra feel of exclusivity.

Regardless of if you’re a landscape designer, interior designer, or merely a humble homeowner looking to create the domain of your dreams, we’ve got all the information you need!

In this post, we’ll go over 6 privacy planters for patio ideas. These will help begin the process of taking your patio from being considered a stain on the quality of your outdoor space to a thing of beauty, worthy of being captured on a photo and framed on a mantlepiece.

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6 Patio Planter Box Tips

1. Privacy Screen Planter Boxes For Restaurant Patio Spaces

There’s something inherently more relaxing about dining outdoors, a far cry from the old ideal of the Michelin-starred white-tablecloth experience that costs all the money in your bank to enjoy. According to The National Restaurant Association’s 2021 Industry report, 56% of casual dining and 62% of fine dining businesses expanded their outdoor space since the pandemic started.

Tall fiberglass planters for privacy
©Lion Fish Restaurant / TruVines / Jay Scotts

Now more than ever, restaurants consider outdoor dining spaces as being just as important for the satisfaction of their customers as indoor ones. Not only does this allow customers to enjoy meals in spaces replete with naturally grown plants and flowers, but by utilizing a planter box as a privacy screen, the level of intimacy shared between customers exponentially increases!

Imagine for a second a restaurant in the heart of a city. While outdoor dining is popular, one drawback that needs to be taken into account is the fact that there’s an inherent perception that privacy decreases when you’re not in a room. A privacy planter takes care of this.

Acting as a kind of living wall, a planter like the Delray Tall Rectangular Planter allows you to grow a garden of plants and flowers that can frame around dining tables, putting customers at ease while they enjoy a wonderful meal. Sold in five different sizes, it’s possible to put two planter boxes side by side for a greater privacy screen. Otherwise, mix and match any planter you want!

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2. Elegance And Entertainment With A Private Outdoor Bar!

Outdoor bar with planters
©Jay Scotts

Nothing screams summertime more than relaxing with a drink on a porch, deck, or backyard garden. Your personal outdoor bar is the version of this upgraded to the ultimate form of indulgence and paired with a planter box for botanical beauty, there’s no way you can go wrong.

For those reading this thinking a personal outdoor bar is too much of an audacious project, with an expensive price tag to match, don’t worry, with a bit of carpentry experience and simple instructions, you can build your own!


With the DIY bar made, why not add some wood chairs and stools for sitting?

Don’t forget to surround the bar with planter boxes like the Alzira Bowl Planter and the Saigon Round Tapered Planter for those finishing touches – Now you’ve got style, privacy, and convenience right in your garden!

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3. Trellis Or Tiered Planters For Functional Privacy Screens

When most people think of a planter, the image that comes to mind tends to be a round or square planter. Such conventional designs are good starting points for anyone beginning to garden, but it’s important to remember the other types of planter box designs besides the ones mentioned. Using different shapes and sizes introduces a unique look to any indoor or outdoor space, whether you want to use them as a personal privacy screen, or just to make people say Wow!

planter box with trellis

A trellis and tiered planter are among the more unconventional planter box designs. A trellis is a wood or metal frame of latticework panels commonly used for climbing plants. On the other hand, a tiered planter is not one planter, but usually three or more sitting diagonally atop each other. Think steps up a staircase!

A trellis is great for use on the deck, patio, or backyard. You can also use them for landscaping in areas like a public park! When standing upright, not only does a trellis act as a kind of fence, but it can also provide shade, for example, when framed around a row of benches. With fully grown climbing plants, there’s no better privacy screen than a trellis.

On the other hand, a tiered planter box is great if you want to fill the small corner spaces on a deck, yard, garden, or the like. This type of planter box really lets you introduce color and style that pops, and can even be used as a privacy screen when tall enough! Simply line the planter against a wall and fill each tier with whatever you like. Imagine: tiers one and three can be used as flower boxes while tier two can be a regular planter. It’s up to you to craft the style you like!

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4. Patio Beer Garden – Let Loose Amongst A Wall Of Greenery!

outdoor patio with planters
©Jay Scotts

With its roots in 16th-century Germany, the tale of how the beer garden came to be is an interesting glimpse into the history of something that has become popular around the world.

The beer garden takes the best of both worlds: beer, and a lush, natural garden, selling to patrons the promise not only of zingy lagers and aromatic ales but the chance to enjoy it all in a beautiful garden – After all, nothing really trumps drinking in the great outdoors!

Restauranteurs and landscape designers can use this to their advantage with planters decorating around benches that serve as seating for customers.

How about large bowl planters like the Wannsee Extra Large Planter? They come in 7 sizes and 20 colors and finishes, so you can be sure to find a style right for you!

With an even larger planter like the Brisbane Wide Rectangular Planter, you can achieve a privacy screen that blocks anyone on the other side from peeping in, letting you enjoy your selection of fine brews in peace!

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5. Fiberglass To Fulfill Your Every Patio Planter Need!

One important factor about keeping a planter on a patio or in any outdoor area like a garden, yard, or balcony is the need to consider varying weather conditions. An indoor planter is safe from all the changes Mother Nature throws at us. An outdoor planter isn’t. As such, it’s vital to choose a planter box that’s capable of withstanding all these changes while keeping your plants alive and blooming. There’s no better planter for that than a fiberglass planter box.

Rectangular planters on a patio
©Zola Properties / Jay Scotts

What you can expect from fiberglass planters:

  • Quality: Perhaps what really separates fiberglass planters from all other kinds of pots is the quality of its material. Made out of composite fiberglass and resin, this foundational strength serves as the building block for all the other benefits.
  • Durability: No other planter box is as durable as one made from fiberglass. Able to withstand all sorts of weather conditions, this makes them the ideal choice for use in your garden, yard, balcony–Anywhere, really!
  • Lifespan: Terracotta pots often break, wooden pots easily decay, but fiberglass planters last for years! In the unlikely scenario they do break, these pots are easily repairable.

There’s really no limitation with these pots. Want to use them as your personal privacy screen? Why not try the Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter? At 42” tall, these can be used as the perfect privacy planter, and with a wide range of color schemes, your garden will be spruced up in no time!

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6. A Rectangular Planter To Make Your Garden Look Clean!

Though it’s easy to get a little carried away when starting to learn about all the many planters out there, sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. That’s why you can never go wrong with a rectangular planter. Its design lends itself to an aesthetic, minimalist look while also serving as a privacy screen. With an assembly of these boxes, it even starts to look like a fence!

Tall plants and planters
©The Plant Guy / Jay Scotts

A rectangular box like the Panama Rectangular Tapered Planter shown above is a great choice for a stylish privacy planter. Whether you use it in your garden or backyard, or in a restaurant’s patio, this type of privacy screen provides a muted look that won’t take away from its surroundings. If you want it to stand out a bit more, how about having it painted? Just remember not to go too wild, as the idea here is to maintain a level of serenity.

Another option is the Hollywood Rectangular Planter. This small footprint planter is available in several lengths to create a natural border that’s as beautiful as it is organized!

On the other hand, a rectangular planter is also perfect for use as a frame. By having them in a linear formation, you can create a makeshift fence that divides a space, all the while serving as a privacy screen!

The Hollywood Rectangular Planter is good for this as it comes in several sizes from 24″ to 72″ long!! Before you know it, you can have a garden that’s as beautiful as it is organized!

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Best Patio Privacy Planters

One Last Word On Patio Privacy Planters

Before purchasing a privacy planter box, here are some quick things that will be helpful to address.

Tips For Potting And Potting Soil?

  • Regardless of if you’re planting in a garden or inside a restaurant, make sure the planter box you purchased comes with drainage holes. Most companies sell these types, but on the off chance they don’t, you can always drill a hole yourself! Proper water run-through is essential, regardless of if the planter is made out of fiberglass or wood.
  • Alongside a planter box, good soil is an essential ingredient for plant health. Store-bought is always better as it contains a nice mix of nutrients for plants. Also, take into consideration the soil you use for different plants – They shouldn’t always be the same!

Want a rundown of what potting soil to look for? Click here for a potting soil 101!

What Plants Best Create Privacy?

Figuring out what plants best create privacy for your privacy planter can seem a daunting project. Here are a few ideas.

  • If you want something in your garden that will not only stand out but create a privacy screen as well, trees are the best choice. Some notable options are the Leyland Cypress Tree, Olive Tree, or Flowering Dogwood Tree. Why not try the Alicante Fluted Round Planter for this?
  • A trellis is a great privacy screen for any commercial or residential space. Not commonly thought of for use by newbie gardeners, it works great as a privacy screen because of the climbing plants that grow on it. How about a Clematis or Climbing Roses for your trellis? These will make your garden worthy of a photo shoot!
  • Shrubs. Whether landscaping a commercial space or just hoping for a screen around your home, shrubs are great for use in a privacy planter. Think of a North Pole Arborvitae, or Roses Bushes for some color!

Want more tips on creating privacy? Read these instructions on 5 tips for creating privacy!

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planters in a hotel
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A patio is a luxury that deserves to be treated with as much care and respect. Though wood or terracotta pots have their places, why not opt for a fiberglass planter to really take your patio to the next level, or the patio of your clients.

Jay Scotts offer the best wholesale fiberglass planters in the industry, with a warranty to ensure peace of mind and exceptional value.

From prospective homeowners to commercial landscapers, anyone can feel like a seasoned gardener using Jay Scotts. Contact us now for more information!

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