Wondering How To Arrange Pots Like A Pro?

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Adding an outstanding planter to an area you’re designing is an easy way to round off the design – a great go-to move every designer should have in their arsenal. And yet, how do you know which planter will work for a given room or in a particular garden, and which one won’t? Assuming you do pick the right pot, how do you actually arrange it within the area for best results?

To make it easier for you, we’ve asked professional designers the most important questions in the planter business, and combined their answers with the universal principles of design you need to know when adding planters to any décor. So just sit back, read on and learn how to arrange planters like a pro!

In this guide, you’ll get to know the basic concepts of arranging pots and how to make the best out of a space with planters:

  • Essential Rules for Adding Planters to Any Area
  • Practical Tips to Decorate Living Rooms with Modern Planters
  • Working with Planter Lines and Shapes
  • Combining Planter Shapes and Colors
  • Common Planter Shapes and Their Uses
  • Colors and Light in Designs
  • Most Popular Planter Colors
  • The Shape of the Plant versus the Shape of the Planter

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