Chinese Money Plant Care: Hot Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Exotic Plant

chinese money plant care

Chinese money plant care is easy and effective with a bit of love and affection. Not only will this simple plant look sexy on your shelf but it also helps to purify the air and bring fortune to those who place a coin in its planter. Having started its career as a miracle plant in the alpine slopes of southern China, the money plant was quickly exported across the world due to its intriguing visual appearance. 


A Chinese money plant is deliciously eye-catching with large oval and waxy leaves. Like nature’s 50-cent pieces, these leaves are flat and smooth and balance on delicate stems that twist and turn as the plant matures. The flowers that are produced are small, white and not really much of a show-stopper. However if your plant produces flowers, this means it is very healthy and happy and you can pat yourself on the back. Turn your plant occasionally to ensure it grows straighter rather than bending too much towards sources of light. 

chinese money plant care

Hot Tip: Giving the leaves a daily misting to keep them moist and luscious will ensure your plant stays visually appealing. 


At full maturity, the Chinese money plant can grow up to 30cm in height and width, which is around 13 inches of cascading leaves. If growing conditions are on the neglectful side then the plant will lose its leaves, so watch out for this telling sign. The typical growing period is from spring to summer. When the plant gets too big for the planter, upsize to a container that is at least 2 inches larger than the plant itself.


Hot Tip: Chinese money plants don’t need plant food but relish in the occasional fertilizer (during the growing season). 


One of the main advantages of owning one Chinese money plant is that, before you know it, you will have two Chinese money plants! As they are very fast at self-propagating, you can quickly establish an air-purifying workforce in your home. The ‘daughter’ plants often shoot off from the stem of the ‘mother’ plant or can come from below the soil from the root system. A baby plant is ready to function on its own and in its own pot when it is around 5-7cm in size. 

chinese money plant care

Hot Tip: When you are ready to start making babies, grab a sharp knife and cut the connection from the ‘mother’ stem carefully. If the ‘daughter’ already has some roots then try and keep them intact. If your new little baby plant doesn’t have any roots yet, then put it into a shallow glass of water until roots have developed and then begin using a planter with normal potting soil. 


These plants enjoy a weekly watering in hotter conditions but are happy with less if the environment is colder, for example, in the winter months. Make sure you let the water drain from the soil to avoid ‘wet feet’. This is where the roots start to rot due to too much excess water. Chinese money plants hate to be too wet and if your planter doesn’t drain well then your plant’s not going to be very healthy. 

chinese money plant care

Hot Tip: If you notice there are white spots forming on your plant’s leaves then the problem is your water. Tap water, in some locations, often has minerals and salts that can cause this phenomenon. By using filtered water or letting your tap water sit overnight before using it, you can easily remedy this symptom. 


Having spent most of its evolutionary life in little rock formations on the side of a mountain 1500m in elevation, this plant is hardy. Though it does not require any specific temperatures for ideal growth, it does however begin to die at below 10 degrees. As always, keep your plant away from direct sources of extreme temperatures, such as air conditioners and heaters. Regular levels of humidity will suffice but don’t let the air get too dry. 

chinese money plant care

Hot Tip: Too much direct heat or sunlight will ‘burn’ the leaves so try to place your planter in shadier areas. 


Chinese money plants are in fact part of the succulent family and therefore, when buying potting soil, look for mixtures that are slightly on the acidic side. Peat moss is a common and organic ingredient that is tried and tested to work. 

chinese money plant care

Hot Tip: Don’t forget that they also hate to be too moist so a well draining soil is a must. Soils that contain peat moss, perlite or pumice will aid with drainage.  

As you can see, Chinese money plant care is rather straightforward, when you know how. With the New Year in full swing, it wouldn’t hurt to fill your house with these wonderful and appealing plants to ensure you have all the clean and healthy air you need in these strange times. Our fiberglass planters come in a range of styles to suit any home and are just the right accompaniment for such a groovy plant. Take a look and start planning your next botanical adventure with our Fiberglass Planter products.

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