How Top Industry Professionals And Organizations Use Our Planters

Jay Scotts has earned its reputation as a leading designer and wholesale supplier of world-class planter products. In doing so, we have had the opportunity to work with many different customers. Our planters can be seen in industries ranging from hospitality to public institutions. 

Having years of experience delivering world-class products, we know the pain points of our customer base. That’s why we designed our planters to be the most durable, lightweight, and stylish fiberglass commercial planters on the market. 

Our planters are the perfect solution for those looking to add botanic beauty and functionality to both indoor and outdoor spaces. But how do our customers use our planters effectively? 

Let’s look at how industry professionals use our planters!

Real Estate Developers


As one of the biggest sectors to use our planters, developers of residential and commercial properties love the extensive range that Jay Scotts offers. With over 90 different shapes and styles in convenient sizes, our customers can meet the needs of any design project. 

The future of planters in Real Estate development 

Planters are no longer an afterthought, instead, developers and architects are incorporating the functionality and beauty of our planters into their specifications from the beginning. The cause? 

In 2022, the necessity for sophisticated plant management has never been more relevant, in part to legislation and changing consumer behaviors. 

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, for example, passed in the US in 2021, allocated $490 million for multiple green initiatives aimed at stimulating the economy & protecting the environment. Good news for developers with a keen eye for landscaping with planters! 

Organizing a large project can be tricky, especially with so many moving parts. Jay Scotts helps to mitigate any unexpected delays by delivering our products on time. Throughout the entire procurement process, our sales consultants are with you every step of the way to ensure your timelines are met with precision. 

Plus the durability and longevity of our fiberglass products means you won’t have unsatisfied customers after an installation is complete – a developer’s headache!

See Jay Scotts Planters In Action!

See for yourself how our planters were used by Zola Properties to fulfil their client’s dreams:

Zola Properties – 812 Huntley, Hollywood

The client wanted to find planters and plants that would thrive in the harsh sun and heat of California. Many common houseplants and planters will simply not survive or do well in these conditions.

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Landscape architects

Helping our customers create value for their own customers is what we do best. 

Landscape architects use our fiberglass planters to add form, function, and beauty to a number of different properties including:

  • Offices spaces; interior and exterior
  • The hospitality industry; restaurants, hotels & resorts, and cafes
  • Public spaces; parks, national parks, and urban landscapes
  • Residential developments; apartment complexes, villas, and houses

At Jay Scotts, we know the expectations of our landscape architect customers. We have the same passion – to deliver a stunning landscape that’s built to last. That’s why our planters are made from sophisticated fiberglass and resin materials under strict quality control procedures. 

The result? A product to be proud of. A product that will perform beyond expectations for years to come. A product that creates repeat business with a reputation to match. 

See Jay Scotts Planters In Action!

See how Geometric Designs used our planters in this gorgeous hotel to help make guests feel at home in a beautiful pool-side paradise. 

The Gates South Beach

The pool area is often the first thing that guests see when they arrive, and the client wanted it to make a good impression. See how we used planters to meet the needs of this luxurious property!

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Wholesale distributors

The quality and performance of our wholesale planters have earned them a place in the exclusive collections of many wholesale distributors. 

Working closely with procurement companies and wholesalers, we know how important it is to have a wide range of highly flexible products that create value for the end-user. By offering favorable payment and delivery terms, our products also make a big impact on your bottom line. 

Wholesale distributors use our products to attract a wide range of customers including developers and landscaping companies, but also huge commercial and governmental organizations such as airports. 

See Jay Scotts Planters In Action!

See how Philadelphia Airport Terminals used our planters to great effect!

Philadelphia Airport Terminals

Airport terminals can be large and overwhelming places. They are often full of people rushing to their next destination, and this can make them stressful and chaotic environments. The airport wanted to add some intrigue to make the location more than just a terminal, but a destination with botanical beauty to remember.

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Other brands are welcome to use Jay Scotts planters to supply their customers.

In addition to our standard planter range, we also offer bespoke planters in custom styles, shapes, and sizes. In doing so, we are able to offer brands white-labeling and contract manufacturing services. If you have a dream but need manufacturing expertise, Jay Scotts’ state-of-the-art production facilities are ready to fill your supply chain!

Learn more about our factory and the custom manufacturing opportunities available to our global customers. 

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