The Benefits of Different Planter Shapes

Nature possesses a wonderful variety of things to admire and love. Floral arrangements can display some of the most beautiful and eye-catching pictures in the whole world. It’s the reason floral displays are part of so many big celebrations across the world.

Flowers give a natural ambiance to any place. Those who love nature definitely want to improve their garden using floral arrangements suited to their taste. There has to be a mix when it comes to creativity.

Matching plants with pots and planters

Not all plants can grow naturally in gardens across such versatile lands. Some plants need a bit of support and help, using the right planter. Let’s have a look at the different planters we can use for those garden plants.

We’ll show you some benefits each planters type offers. We’ll also show a range of planters, as diversity is best. In nature, ecological diversity is often the most picturesque.

Rectangular planters

For those modern gardeners, rectangular planters are all the rage. You can fit different kinds of foliage into these planters. Most go for fillers. These plants grow horizontally, with the arrangements shining out of the right colored planter. They can be long horizontal shapes or small shelf fitters.

Dimensions can be created to fit the decor of a room or office. They can eloquently divide a room space, or subtly add a little finesse to the finishing touches of the decoration of a room. Depending on size, they are relatively easy to move around from table to table.

Pink osteospermum flowers in rectangular planter
Pink osteospermum flowers in rectangular planter @ mtreasure / Getty Images Signature

They can come in a variety of materials and look good each time. I wouldn’t recommend concrete planters though. Plastic is fickle. Fiberglass planters can be made and sculpted to your liking by Jay Scott’s. They last a long time. You can get the rustic wooden touch or terracotta complexion that will last longer.

Soil and water ratio

The soil is generally even across rectangular planters. Not much effort is required for watering. You can generally find an appropriate air to water ratio for horizontal plants. Just make sure the soil is dense enough for that capillary pull in plant growth.

Flower planters on wood deck
Flower planters on wood deck @ FreezeFrameStudio / Getty Images Signature

Rectangular planters can be used outside, on ledges, and on fences. These can hold spillers, or cascading plants. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor planters, the rectangular form offers sufficient drainage. These planters provide essential flexibility and ease of plant storage for any active gardener.

Square plant pots

A square planter is a good, solid, symmetrical shape that can work either indoors or outside. These plant pots give you more options for plant choice.

Most will fit into a small square plant pot. They offer stability to a plant. The water to air ratio is fairly even. The spoil doesn’t clunk up as much. The drainage is quite easy. These are useful plant pots to keep around the home, such as the kitchen table. Chrysanthemums and geraniums work well. They’ll brighten up a grey study as well.

Square flower pot on city street @ annadarzy / Getty Images

Large square pots offer balance for a bigger plant. These shapes are for thrillers. Any large, vertical plants can be stabilized by a larger symmetrical planter. Accent plants fit nicely too. Most gardeners want a larger plant in a square pot for their collection.

Material choices

Ceramic or terracotta is the material of choice for these pots. They fit a table, desk, or shelf. They are porous and let old water out lightly. However, they can get a little messy when inside, leaving water in places. You’ll need a saucer. For some, plastic is a good beginner’s choice. They break easily though.

Gray square concrete pot with green plants and flowers @ Анатолий Тушенцов / Getty Images

Large wooden boxes can look good, though you’d need to change that regularly as the wet rots the wood. Concrete planters are solid but heavy and crack due to the changes in weather.

These containers require materials that suit the surroundings of a home or garden. Flowers bloom spectacularly when grown vertically out of a large pot. Jay Scott’s square planters can be designed to blend into the house decor. This material offers durability in most weather, plus they can look as good as the flowers!

Tall plant pots

These planters are for those who want an added degree of height to display flowers. The roots of some flowers need that extra room for growth. They can look dashing, yet modern. They have quite a striking appearance if displayed in the correct way.

You can’t get tall plastic pots. The plant’s roots and soil would destroy such material. Though ceramic and terracotta pots are made this way, they are often expensive. Tailormade pots often are pricey, and you’d need to bespoke a tall planter in this material. Plus, they’d crack under root pressure.

Filling from top to bottom

They need soil but you might be advised to get some space savers. They help the plant the right to grow and stay upright. It gives drainage holes space to clear excess water. Most planters come with natural ways to drain old water. A fiberglass tall pot can be cleaned fairly easily. You can get a saucer to match.

Tall potted plant in a modern building @ baona / Getty Images Signature

Some like concrete planters as a base, to hold up big planters. They are vulnerable to windy conditions. They can be fitted in both round and other shapes. Patterns can be molded onto Jay Scott’s fiberglass tall planters.

Modern designs can give a contemporary look to gardens. The dwarf canna lily or fountain grass suits the high planter. They work best on the front porch or as part of a patio area. It’s better to arrange these upright containers to suit the decor.

Round plant pots

This is a planter shape that is rounded, yet gives an edge to any garden. This planter adds an extra dimension to the other planters around.

The geometric shapes contrast and collide at times. Too many corners turn displays of flowers into an obscure collection instead of the wonderful floral arrangements gardeners crave. This offers soft curves to any planter display.

As far as arrangements go, the round planter gives a lighter visual aura in comparison to the strong symmetrical shapes. The round planters offer a calm vision in the midst of a mad, mad world. This planter can develop all kinds of plants.

Flora type in the pots

Small sizes successfully grow petunias. Large sizes can grow aloe vera. Any accent plant or shrub can be cultivated fairly well in this pot. All kinds of accent plants work with this planter. The design and shape offer an opportunity for display both indoors and outdoors.

Plants in round white ceramic pot on wooden table
Plants in round white ceramic pot on wooden table @ KhongkitWiriyachan / Getty Images

The round plant pot can be sourced in metal, wood, and terracotta. Jay Scott’s provides solid fiberglass versions. It is a planter that brings out the beauty of flowers in both small and large sizes. This is one addition needed for the garden.

Ball planters

The ball is a unique and captivating planter style. It comes in a range of colors. It has a very contemporary and modern feel to it. They display best in modern, indoor areas.

The sphere offers an ambiance that feels fun and lively, yet has a grip on the reality of its landscape. This is a planter for the adventurous gardener.

Woman holding a ball planter with a beautiful plant
Woman holding a ball planter with a beautiful plant @ Zinkevych / Getty Images

The water-to-air ratio of the sphere can be a bit mystifying at first. Different sizes of ball planters hold various volumes. Soil can get a bit clogged up at the bottom in larger ball planters. be sure to check regularly. The drainage hole, or holes, comes out of the foot of the planter.

Outdoor displays

They can be displayed outdoors as well. The design can look quirky, yet cool. In well-selected topography, the sphere planter can look very stylish.

Sphere-shaped concrete planters used to be the choice. It’s available in a variety of colors. The display can look amazing. Jay Scotts makes these planters. Imagine seeing a rainbow of balls displaying flowers in a hallway!

Tapered planters

These planters bring texture to the look of the flowers and the garden. They come in a range of sizes and all kinds of design types.

The garden needs a few tapered planters. They just help to exaggerate the serenity and gorgeous vision of any garden. Metal and wood are tapered to suit your choice of plant. The varying levels of thickness in the pot help the plants to show off their beauty, indoor and outdoor.

Bespoke and tapered

Jay Scotts can bespoke a tapered planter. They can display small plants or other sizes. Some come as large, rectangular containers. these can be displayed to look incredible in any garden.

Tapered planter from Jay Scotts
Tapered planter from Jay Scotts @ Jay Scotts

If the plant is tapered on the exterior of the planter, it looks good. If it is tapered inside the plant, the soil can and growth can get a bit messed up. Be careful to choose tapered planters and be mindful of the drawbacks.

Tapered plants can fit onto shelves and have the ability to draw people’s attention to the plant they hold. The classic tapered designs are best. You choose though, no matter what.

Abstract plant holders

This is contemporary with a twist. The designs range from basic to out-of-this-world crazy! The garden loves the odd-ball planter. It shapes everything else. It adds to layer to any garden.

Designs can resemble old milk cans or beer kegs. Wooden design can be in the shape of min-cottage homes. Some like the old Imperial Asian urn. Even the saucer can look creative. Some redesign old concrete planters. Serious gardeners want at least one abstract planter.

Making the right choice

Obviously, you need to get this type of planter made to order where possible. do some research as well. Make sure the plant or flowers will grow well in the planter. Consider the water-to-air ratio as well. A boot-shaped planter might look cool, but will it give the flowers an even amount of water and nutrition?

A plant holder product from Jay Scotts
A plant holder product from Jay Scotts @ Jay Scotts

This is a niche for gardeners, gardens, and the garden everywhere. These are planters that add spice when creating a beautiful garden.

An abstract plant holder using fiberglass can be made by Jay Scotts. You can blend it to the shape and color you want. With this in mind, there’s a possible windmill planter for a tulip garden, or maybe you want a futuristic garden and would rather use your imagination.

Planter shapes and styles

There you go then. A few to consider for your garden. Shapes that suit a variety of plants. Shapes that work on display both indoor and outdoor. There are planters to suit all tastes. Some go outside and others can look good on the table.

Concrete planters or others

You must think about the type of plants and garden you desire. Think about the soil. Don’t go overboard with concrete. Think about the durability and quality of fiberglass planters.

Modern composition with cubical concrete planters and succulents.
Modern composition with cubical concrete planters and succulents @ Karniewska / Getty Images Pro

We recommend a variety of planters and floral displays. You can go contemporary or stick to a classical image. Find out more with Jay Scotts and browse our catalog of planters in various shapes today!

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