Ideas for Your Design Project When Light Presents an Issue

Ideas for Your Design Project When Light Presents an IssueIt is an experience that many have had – the room is perfectly decorated, but when all is said and done, there is a light issue. While this light issue may pertain to how the room looks, it also will have an impact with how the room functions. Plants need light to survive, and a lack of light in a room could be what ruins a plants well-being. For times when light is an issue, Jay Scotts has put together this guide of ideas on how to fix light issues in interior designs. 


Up-lights are a savior in situations where plants are having problems acclimating to new lighting. Whether this is going from store to design project, or if the plant is simply being moved to a new, less-lit location, some plants need a bit of help to adjust! Up-lights, which are simply ground lights shining up onto higher plants, not only will give a plant the boost that it needs, but it can also add a bit of spark to a design project. Up-lights often act as a spotlight, so they are perfect for highlighting key plants and adding depth. 

LED Lights

LED lights are common, relatively inexpensive, and look wonderful! Sometimes, LED lights can make the difference when it comes to a plant’s chance of survival. If a plant is in a location with little to no lighting to help it, consider a small string of LED lights wrapped around it. While many think that this is a holiday decoration, there is no reason it cannot be on display all year round! LED lights are simple, chic, and elegant, and incredibly popular, with the added bonus of giving your plant just enough light to thrive on.

Fluorescent Lights

If a client is focused on energy efficiency, fluorescent lights can be the answer! Fluorescents are the ideal candidate for plants that need low to medium amounts of light, such as ivy and ferns. Fluorescents also tend to be full-spectrum light, meaning that they replicate the natural solar spectrum. These lights are the best choice when there is a collection of different kinds of plants in one space – picking fluorescent lights means that each of them will be taken care of without needing to buy multiple different kinds of lights.


If your project is in an exceptionally large space, or you have multiple very large plants, halides may be a perfect choice! Halides are cooler in color temperatures, which makes them perfect for vegetative plants with tons of foliage. These bulbs are also perfect for highlighting the natural color of plants and not washing them out, which is perfect for ornamental plants!

Grow Lights

If up-lights and LED lights simply are not speaking to a client and they are not going for fluorescents or halides, there is another option! This option is grow lights. While grow lights are more noticeable and not as easy to blend in, sometimes the design project allows for something so unique. Grow lights are often the last option before suggesting artificial plants instead of regular plants, and natural light is always better, but sometimes it cannot easily be achieved! 

If in the middle of an interior design project the lighting changes, or it was never great to begin with, don’t panic! There are solutions that won’t break the bank and can save the plants from potential harm. With a few extra lights and a lot of different options, it is possible to maintain the interior design aesthetic without sacrificing or losing any of the original design. Of course, the perfect plants need the perfect planters. For high-quality fiberglass planters to fit in with any decor, be sure to look into Jay Scotts full catalog for all your needs. 

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