Plant Room Divider Ideas To Craft A Commercial Space

Are you in need of some privacy in your large commercial space or open concept apartment?

If the answer is yes, you should consider a room divider.

While there are many options available to separate different areas of your home or office, using indoor plants is your customer’s favorite.

Not only will these indoor gardens catch the eye of anyone who visits your space, but depending on the types of plants you choose, they can also increase the overall value and quality of your environment.

Building a room divider with plants is the perfect natural solution to provide privacy indoors and out and improve the aesthetic and utility of your open space.

With the addition of colorful pots and beautiful plants, the possibilities are endless for creating a fun and functional privacy screen and room divider.

Why Should I Use Plant Dividers In My Office Space?

CAMOUX Dental Office Divider
Camoux dental office divider

Plant room dividers work very well in a multitude of settings, from hotel rooms to shopping malls. However, they can also be an excellent addition to any office space. Adding a garden to your commercial space has plenty of benefits for everyone.

Various studies have analyzed the effect of plants and trees on consumers. In a 2005 study, researchers found that the perceived value of real estate property increased by 11% when small investments in landscaping were made.

study in 2015 discovered that retail products and services were deemed up to 25% more valuable when furnished with elements of nature.

Plants are known to decrease stress levels, circulate air, and even increase productivity – all good news for your business, your customers, and your employees!

4 Plant Room Divider Ideas For Your Project

Potsdam install at Baltus Midtown
Rectangular planters

Need a little inspiration for your commercial or living space? Here are a few plant room divider ideas that can transform any room, office, or home completely.

Room divider ideas – Just add plants!

Bedroom plant ideas

Considering that your property is already built and you don’t have any plans for renovation, one easy way to create a plant room divider is by adding indoor plants with slim planters. This way, you can elevate your interior décor by using a small footprint while reaping all of the environmental benefits of real indoor plants.

Pothos is a great indoor plant to use in a commercial setting because it thrives in low light… even fluorescent office light! As it grows, the leaves will naturally hang, creating a lush waterfall of green.

Learn more about the best plants for your office

Room divider ideas for functional social distancing

Brooklyn’s Mexican spot, Gran Eléctrica // Photo on Food and Wine

Commercial spaces are usually designed to accommodate a variety of people and functions, from the employees at the reception desk to the guests in the waiting lobby. Without proper direction and barriers between different areas, the room will appear overcrowded and leave your customers feeling confused.

This is where room dividers come in. Indoor plants can be used with linear planters to create space and distance between tables in restaurants, hotel lobbies, office break rooms, or any other venue. This solution creates a safeguard between patrons that is both beautiful and functional while providing safety in crowded indoor spaces.

The Jay Scotts solution to social distancing

Delray tall rectangular planters

One of our customer’s favorite remedies for social distancing problems is the Jay Scotts Delray Tall Rectangular Planter. At only 12 inches wide, this narrow planter won’t take up floor space between different areas and is perfect for carving out usable areas and separating people in a large open space.

Just add soil and beautiful flowers, and you have an attractive yet discreet botanical barrier to keep your patrons feeling cozy, comfortable, and fresh.

Room divider ideas for more privacy

Jay Scotts modular planters

Both residential and commercial projects can benefit from the privacy that a plant divider can provide. 

If your property features patios or balconies, planter dividers are perfect for blocking the side to side view between units. They are also ideal for making large private settings more cozy and intimate, such as pool decks and hot tubs.

You can even use them in lieu of fences or walls for a more appealing barrier between properties.

The Jay Scotts solution to create privacy

Darwin tall rectangular planters

To maximize the privacy of your space, we recommend pairing tall planters with tall or bushy plants.

Standing at a whopping 42 inches, the new Darwin Tall Rectangular Planter by Jay Scotts will provide privacy all by itself. As a plant room divider, it excels.

Decorate it with bushy plants and it creates the ideal privacy screen that will ensure your patrons feel comfortable and safe.

Room divider ideas for healthier environments

Multi planters

Fake plants certainly have their advantages in a commercial space. They require no maintenance, so they are perfect for small businesses that don’t yet have a proper budget for gardening costs and upkeep.

However, using real plants in your room divider has so many benefits for our health that it seems like a no-brainer to include them in any décor.

The health benefits of real plants include:

  • reducing harmful chemicals in the air such as formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and trichloroethylene.
  • removing harmful triggers to array of unpleasant symptoms including asthma.
  • cleansing 78% of airborne mold in your indoor environment

Which plants do the job? Here are the best plants that clean the air and remove toxins!

Room divider ideas for better working environments

AMESBURY Room Divider
Amesbury room divider

First of all, indoor plants contribute to better air quality. Especially in a small space like an office where it can get crowded and noisy, you should take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to add live plants to the room. Not only do indoor plants purify the air, but they reduce noise as well.

Vertical gardens in a room divider are also great for conserving energy and maintaining a better temperature balance of your commercial space.

These green, eco-friendly fixtures absorb solar radiation and prevent excessive heat during the warm summer months, especially in office spaces that have lots of natural sunlight. This will not only save money on the air conditioning bill, but everyone will enjoy the natural comfort and appeal that a plant wall provides.

Room divider ideas for better living

Brooklyn’s Mexican spot, Gran Eléctrica // Photo on Food and Wine

In residential settings, plant room dividers also have their perks. Landscape architects and interior designers offer residents a better quality of life when they include planters in building design and decor.

Studies have shown that interacting with green plants for only 15 minutes a day can reduce stress hormones and improve sleep quality. Therefore, including a plant room divider in your apartment units is an easy way to boost the value of these spaces and ensure they are the perfect place for residents to rest after a long day.

Room divider ideas for lightweight linear planters

Linear planters

One of the best things about Jay Scotts fiberglass planters is that they are naturally lightweight. For temporary barriers or room dividers that can be moved around easily to different places in the office, our room divider planters are the perfect lightweight solution.

If the focus is complete privacy, you may want a tall planter with bushy plants. But if you just need a symbolic room divider to separate the office during an important meeting, short linear planters do the trick. Lightweight room dividers are an excellent item to keep around the office to create a privacy screen at any time.

Room divider ideas – Use a variety of pots, planters, and items to create a dynamic space

Depending on the size and use of your open space, you might consider dividing the room with a few different things. Choosing plants and pots that are different textures and sizes will elevate your interior design, and you can also use different colors to create an interesting space that works well with your brand and draws customers in.

FAQ: Creating The Perfect Room Divider

What planter sizes should I choose?

To create a sense of order and functionality, room dividers are essential to visually define large spaces, especially in commercial settings. Though the size of the planter can greatly affect the result.

Our Linear Planter Collection was designed to suit a number of room dividing applications.

Linear Planter Sizes

Jay Scotts planter collection

The most common sizes of linear planters at Jay Scotts are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Small – Short planters stand at 18 inches or less, such as our Cuba Low Rectangular Planter. These products won’t block the view and are good for defining foot traffic areas.

Medium – A little larger in stature, these planters add beauty to the room without obstructing views. The Tolga Rectangular Planter and matching Tolga Corner Planter stand at just 24 inches and are great for defining spaces in a tasteful way.

Large & extra large – Dividers which are 32 inches or taller are best for creating barriers or a sense of privacy. For example, the Perth Linear Planter Collection stands at 42 inches – just under the average eye level when sitting.

Add tall plants to any planter in our linear range and you can easily create large displays and even privacy hedges for large gardens and patios.

Want your indoor garden to thrive? Learn how the pot size affects plants.

See Jay Scotts Planters In Action!

Take a look and see how Jay Scotts planters were perfect for this office space!

Office Design With Jay Scotts Planters

The client was looking to find planters that would not only compliment the office space but also keep the plants healthy and not be a potential nuisance or safety hazard. 

Read more

View Project

What are the best indoor plants for privacy?

Money plant

When choosing plants for your privacy screen, you should make sure you take into account the needs of your space.

If you have a small space or want to go the minimalist route, a hanging Pothos plant or using a rectangular planter with Snake plants is enough to bring some green into your space and create at least a symbolic sense of privacy with your room divider.

Commercial spaces that want to section off large working areas may require large planters with rows of plants.

Our fiberglass linear planters come in a range of sizes that can be used to plant anything from tall snake plants to large hedges.

Here are the best plants for privacy:

  1. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica)
  2. Snake Plant (Dracaena trifasciata)
  3. Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)
  4. Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans)
  5. Ficus Audrey (Ficus benghalensis)
  6. Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica)

Fast-growing plants that can tolerate low light are ideal for decorating indoor spaces.

Read more about the best low-light plants for your office

Can I use faux plants?

Using indoor plants is a great option for room divider projects, while fake plants are an excellent choice for organizations that have limited time to spend on gardening. Using real plants can improve the air quality of any indoor environment that is why our planters work excellently with both real and faux plants.

Define Large Commercial Spaces With Jay Scotts Linear Planters

rectangular planters wholesale jay scotts
Jay Scotts planters

Whether you or your customers are looking to create some privacy between the balconies of a residential property or direct the flow of foot traffic in a retail setting, Jay Scotts linear planter collection is perfect for defining large and small spaces.

Designed to add value to the experience, comfort, and pleasure of employees and customers in any industry, especially in high traffic areas, our high-quality linear planters can accommodate any plant with ease and are built to last for years.

To get started with transforming your commercial space, or procuring a planter range for your clients, contact us today to discover how we can build your business!

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