Rectangular Planters Serve Many Purposes in Your Design

When it comes to planters, there are a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that can be used for various different design schemes. While there are pros and cons to individual planters and adventurously shaped planters, there are also so many pros to rectangular planters!

Rectangular planters can serve many different purposes, from simply being able to hold more plants to easier plant management, design framing, privacy, and perfect minimalism that would be hard to achieve with many other planter shapes.

More Plants

Rectangular planters, especially the bigger ones, are wonderful for planting multiple different plants within it. Whether it is multiple of the same plant or a variety of different plants working together in the overall design scheme, having them put into one planter can limit the number of planters placed within a room.

Not only will this save space, but this could save on budget, too. There are a variety of different planter sizes from 20 x 7 x 7 in. to 100 x 18 x 28 in. for all different plant sizes and needs!

rectangular planters wholesale jay scotts
You can grow more plants in one rectangular planter to save space and budget

Easier Management

Having a few rectangular planters rather than multiple other planters makes management easier! A large number of smaller planters means more watering and more cleaning. When it comes to having bigger rectangular planters, it is one place to water instead of multiple, and cleaning is the same. This is especially useful when in a business setting, where the opening and closing of a store is already a process. To make it all easier, use rectangular planters!


Framing is a key part of any design, and rectangular planters can be perfect to highlight these different areas of a home or business. Lining a walkway with planters, for example, can be a great way to draw people into a business!

Bright plants in these planters will draw attention to focal points, so they can also be used under a window, or to highlight a key area like a deck or patio. Rectangular planters are wonderful for this because with their easier management and capacity to hold multiple different plants, they can easily be fit into different design types, and can be changed from season to season with less effort!


Rectangular planters are the perfect choice for privacy since the straight edges allow you to touch planters together with no space between. Fill with beautiful plants and use them to line your restaurant patios, put them around pools or use them to separate areas in a waiting room. Rectangular planters give a private feel to your space while remaining classy and comfortable!


Minimalism is an extremely versatile and popular trend. With so many businesses and homes being geared towards this minimalistic ideas, rectangular planters are the perfect option to fit in. Clean lines are coveted in minimalism, and with the idea being that less is more, rectangular planters perfectly fit that idea.

Putting multiple plants in one planter decreases the number of planters within the space, leaving clean lines and more open space to add to the overall minimalistic feeling. The clean-cut lines of a rectangular planter also fit into the design scheme! Even if a design scheme is slightly busier than minimalistic, rectangular planters in place of other shapes can be good to draw back on the busy feeling and provide a bit of calm within the design.

minimalist interior design
Rectangular planters leave clean lines and more open space to add to the overall minimalistic feeling

While all planters have their own benefits, sometimes the simplest ones are the easiest to fit into the interior design! Rectangular planters are perfect for minimalist environments, and they are also perfect to put a larger number of plants within one space, without putting the plants at risk.

Rectangular planters are also wonderful for framing focal points and drawing attention to things such as walkways, windows, and other attention-grabbing pieces of a home or business. For more ideas of what planters may be perfect for different scenarios, take a look at our free Planter Comparison guide. And be sure to look at all the different shapes and sizes of the various rectangular planters that Jay Scotts has to offer!

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