10 Botanical Bedroom Ideas And Plants To Spruce Up Your Favorite Space

What is a botanical bedroom?

A botanical bedroom is a room in which plants play a prominent role in the decor and interior design process. Vibrant, growing botanical decor and plants have naturally soothing qualities that make them highly suited to a starring role in the bedroom.

Bedrooms with a botanical theme also tend to include the use of leafy and floral prints, bold patterns, and natural decor alongside the use of houseplants. Decorating and designing with botanically inspired themes in the bedroom is a way of bringing nature into the home.

Plants in a bedroom
Beautiful botanical bedroom // Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

What are the benefits of plants in your room?

Various studies have shown that having plants in the vicinity can also increase productivity and creativity in individuals. There are numerous benefits of having potted plants indoors. These include:

  • improving air quality
  • being therapeutic
  • sharpening attention
  • reducing stress
  • helping when recovering from illness
Plants in bedroom
Waking up feels fresher with plants // Photo by Spencer on Unsplash

How do you make a botanical bedroom?

1. Decorate using plants for a refreshing scent

Setting up a botanically themed bedroom can be as simple as starting with a gorgeous comforter or duvet with floral or leafy prints. The critical elements however are the houseplants. Start by planting flowers and other potted plants in your room for a refreshing scent.

Here are some easy ways to not only add to the greenery in your bedroom but also help in the air purification process via photosynthesis. Some examples include:

  • chrysanthemum
  • snake plants
  • bamboo palm
  • devil’s ivy
  • peace lilies
  • areca palm

2. Create a calm and serene atmosphere with a colorful accent wall

An accent wall is a wall that has a different color, decor, or style than the other walls in the same room. This is a great way to create a fresh, new look in any room. Very often in a botanical bedroom, an accent wall makes for a dramatic focal point in the styling and interior design of the room.

To create your botanical style accent wall, it’s vital to ensure that you find the natural focal point in the room. A good example of this is a wall with a fireplace or is architecturally unique when compared to the other walls in the room. This can either be styled and accentuated in a botanical look using paint, floral wallpaper, or hanging plants as examples.

3. Hang curtains that match the color of the accent wall

A great way to make the room really pop would be to match the curtains in your bedroom with the color of the accent wall. If for instance, your style inspiration for the accent wall was a green bold pattern, then it would make sense to match the curtains with the accent wall.

This is a great way to add a sense of continuity to the decor in your room, without having to do a lot of physical work.

4. Purchase bedding that is either green or has green accents

Your choice of comforter sets the tone for your entire room, with your bed as the centerpiece. A gorgeous floral duvet cover; a comforter with patterns of greenery, branches, ferns, or vines; or a quilt with a tree pattern are all viable options.

Quality botanically inspired sheets, and pillowcases, will help to complete the look when it comes to the bedding.

5. Bring nature indoors by adding plants around the room

The most important element of the botanical bedroom is the potted plants. These can be placed around the room in a variety of ways.

For instance, hanging a large potted plant in place of where your headboard should be can offer an alternative and unique look for your space. The Swiss cheese plant or umbrella plant would be good examples to use for this purpose.

A trailing vine plant on a bedside table
A trailing vine plant is used to spruce up this bedside table // Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

How do you use plant pots in a botanical bedroom?

Popular ways of doing this include styling some plants around your bed, the use of hanging plants, putting plants in a curated cluster, or just creating your perfect plant corner that extends into a garden or onto a balcony. How and where your plants are placed within the space will affect the look of your room.

What are the best plants to use in your bedroom? 

1. Echeveria 

If you’re looking to improve the air quality in your room, then Echeveria succulent plants are worth considering as an option. These drought-tolerant plants require minimal care and provide both aesthetic and practical use when it comes to air purification and oxygenation. These plants only require exposure to sunlight for a few hours a day to sufficiently keep healthy.

Echeveria succulents
Echeveria succulents are very ornamental // Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

2. Jade plant

Low relative humidity in indoor air can affect your health and beauty. Dry skin, flaky lips, itchy throat, static electricity, cold & flu, allergies are some of the symptoms. Moreover, infectious pathogens can survive for long in dry air.

Humidifiers are one way of increasing indoor humidity as a way to combat this issue, but according to a Kansas State University study, the jade plant can increase the relative indoor humidity naturally. The Jade Plant also adds a unique touch of beauty.

Jade plant
Jade plants are icons of peace and tranquility // Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

3. Bamboo palm

Bamboo palm scientifically known as Chamaedorea seifrizii is a tropical palm. This plant is used as an indoor plant for its aesthetic appeal. Besides adding an aesthetic sense to the surroundings this plant also removes certain harmful gases from the indoor environment.

Toluene is a colorless chemical that is one of the most commonly found indoor air pollutants in many households. Bamboo Palm effectively removes toluene from the environment and purifies the air.

Bamboo plam
Bamboo palms (on the right) are exceptionally pretty // Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

4. Peace lily

This low-maintenance plant which doesn’t require direct sunlight to thrive also plays a part in preventing mildew formation. The dampness in toilets provides a thriving environment for mildew and mold. Usually, on bathroom curtains and tile grouts.

As peace lily love to reside in humid conditions keeping it in the bathroom will not only make conditions favorable for it, but it’ll also absorb the excess moisture from the surrounding air. This plant is not only perfect for home decor but also requires minimal care.

Peace lily
Peace lilies are a showstopping feature for your bedroom

5. Aloe vera

The aloe vera plant plays a role as an air purifier by extracting harmful pollutants known as Volatile organic compounds from the air, taking up carbon dioxide, and providing oxygen back into the air around it.

It’s a succulent, so it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require much water at allVOCs are chemicals that are typically released from building materials, furniture, cleaning supplies, and other ever everyday products into the air in our homes slowly over time.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is visually appealing and easy to maintain.

What is the best color to use in a botanical bedroom?

White, beige, or ivory

Warm white, beige or ivory walls offer great contrast not only against the green of the plants but will be complementary of the accent wall as well. These color walls also highlight the architecture and play a big role in the refraction of light across the room, which can influence mood.


The color green will immediately bring you into the world of botanical rooms in general. Not only would the green match with the color of the plants, but it could also be used as the main color for the accent wall.

Lavender or lilac

There is a myriad of ways to include lavender into your interior design, whether you choose to incorporate the color into your whole space or add touches here and there.

For a unique look, use lavender wherever you see fit, whether that’s on the walls, the sofa, the rug on the floor, the art on the walls, or anything else altogether. This in turn could be matched with the lavender plant.

Photo by Joyce Toh on Unsplash

What is the best plant pot material to use in a botanical bedroom?

Fiberglass planters are known to be extremely durable, low-maintenance, and lightweight – as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Fiberglass garden containers are impressively lightweight. This allows you to move them around in the garden, on the patio, indoors, or the roof with ease.

They’re also weather-resistant. They also don’t need replacement every few years, with little to no maintenance needed. Plastic pots dry and crack metal planters rust, and wooden containers crack and splinter. Fiberglass Pots and planters are strong enough to withstand the elements.

Furthermore, these extra durable planters won’t depreciate as a result of direct UV exposure. This permits you to add style to your garden, patio, deck, sunroom, kitchen, or terrace using colored planters without the need to worry about the color or finish fading. Another reason why fiberglass garden planters are the recommended choice is that they’re affordable.

Planter next to chair
Jay Scotts fiberglass planters are elegant and stylish. Perfect for private and hotel bedrooms

There is a range of design options to choose from when it comes to fiberglass pots because fiberglass pots can be made to mimic any material. So, depending on your decor needs, you can get a fiberglass planter that looks modern, traditional, and you can even custom design our planters to the exact specification that you need – the possibilities are limitless.

If you’re not sure which pots are best for your plants, take a look at our best landscaping planters, for outdoor and indoor landscaping perfection!

Whether you’re decorating your own bedroom, or that of a client, the next step is to choose your planter supplier, here’s what it takes to order with us.

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