5 Ideas For Gorgeous Planters Around Pool Areas + Tips & Tricks

What do your customers picture in their minds when they say they want a pool oasis? Perhaps they see a serene water feature, a pleasant atmosphere, and of course, a tropical paradise. By including various pool planters with different types of greenery, you can make your pool customers’ visions come to life.

Planters around pool areas are great additions not just for beauty but also for functionality. But where do you begin with so many planter materials and plant options?

To put it simply, planters installed around swimming pool areas must be somewhat resistant to sun damage and endure the most extreme weather conditions, such as severe winters, frost, and salt exposure. In particular for commercial applications, materials utilized for pool planters must be flexible in design to fit, enhance, and complement any pool area as well.

As for the best planter material for pool areas, high-quality commercial fiberglass planters tick all the boxes!

That’s because fiberglass planters aren’t just for show. They serve a vital function in preserving seclusion as well as the simplicity of the upkeep of the plants surrounding outdoor spaces.

This article will provide you with a professional insight into the benefits of using planters around pool and 5 effective ideas to arrange pool planters!

Best Jay Scotts’ Poolside Planters In 2023

4 Benefits Of Using Planters Around Pools

1. Planters Add A Splash Of Color To The Pool Area

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A pool often dominates your environment with its enormous blue beauty. The blue will be emphasized and softened by the addition of other attractive hues to the border of your pool or decking, which will create a striking visual effect. The use of container plants around your pool is excellent for adding color.

2. Planters Add Height To Swimming Pools

Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies
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An in-ground pool is remarkably flat, regardless of size. A decent, balanced design is aided by the addition of some taller potted plants. Try experimenting with different sizes of pots and plants.

A low, broad planter with a taller palm, for example, is attractive. A tall, narrow container loaded to the brim with cascading flowers (wave petunias, for example) may be a nice contrast. Experiment with plant and container height to create different types of vertical appeal.

3. Flexibility In Arrangement

pool fiberglass pots
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Depending on the different sizes and shapes of planters, they can easily be moved around the pool area to spice things up if it gets too boring using the old layout day by day.

The key principle to take into consideration when purchasing any planters is the materials.

For instance, concrete or metal planters are great for outdoor but they are too heavy to be moved around frequently.

Fiberglass planters are the best if you desire flexibility in landscape design.

Have no idea about the planter’s size and shape? Have a look at Best Shape And Size Of Pots For Plants | Size Chart And Guide

4. Soften The Hardscape

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Planters are an easy way to add interest to the outdoor swimming pool, they also help soften all the hardscaping that goes around the pool area, while also providing a sense of deep relaxation for you or your customers.

For commercial settings such as hotel pool areas, balancing between hardscape and softscape is extremely crucial.

According to The University of Washington’s Urban Forestry Research, commercial spaces with high-quality landscapes saw 7 percent higher rental rates than those without.

Learn more about Hardscape Vs Softscape and how to increase the value of each.

5 Pool Planter Ideas To Enhance Your Outdoor Swimming Pool Space!

Divide The Pool Area

pool pots
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A pathway usually surrounds a pool. Whether it’s concrete, brick, stone, or wooden decking, the final result can be monotonous and unpleasant if the edges aren’t softened with color and texture.

Adding rectangular planters such as our Granada Wide Planters with their clean, modern lines to breaks up the landscape and allows your individual design flair to flourish.

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Stagger Planters

planters around pool
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Plants placed in a random pattern can accent the edges of your pool. Add symmetry by uniformly arranging your chosen plants around the edge of your pool, or alter locations to add interest.

To keep things modern, utilize square plant pots such as Kathryn Square Tapered Planter, and grow distinctive ornamental grasses and flowering plants to add a finishing touch to your swimming pool area.

Create Some Privacy And Shape For Your Pool

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Planters strategically placed around your pool can provide shade and solitude.

While you can create a beautiful atmosphere with a series of containers filled with tall ornamental plants, a long rectangular planter will achieve the same effect but without using lots of different planters. Choose tall bushes or plants with broad leaves for more shade and seclusion.

Jay Scotts’ Hollywood Rectangular Planters are one of the best rectangular planters to effectively organize all your container plants, whether they are used for growing herbs or small trees! Plus, the clean straight lines and canopies of plants offered by planters provide a great privacy screen for any swimming pool area.

Need more ideas to create privacy with planters? have a look at Tall Planters For Privacy: 7 Planting Tips For A Beautiful Privacy Screen

Create A Unique Grouping Of Pool Planters

Grouping Of pool
 fiberglass Planters
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A cluster of planters is a classic technique to add intriguing aesthetic components to your landscape, so it stands to reason that a grouping of planters would enrich your pool area.

Use planters of varied heights to create a focal point or two of the same planters for some balance. Take the Jay Scotts’ Valencia Tall Round Tapered Planter as an example; the perfectly placed lines and smooth curves of our bowl planters come together to offer an amazing design that is highly adaptable, stunningly attractive, and ultimately timeless.

Valencia planters are refreshingly unique and come in a wide selection of traditional and more contemporary colors, so you should have no trouble mixing and arranging them exactly how you want.

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Make A Clear Solo Statement With A Large Modern Planter

round pots by the swimming pool
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Think about enhancing your pool with merely a single planter and a statement plant for a refined and simple look. Choose a striking plant with a traditional planter in a neutral hue for a high-end appearance.

The ideal shape for a stand-alone planter would be a tall and large one such as our Alicante Fluted Round Planter, or if you going to plant a larger tree, try out theWannsee Extra Large Round Planter.

If you have a large planter already, learn more about How To Fill Large Planters | From Potting Soil To Drainage Holes

Fiberglass – The Best Planter Material

As we have mentioned, fiberglass is the best material for pool plant pots; let’s have a look at the reasons why fiberglass planters take the lead in the planters industry.

  • Extremely lightweight: Fiberglass is a long-lasting material that weighs far less than typical planter materials such as concrete or metal.
  • Low maintenance: Because the resin and fiberglass materials used in fiberglass planters are resistant to sun damage and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions such as hard winters, frost, and salt exposure, they require less maintenance than other materials. 
  • Easy to repair: Fiberglass, unlike competing items such as terracotta, concrete, and plastics, may be repaired and refinished. 
  • Flexibility in design: Fiberglass is far more flexible and allows more creativity in design than traditional planter materials since it can be molded into any form. The end result is a sizable collection of items in all sizes and forms, in both classic and modern designs. 
  • Longevity: Fiberglass planters may be used both indoors and outdoors and can survive for years with appropriate maintenance. 

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Plants in a hotel lobby
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FAQs For Planters Around Pool Areas

What plants are good around a pool?

Plants not only offer a sense of tranquility and serenity to the pool area, but they also make it more welcoming. So, let’s look through our selection of the greatest poolside plants and small trees.

  • Frangipani: thrives in full sunshine and produces lovely blooms to complement your pool. It has huge leaves that are easy to clean even if they fall in the water.
  • Star Jasmine: Another appealing alternative is Star Jasmine, which has dark green foliage and white blossoms. This is a striking addition to the waterside, adding to the atmosphere.
  • Viburnum Suspense: This lush and dark green hedge makes an excellent pool border. It flourishes and doesn’t require much attention.
  • Palm trees: If you want to add a fun tropical atmosphere to your pool, this is a fantastic option. Palms are typically planted in huge pots, which adds to the privacy you may desire when swimming.

Into palm trees? Learn more about Palm Tree Landscaping Ideas: Indoor and outdoor Palm Paradise

Are fiberglass planters good for outdoor use?

Plant pots by doorways
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Because of their longevity, fiberglass planters are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoors, properly finished fiberglass planters can endure all four seasons and adverse weather. An automotive-grade finish also helps to prevent UV rays, rain, snow, and sleet from causing wear and discoloration.

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See Our Planters Make A Difference

Learn how Jay Scotts planters are used to meet the goals of our customers – from the Philadelphia International Airport to the Gates Hotel South Beach in Miami.

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Design Your Pool Oasis With Jay Scotts High-Quality Fiberglass Planters

Now that you have our guidelines at hand, what you need left are high-quality planters to complement your outdoor swimming pool, and Jay Scotts offers exactly just that!

Get even more inspired and browse our fiberglass planter range!

When you choose to design with Jay Scott fiberglass planters, the quality, and longevity of your planters are assured with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Plus, we can tailor each one of our fiberglass planters to be the exact size, shape, and dimensions of your project needs – Just let us know!

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