Palm Tree Planter | What Kind Of Pot Should I Use For A Palm Tree?

There is just something special about palm trees that makes us feel like we are on vacation. The sight of palm trees swaying in the breeze transports us to arid, vast deserts, lush green jungles, or tranquil white sandy beaches.

It is no wonder many plant lovers yearning for this tropical touch are wondering whether potted palm trees are feasible and if can they live inside?

The good news is that palm trees are some of the world’s oldest houseplants and can thrive in pots outdoors and indoors. Reportedly, the potted palm tree was already grown indoors in China in 500 BCE.

Potted palm trees were also a popular decorative plant in the Victorian era, adorning many entry parlors and drawing rooms. With their unique shape and striking look, palm trees bring splendor to any space, this is why many discerning gardeners and property owners are adding a variety of palm trees to their container garden collection.

Jay Scotts wholesale planters are the industry standard for palm tree planters and now we share our experience in landscaping with large plants such as palm trees to help you to grow like a pro.

Can Palm Trees Grow In Pots?

Plants in Biophilic Interior Design
©The Dalmar / Bob Gundu / Jay Scotts

Having a potted palm tree is relatively straightforward, as these plants tend to grow in extreme landscapes, so adapting to your lobby, living room, or porch is not much of a challenge. For the best chances of success, choose a variety of palm tree that is low maintenance, slow growing, and low growing. These hardy plants should be planted in a large pot as palm trees, even miniature ones, tend to grow tall. You would also want to choose a planter large enough such that the palm tree can grow in it for the next two to four years.

Read on to find out how to fill large planters.

Especially when it comes to large pots, durability, stability, and reliability are of the utmost importance. For these metrics, there is no better material than fiberglass – research has found that it can be at least twice as strong as steel while only at a quarter of its density, and up to five times as strong as wood. 

No one does fiberglass planters better than Jay Scotts, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art manufacturing. Plus, our world-class fiberglass planters are hand-finished with a UV-protected coat, making them suitable for long-term use inside and outdoors in all weather conditions. Read on to find the 10 best planters for palms.

The Best Planters For Potted Palm Trees

10 Planters for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

1. The Brisbane Corner Planter For An Elegant Office Space

©Jay Scotts / Brisbane Tall Corner Planter

The Brisbane Corner planter is in a league of its own, exuding sophistication and swank. The sturdy, tall shape is a strong bold look that has clean elegant lines, lending itself to create an impactful space without creating clutter.

The generous wide opening of the container and depth are also suitable for the tall trunk of palm trees. A slender, elegant palm tree combined with the Brisbane corner is sure to elevate your workplace.

Read more about planting in tall pots.

2. The Cuba Corner Planter To Frame Your Entryway

Low Corner Planter
©Jay Scotts / Cuba Low Corner Planter

A front door can be welcoming or unwelcoming, we wager that most people prefer the former! Create a streamlined look with the Cuba Low Corner Planter, a clean design that will not clutter up the entrance of your store or home.

Choose a palm tree with lush, generous leaves to pair with the Cuba planter. The greenery draws attention to the entryway and creates a peaceful welcome while the low planter maintains a low-key presence.

Just make sure your doorway gets enough indirect sunlight for healthy plant growth!

3. Protect Your Privacy With The Darwin Planter

plants outside restaurant
©BJs / Jay Scotts / Darwin Tall Rectangle Planter

A spiky, thorny palm tree might be just the answer for a privacy fence or barrier to a commercial property – using plants to create these barriers produces a more natural and delightful solution than a barbed wire fence. It’s easy to see how they attract passersby much more effectively too!

For privacy palms, the Silver Saw Palmetto Palm tree, with its stiff fan-like leaves and spiny stem, is a great palm tree for beautiful landscape design and for screening private areas.

Lipstick Palms (also known as Cyrtostachys Renda) are also a good choice as they clump together as they grow. These plants love heat and light and will thrive all year round outdoors if you live in a warm climate.

Potted palms grown in the extra wide and large Darwin planter are extremely effective for privacy when lining your lawn, garden, or property!

4. Create A Zen Atmosphere With The Tarragona Planter

bowl planter
©Jay Scotts / Tarragona Bowl Planter

If a calm and serene interior is the vibe you are interested in, there is no better pot than the Tarragona Bowl Planter.

It is the perfect bowl for the centerpiece of your zen collection yet deep and wide enough as a palm tree planter.

Made to perfection by our craftsmen, these fiberglass pots are suitable for planting both inside and outside.

For a professional yet dramatic interior design, go for planter colors like charcoal black, matte grey, or a pure white finish. Paired with the lush foliage of a palm tree, these colors complement and yet do not get in the way of the magnificent palm it contains.

5. Take a Classic Stand With The Bara Jar Planter

large planter in the street
©Topiarius / Jay Scotts / Bara Jar Planter

Modern, sleek, and minimalist interiors are all the rage, but classic looks never go out of style! Shaped like a terracotta jar, the Bara Jar Planter is a good-looking pot that appeals to traditional design.

The Bara Jar Planter will adorn your restaurant or patios nicely, where palm trees can lend a tropical and renaissance touch to the surroundings.

Plus, this container is spacious enough for an arrangement of plants! Fill it up with good potting soil, and it will make a lovely home for your palm trees for years to come.

10 Restaurant patio design ideas for you.

6. The San Jose Fluted Round Planter Is Perfect For Corners

yellow planter in living room
©THE PLANT GUY / Jay Scotts / Saint Tropez Bullet Planter

Whether you are looking to brighten up a parking lot or your own living room, corners are often overlooked. A cheeky and petite palm tree like the Cat Palm, which only grows to around 6 feet tall, can really make a corner pop!

Plant it in the San Jose Tall Fluted Planter to give the smaller palm tree a bit of a height boost. This is also one of our most uniquely shaped planters, certain to make any corner more interesting. Make sure that the corner receives plenty of light.

8. Create Poolside Vibes With The Granada Planter

Palm tree planters next to pool
©Jay Scotts / Granada Rectangle Planter

Transform the pool into an oasis surrounded by potted palms, creating a relaxing spot of envy. The Badalona Planter is the perfect container for poolsides – like all Jay Scott products, it is durable, lightweight, and of course low-maintenance.

It also delivers just the right chill vibes and aesthetic needed for every pool, visitors will definitely want to take pictures.

Go for a plant like the Chinese Fan Palm (also known as Livistona Chinensis), which is easy to care for as it is drought-tolerant, adaptable, and resistant. The Chinese Fan Palm also does well both in full sun and shade, making it an ideal potted palm for pool areas.

Everything you need to know about pools and planters.

7. The Casablanca Planter For The Modern Touch

round planter with large palm plant
©Jay Scotts

The Casablanca Bowl Planter is as stylish as it is practical. The flat rounded shape goes well with any design, bringing a fresh, clean note to the space.

Coming in three sizes, this low planter is suitable for everything from cacti to palm trees.

Our top tip – use a single large Casablanca bowl to grow statement-piece palms like these Dwarf Banana trees – just make sure they all get enough sun!

Rest assured that palms in our planters will flourish. Though palms like hot weather, they don’t like hot roots. Lucky for them, all our planters are UV protected with fiberglass and resin materials. This not only keeps plant roots insulated from the heat but also means our planters are super strong and lightweight! No need to worry about breaking your back during installation and rearrangement!

9. Step It Up With The Montroy Planter

Montroy Cube Planter
Montroy Cube Planter

Steps and staircases are always tricky spaces to decorate, but this is an easy problem to solve with square pots. This is where the Montroy Cube Planter comes in. With 11 sizes, they are ideal for any set of stairs.

Double it up by adding one cube on each end of the step and plant twinning palm trees to create a picture-perfect staircase, transforming a boring space into a remarkable one.

10. Be creative With The Spiral Globe Planter

Spiral Distinctive Organic Planter from jay Scotts
Spiral Modern Globe Planter

The Spiral Globe Pot is one of the most unique pots in our collection. It has a slanted opening and an apple shape, making it a fun piece for any garden.

Choose a bright color like sea foam or gloss red to make the Spiral pot even more fun. Pair this container with an equally interesting palm tree like the Lipstick Palm, known for its striking red trunks. Or go for the Bismarckia Nobilis palm tree, which has lovely silver fronds.

See Our Planters Make A Difference

Learn how Jay Scotts planters are used to meet the goals of our customers – from the Philadelphia International Airport to the Gates Hotel South Beach in Miami.

planters near pool
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The Best Plam Tree Planter Sizes And Tips

Potted palm trees bring a pop to indoor and outdoor landscaping. Depending on the size of the palm tree, generally, a 3 to 5-gallon pot will be ideal. Eventually, the size of your container will determine how much room there is for your palm tree plant to grow.

Ensure that the planter is large enough to surround the root ball. The pot should be twice as wide as it as well as a few inches deeper than the rootball.

This gives space for root growth as the palm tree roots tend to grow horizontally rather than straight down. Now that we know how to pick the right size planter for palm trees, here are some tips on looking after palms!

5 Tips On Caring For Palm Trees In Pots

palm tree in small bowl planter
©The Gates / Jay Scotts

There are so many species of palm trees out there, over 2600 varieties! While these tips may not account for all of them, there are some general guidelines for the most common potted palms that will help you care for your plants.

1. Choose A Good Soil Mix

Create the best home for your palm trees. Most palm trees are salt adverse, so make sure you use regular potting soil and not just any mixture. Pack the pots loosely, this allows the soil to be porous so that air can flow and water can drain easily.

Top up the soil with fertilizer a few times a year to make sure the plants are properly fed.

2. Keep The Soil Moist

As always, striking the right balance in watering your potted palm tree is crucial. The good news is that most palm trees do alright with under-watering. However, they will thrive if you water them on a regular basis, keeping the soil evenly damp.

A good rule of thumb is to water your plant when you notice that the top inch of soil has dried out. Also, take note of the leaves, if the tips are turning brown, they need water more often. Pots that are left outdoors also need watering more.

3. Avoid Excess Water With Drainage Holes

Palm trees are in general susceptible to root rot. This is why having at least one drainage hole in your pot is keep to avoid excess water collecting in the soil.

Once the roots start to rot there is little one can do to save the plant. In this case, prevention is much better than cure!

Here is why landscapers opt for pre-drilled drainage holes.

4. Sun Or Shade

Most potted palms do well with a good amount of indirect light whether planted on the patio or inside. However, some prefer sun and some prefer shade. With so many varieties, it is best to check with your nursery or the plant sellers for the best advice for your exact plant species.

5. Winterize Your Potted Palm Tree

By and large, palm trees are not fans of cold weather. Freezing temperatures can cause the plant to go dormant and affect plant growth.

If growing outdoors, it is advisable to move the palm trees planters inside for winter. If you choose to move them to a sheltered location, such as a garage, that is still cold, make sure to winterize them. Wrap the pot with a thick material for insulation, and make sure the container is made of a material that can withstand cold weather – like fiberglass!

Palm Trees Galore

Palm trees outside
©Jay Scotts

When it comes to giving your palm tree a good home, be it a Cat Palm or Lipstick Palm, Jay Scott’s fiberglass planters are the answer. When you shop our collection, the quality and longevity of the products are assured.

Whether your project is landscaping for a luxurious resort or your own personal container garden, we stock a large selection of pots of all shapes and sizes suitable for your business or residential goals. Our planters come in an array of 20 stunning colors that will be suitable for any color scheme you or your clients require.

Our commitment to our customers means only perfect planters leave our headquarters in Miami, Florida to your destination. So go ahead and source our planters with peace of mind; we take pride in our products and industry-leading warranty.

Whether you would like to choose from our extensive collection or put together a custom order, give us a call or send us a message. We are here to help you achieve your project goals!

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