10 Fast Growing Indoor Plants For an Instant Oasis

Bringing life to an otherwise empty space can make an exceptional difference. Fast growing plants could be your rapid response to a dull garden or an inorganic household. In a matter of months, what was lifeless could be a botanic masterpiece. Here are the top ten fast growing indoor plants that will take your garden from zero to hero in 30 seconds (almost).

1. Thuja, the ‘Green Giant’ of privacy

Perimeter keeping doesn’t need to be stark. If you are in need of a quick and luscious solution to cover up that rather brazen fence around your property line, then Thuja is your man. This fast growing evergreen can grow up to five giant feet in 12 months and can with-stand a barrage of tough conditions to bring you seclusion and privacy. And the icing on the cake – it stays green through all 4 seasons to consistently deliver the feeling of being on the edge of a beautiful alpine forest.

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

2. Creeping Jenny

Often found outpacing other plants on the forest floor, this evergreen perennial grows low and spreads with jungle floor mentality. However it can be contained in a number of elegant ways. A cascade of glossy green oval leaves creates the ‘villa’ effect when hung from balconies and a few simple planters can produce a carpet of free flowing greenery in record time. In summer, yellow flowers cover the stems allowing you to sit back and let your garden have a fairy-tale ending. 

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

3. Geranium ‘Brookside’

Award winning and fast growing, Geranium Brookside is the team player that brings the colour to the party. It will bloom from May to July before its leaves go sunburst in the fall. With the ability to attract bees, Geranium helps propagate your garden. This perennial plant has a long history of being a garden must-have. 

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

4. Clematis

There are over 300 distinct species of this beautiful and decadent perennial. Choosing the right one for your garden might end with choosing several as they come in a plethora of formats. From climbing vines to herb-garden-esque varieties like the C. Recta. Within just a few months you could have over 30 feet of exotic-looking flowers, thus making Clematis one of the most popular of all garden plants.

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

5. Blue Hydrangea

One of the most popular and recognizable fast growing plants is the Blue Hydrangea. Water regularly and this classic that can grow up to 2 inches per month. When pruned as a hedge it can allude to cottage vibes, or nurture in standalone planters to create beautiful bouquets. The colour of its blooms are dependent on the pH level of your soil and appear during the summer months to pump colour around your garden. 

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

6. Nasturtiums 

As far as fast growing plants go, Nasturtiums are an all-in-one. At first glance, they are beautiful, with flowers that boast brassy and deep red tones contrasted against big herby leaves. Not only that, but the flowers and leaves produce a sensational fragrance and smell good enough to eat. In fact, the entire plant is edible and a perfect companion to pizza and foods that enjoy a peppery kick. Fast growing and work wonderfully in planters, they enjoy full sun and bloom more efficiently in low fertilized soil, easy! And delicious!

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

7. Marigold 

With its ability to produce a brilliant sunset gold during summer and fall, this flowery plant is an instant crowd-pleaser. Different varieties offer tones from sunburst to sepia. While it can enjoy full sun, shadowy areas cause the plant to suffer from mildew and a lack of bloom. They can grow in any soil condition and are perfect as a potted plant. Cheerful and welcoming like a hot salsa, turn up the heat in your garden with this old friend. 

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

8. Forsythia

This fast growing plant can be used to create a bright and warm space. Branches of dark wood will produce a flurry of brilliant-yellow flowers. As yellow often represents happiness, what a wonderful plant to create an optimistic hedge to welcome you home. Or if you prefer to use a planter, its long-reaching branches stretch into the sky and are both striking and punchy as a feature piece. It enjoys sandy to chalky soil and full sunlight for full effect.

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

9. Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

As the name suggests, Monstera Deliciosa is an indoor fast growing plant that is juicy looking and brings the tropics to your living room in an easy to manage and compact form. This exotic beauty needs a daily mist to moisturize its delicious leaves. Place it in lighter spaces to entice even more growth while you sit back and pour yourself a Pina Colada and indulge in a little jungle foliage. 

Fast Growing Indoor Plants

10. Basil

Last but not least is our good friend Mr Basil who makes it on this list because he is able to grow fast. Boasting a quick 3 to 4 weeks in growth time from seed to pasta sauce, this herb can grow both indoors and out on the patio. Basil thrives on 6 to 8 hours of sun and perfumes the air with the aroma of ancient Italian kitchens. Be careful on an extremely hot day as Basil will welt. Other than that, this all-time family favorite is one of the most hardy and useful fast growing indoor plants for any household or vegie garden. 

Fast Growing Indoor Plants


They say that a man’s home is his castle, but why not make it an oasis. Flash-forward to the present day and who has time to keep these fast growing indoor plants in check? Well, you don’t need to. Let our lightweight and durable fiberglass planters do it for you. From striking colors to organic shapes, we have a planter for any purpose.

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