Tall Planters and Small Spaces – The Benefits

Decorating a small space can be a difficult endeavor even for professional interior designers. That’s because specific details, including the size, shape and color of decorative items, matter more in a small room than in a large area. In a nutshell, small spaces have special requirements that decorators and interiorscapers must carefully address in order to hit the mark with their design concepts.

Although there are numerous design components and ideas professionals and amateurs alike can use to improve the curb appeal of a small space, tall planters are by far some of the best elements for small space design. Below are the most notable benefits of using tall fiberglass planters in a small space.

Tall Planters Can Make a Small Space Look Bigger

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When decorating small rooms, it’s crucial to consider the scale and size of decorative items in relation to the size of the space. Depending on the desired outcome, specific elements can make a small space feel bigger. For example, using long vertical lines in a small space can trick your brain into thinking the room is taller than it actually is. Furthermore, incorporating an assortment of tall elements, such as tall and skinny furniture pieces that go all the way up to the ceiling, floor-to-ceiling curtains and tall fiberglass planters with appropriately tall floral arrangements, in small space design can add to the illusion of height, without making the space feel crowded.

Another great advantage of using tall planters in a small area is that they enable professionals to bring nature indoors. By simply using tall indoor flower pots and plants, you can easily create a lush indoor oasis, regardless of how small your space is. Tall fiberglass planters are also perfect for filling up empty corners with elegance and beauty. For instance, try placing a yellow-colored Saint Tropez Round Bullet Fiberglass Planter with a beautiful golden oriole azalea in the corner of a small room. Similar to other bright-colored fiberglass planters with matching flowering plants, this combination can enliven a small space, irrespective of the other design elements present in the room.

Tall Fiberglass Planters Could Create a Contemporary Look

Tall fiberglass plant containers with simplistic yet gorgeous and stylish shapes, such as the Toulan Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter and Bara Jar Fiberglass Planter, can add visual interest to small spaces characterized by minimalist design. What’s more, opting for a classic white-and-blue composition—both colors being available at Jay Scotts Collection—is a great way to bring a touch of modernism and fresh energy to a small area.

Additionally, using tall fiberglass planters in a small outdoor area allows you to keep your landscape design project flexible. Because our tall fiberglass planter varieties are lightweight, you can use them together with a beautiful selection of outdoor plants and flowers to create a fresh decorative statement almost anywhere on your property.

Tall Fiberglass Planters Can Be Used with Tall and Small Plants

Although tall plant containers have proved perfect for growing tall plants, these planters could also be used to grow smaller plants, such as orchids, succulents, dwarf perennials, and even culinary herbs.

To successfully grow small plants in tall fiberglass planters, like our Hong Kong Tall Square Planters and Corry Cylinder Planter, fill the lower half or two-thirds of the pot with gravel. Then, cover the layer of gravel with landscaping fabric, position the plant in the center and fill the planter with potting soil.

The easiest way to achieve a modern look is to place identical fiberglass tall planters with plants of the same kind next to each other. For instance, a row of Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter with beautiful orchids in a color that matches your interior color palette can add style to a small area.

Tall Cubic Planters Brighten up to Small Spaces

Not only does the robust construction of tall cubic planters in bright colors catch the eye; they can also bring a subtle and interesting touch of excitement to a small area. As an example, our Perth Fiberglass Planter Box is one of the best options for an espaliered flowering tree in a small room. Flat against the wall, this interesting planter-tree combination takes up little room, while providing full-height and/or full-width foliage to make a small space look bigger.

Because tall design elements seem to rise up suddenly—just like a bird flying off to the sky—tall interior spaces evoke visceral feelings of freedom. It is for this reason most people are enamored with large, tall spaces. You can always use the aforementioned design ideas to make a small space look bigger and create a feeling of openness for your customers. Furthermore, by simply subscribing to our email updates today, you can learn more about our fiberglass planters and how to use them to improve your interior and exterior design projects!

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  1. I agree. Tall planters can make small space look bigger. The other benefit is you can combine several plant on one planters.

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