7 Tips For Boxwood Shrubs In Boxwood Planters: Grow The Wow Factor Plant!

The Boxwood plant is a dense, deep green, foliage shrub that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a common shrub, much loved all around the world. A member of the evergreen family, the boxwood plant is beloved on the account that its beauty does not diminish even in winter, and as it is also known to be a living sculpture, great for decorating the garden, patio, or rooftop.

Boxwoods are especially popular for framing doorways, lining pavements, and showing off intricate designs of topiaries. For all these purposes, the evergreen boxwoods work best when planted in containers. These shrubs are the ideal planter plant, they will continue to delight your clients and their visitors for the seasons to come.

Create your masterpiece landscape with boxwoods in pots, where they will thrive in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about planting these wondrous plants in containers.

Why Are Boxwoods Perfect for Containers?

The evergreen boxwoods have a notable place in landscape history. They have graced the gardens of Egypt since 4000bc, reportedly, this greenery was trimmed into formal hedges.

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Boxwoods in planters are also a celebrated icon of manicured French country gardens. Traditionally, the French viewed the home as the focal point of the garden, paying special attention to the beauty and charm of their yard. Here, boxwoods are typically grown in pots lining the pathways leading guests from the entryway to the outdoors of the house.

7 Landscaping Ideas For Your Boxwood Planter

Add a little French touch to your patio or garden with your own boxwood in planters. Here are 8 fresh landscaping ideas for boxwoods in pots that are easy to maintain and look great from Spring to Winter, as well as the best pot to accompany it!

1. Create A Dramatic Entrance

boxwood shrubs
©Jay Scotts / Blu Bambu Home Designs

Search no further for a way to highlight the doorway of your customer’s home of business – boxwoods in planters frame the subject in dramatic ways that few other plants can achieve. This turns an ordinary entryway into a stately entrance that everyone will take notice of.

Best Planter: Alicante Fluted Round Planter

Alicante Fluted Round Planter
©Jay Scotts

The Alicante fluted planter exudes elegance in its simplicity. Coming in three diameter sizes, 12.6 inches, 18.9 inches, and 22.9 inches, it will flank anything from a home doorway to a large shop entrance. Standing tall and proud, a boxwood shaped like a ball will be the perfect pairing for the pot.

2. Make Stunning Tabletop Centerpieces

Boxwoods make beautiful centerpieces. A crowd pleaser, especially during the holiday season when there’s snow on the ground, the boxwood greenery will fill any room with nature and warmth. Whether it is for a special occasion, or to decorate a table, it is best displayed somewhere with sufficient sunlight.

Best Planter: Weir Rectangular Tabletop Planter

Weir Rectangular Tabletop Planter
©Jay Scotts

The Weir tabletop planter will brighten any table and wow guests as they sit down with its style. Whether you go for real or artificial plants, the boxwood will thrive in its delightful home.

3. Divide Outdoor Space

boxwood in JayScotts Fiberglass Planters
©Jay Scotts

If your client has a large outdoor space, boxwood hedges are a great way to create garden rooms. The division can add privacy for residential homes or separate spaces for commercial use. The boxwood shrub with its dense foliage is perfect for this.

Planting the boxwood in a container makes it a more functional and effective divider – the container adds extra height and has the added plus of being easy to move around.

Best Planter: Brisbane Wide Rectangular Planter

Brisbane Wide Rectangular Planter
©Jay Scotts

The Brisbane pot is ideal for dividing outdoor space with its commanding height and width. After adding boxwood shrubs, you can use them to line the patio, garden, or any other space with sheer style.

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4. Trim Topiaries

Topiary is the art of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes. Boxwoods are fundamentally a great plant for topiaries given their dense and small leaves that hold shapes well. The ball shape easily comes to mind, the roundness of the ball is a playful and appealing shape for many.

Trim Topiaries
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Often customers will opt to use the ball boxwood in front of their house or shop. OF course, there are other shapes are can show off your client’s unique character. The boxwood is literally a living sculpture and can be trimmed to almost any design.

Best Planter: Montroy Cube Planter

Montroy Cube Planter
©Jay Scotts

For the most typical shape, the ball, we suggest using the Montroy pot. This perfect cube container will balance out the rounded boxwood ball, creating a beautiful contrast. Boxwood topiaries are sure to brighten up any site whether it’s winter or summer.

5. Grow a Flower Backdrop

Flower Backdrop
©Jay Scotts / Colorful flowers are arranged perfectly in our Spiral Modern Globe Planter

The intense greenery of the boxwood plant makes it a wonderful backdrop to flowering plants. Given that the boxwoods will be green all through winter, we suggest choosing annual flowers as well. Great choices include the Canna Lilly, Petunia, or Verbena to boost a colorful, cheerful winter-proof garden. No filters are needed.

Best Planter: Casablanca Bowl Planter

©Jay Scotts

We like the bowl planter as it comes across as casual but chic. This cute container topped with a boxwood plant looks great on the ground or propped up on tables, sills, and shelves in any room. Bowl planters are also great to introduce a slash of color using flowers or simply opting for a bright planter finish.

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6. Go for Farmhouse Chic

red planters outside
Our rectangle planters create visual interest. ©Zound Pro / Williamsburg

The farmhouse rustic vibes are trending in both homes, restaurants, and even hotels. A simple way to incorporate greenery into this look is with the humble boxwood plant. The boxwood shrubs can live in small containers scattered across the premises or in rows along a fenceline.

Best Planter: Salon Narrow Low Planter

©Jay Scotts

Fitting in well into any garden, the Salon pot is unobtrusive yet sturdy. Taking into account that flowers will fill up most of the valuable pure garden space, the Salon is low and narrow, but well suited to growing boxwood shrubs in outdoor areas. Choose rustic colors such as red and brown to create the farmhouse chic look!

7. Curb Appeal

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The boxwood plant has long been an industry favorite for curb appeal. It is easy to place in pots around the hardscape of the property, such as a patio or parking spots. In addition, boxwood in planters creates a more secure perimeter around the property

Best Planter: Cuba Low Planter

cuba planter
©Jay Scotts

The Cuba is a great container for curb appeal, its square shape allows you to line as many as you need in a neat row. Go for a less formal-looking hedge that lines the perimeter of the property with untrimmed boxwood, or trim it to look neat and sharp.

How to Care for Your Container Boxwoods

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If you opt for real and not artificial boxwood, here are some great tips for caring for your boxwoods in planters.


Boxwood plants prefer a soil condition of pH levels around 6.8 to 7.5. The soil also needs to be well drained in order to avoid oversoaking the root ball and causing root rot. Make sure planters with drainage holes are used for the container garden.


The boxwood plant needs regular hydration, especially during its first two years of life. As they are shallow-rooted, be sure to water them more frequently during hot weather. If the newest foliage is browning, this is a sign to pick up the watering.


For boxwoods growing in pots, fertilizer is key to getting it enough nutrients for healthy growth. Mulch, compost, or tree-formulated fertilizer works best to boost this greenery.


Out of most plants in the garden, the boxwood is renowned for its tolerance to pruning. However, avoid pruning in late autumn to avoid winter burn.

Artificial Boxwood

Of course, using artificial boxwood is also an option. Artificial plants have increased in quality and can look as good as real ones. The great news about artificial boxwood is that it requires no maintenance, pruning, trimming, or sunlight. Even better – the topiary shape never changes!


The boxwood plant needs to be repotted every two to five years on account of it growing out of its container. During transplanting, make sure you can dig out enough of the root ball, then place the root ball at least an inch lower than the soil surface of its new container.

Best Boxwood Planters

We Understand Evergreen Boxwoods & Artificial Boxwood – We Know Their Planters

If your landscaping project requires boxwood plants in containers, you have come to the right place. Jay Scotts outdoor and indoor planters are designed to make the most of greenery. Made from commercial-grade fiberglass and finished with UV-proof paint, they will last for years on your patio, rooftop, or garden.

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Plant with confidence when using our high-quality and durable planters. We are committed to our products and every single container comes with an industry-leading three-year warranty. Check out our product range on our website, and select from many shapes and styles and 20 wonderful colors.

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