12 Easy Care Indoor Plants: No-Fuss Greenery for Busy People

As far as interior decoration goes, plants stand in a category of their own. They can brighten up any interior in ways unavailable for other decorative pieces, and they are much easier to look after than what non-gardening people tend to think. If you’re looking for a good point to get you started with indoor greenery, try these time-saving tips on how to use plants in interior design.

Our top piece of advice, however, is this: make sure you know what you’re doing when buying your plants! If you’re constantly pressed for time and feel you won’t be a very good plant parent, then you definitely need to steer clear of finicky plants with a demanding care routine. Instead, get a couple of plants known for their reputation as surefire performers, the sort of plants that will flourish even if you neglect them most of the time. Here are our favorite easy care indoor plants – twelve sturdy, low-maintenance beauties.

1. Snake Plant

It’s also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue, but don’t be put off by the plant’s harsh-sounding names. Its leaves are stiff, vertical and not unlike snakeskin in terms of their coloring, but on top of being pretty the Snake Plant is also tolerant of low light and requires to be watered only once or twice a month.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

2. ZZ Plant

Native to East Africa, the ZZ Plant ranks high among the world’s most indestructible plants. It does well both in bright and low light and it also stores water, meaning that you will only need to water it once a month (or even less often). It’s also a wonderful air purifier and comes with thick, shining leaves.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe’s plump, spiky leaves look interesting, and their sap can actually be used as a soothing gel for burns and cuts. It prefers bright, indirect sunlight, and yet as a succulent aloe vera needs little water – just give it a good soak every two or three weeks. Your perfect desk or bedside companion right here!

Easy Care Indoor Plants

4. Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema, or Chinese Evergreen, comes in many varieties – most of them with eye-catching, variegated patterns on their leaves. It’s very forgiving, especially if you tend to overwater your plants, and it adapts to most indoor conditions, although it doesn’t like drafts and temperatures below 60°F.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

5. Money Tree

Known alternatively as the Guiana Chestnut, it comes with an interesting, braided trunk, and is considered one of the easiest indoor plants. Its natural habitat is a swamp, so water your Money Tree frequently and put it somewhere with bright, indirect light, preferably in a planter with good drainage.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

6. Spider Plant

Beautiful and easy to grow, this spider-like plant multiplies by producing little versions of itself – which you can then re-pot anywhere you like! The Spider Plant looks great in a hanging basket, with its shoots growing fast as long as you keep the plant in a well-lit spot and water it more or less once a week.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

7. Christmas Cactus

Consider this our honorable mention for the cactus family – obviously a great choice for busy plant owners. Christmas Cactus is our favorite of the entire lot, partly because it produces red or deep pink flowers in early winter. It does really well in low light but will produce more flowers in bright light.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

8. Golden Pothos

Another virtually unkillable houseplant, the Golden Pothos grows striking variegated leaves – and grows them long, sometimes 10 feet or more. The vines will happily climb anything if you let them. It thrives in all types of light conditions, artificial lights included. Let it dry out a bit between waterings.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

9. Cast-Iron Plant

Another resilient character in this list, the Cast-Iron Plant lives up to its name by surviving extreme temperature changes, low light, droughts and bad soil. The one thing it won’t tolerate is too much of your attention, so just leave it alone for the most part and admire its sword-like leaves at a distance!

Easy Care Indoor Plants

10. Peace Lily

A perky little plant crowned with pretty white flowers, the Peace Lily is another plant for you if you tend to overwater your greenery. It thrives in warm, humid conditions, so keep it away from drafts or unheated areas. A great spot for this plant is beside a large window as high light will help it bloom.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

11. Rabbit’s Ear

The Rabbit’s Ear Plant, member of the kalanchoe family, owes its name to its hairy leaves which help to prevent against water loss. Able to retain moisture, the Rabbit’s Ear Plant is a tropical, fast-growing succulent which requires little care and thrives in dry climates and with rapid temperature changes.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

12. Air Plant

Not a fan of getting your fingers dirty with soil? In that case the Air Plant, also known as Tillandsia – a botanical curiosity which requires no soil – will likely become your favorite plant to keep at home. Make sure you mist it with water for about two or three hours once a week, and expose to ample light.

Easy Care Indoor Plants

So there you have it, twelve easy care indoor plants which will become a fantastic, no-fuss addition to your room’s décor! Needless to say, you will now need a couple of flower pots to put them in. Our fiberglass planters are lightweight, durable and they come in striking shapes and colors, so be sure to also take a look at our modern, multi-purpose planter collection!

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