Guide To The Equip Exposition 2022 | How Do Hardscape Planters Fit In?

Held from October 18th to the 21st in Louisville, the Equip Exposition is the leading international landscape, outdoor living, and equipment summit in the USA.

After a successful track record and a 40-year run, the GIE+EXPO has also rebranded itself with a new look and feel.

The 2019 iteration of the trade show was the 6th largest in the United States according to the Gold 100. It was attended by more than 20,000 people hailing from all 50 US states and 54 countries.

The Equip Exposition 2022 continues to partner with Hardscape North America, the premier tradeshow for hardscape contractors. Presented by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute and National Concrete Manufacturers Association. Equip Expo registrants receive free admission to the Hardscape North America show.

The Equip Exposition is the experience of the year for the landscape, outdoor living, and power equipment industry.

It’s the industry’s proving ground,” said Kris Kiser, President of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, which owns and manages the tradeshow.

“Equip Exposition is one trade show where you can test before you invest in new products, innovations and ideas for your business.”

Perhaps that has got you excited? Well, you should be. The Equip Exposition 2022, Louisville, Ky, rides on a long history of success while bringing forth a new and interesting version to boost the industry.

The Equip Exposition 2022 has opened registration. Landscape professionals, hardscape contractors, outdoor power equipment dealers and retailers, and manufacturers can sign up at:


The 2022 version of Equip Expo has a lot to offer, from the first-ever welcome reception, expanded demo yard hours, and a concert series.

The Expo will open Wednesday – at 9 a.m. for dealers and at 12 noon for contractors and continue throughout the week with various shows, demos, and meet and greets along the way!

First-Ever Welcome Reception

The Equip Exposition will kick off Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 9 p.m. with a welcome reception for all attendees at Louisville Slugger Field, plus food and fireworks!

Keynote Speech

Sponsored by John Deere, the Opening Keynote Address at Equip Exposition 2022 will be given by former professional golfer and current broadcaster, David Feherty.


Trace Adkins is the new headliner for this year’s Equip Expo Concert Series on Thursday night. Of course, the Equip Exposition house band, The Crashers, will be performing too!

Equip Exposition gives attendees free access to the concert at Forth Street Live!

Outdoor Demo Yard

True to their ‘try-before-you-invest’ methodology, this year’s Equip Exposition has expanded their demo yard hours. Over 20 acres in size, you can try out the landscape and gardening solutions and technology on offer at the equipment exposition.

Equip Exposition 2022 Education Sessions


Catering to its attendees’ wishes, the Equip Exposition 2022 has expanded its education offerings.

You will find a series of landscape contractor workshops from Landscape Management magazine, as well as courses on adding irrigation, pool, and landscape lighting segments.

Bob Clements International and the Equipment & Engine Training Council will offer technician training and management courses for dealers and retailers.

Keen to learn? Our industry blog has you covered.

Before You Go To Louisville Ky – Tips For Landscape Professionals And Architects


The Equip Exposition 2022 is the international landscape event of the year. Before you pack your bags and head off to Louisville, Ky, we have 5 top tips for you to make the most of the event.

1. Attend the endless networking opportunities

Be sociable. Trade shows are excellent places to network with professional peers, industry experts, and even guest speakers. Attending social and network events means access to a business owner or a technology expert you may not have the chance to meet normally.

2. Decide in advance which key events you want to attend

Planning is key! Trade shows can get tiring and overwhelming. Be sure to know what your goals are and strategize accordingly. Study the floor plan and schedule key meetings in advance to know your priorities. Note down which key events you must attend, as well as which booth or education services you have a strong preference to visit. Knowing where the food and restroom services are will also help you throughout the event.

3. Dress the part and bring comfortable shoes

Know your audience and dress the part. You will be on your feet all day, so bring at least two pairs of comfortable shoes that you can rely on.

4. Make a note of what hardscape products you want to check out… bricks, planters, and more


As landscape professionals and architects, you are probably keen on using the Equip Expo to network and to check out industry hardscaping products.

Classics include bricks, concrete, pavers, stone, tile wood, and increasingly composite materials such as planters and decks are part of this list too. Make sure you know exactly what you need to see beforehand, so you do not miss out during the excitement of the expo.

5. Study the market and keep an open mind

A great advantage to attending industry trade shows such as the Equip Expo is that you get to be at the forefront of industry trends and insights. It is a great opportunity to study the global market. Keep an open mind to pick up new and interesting hardscape design ideas, style tips, and trends.

Hardscaping Best Practices – Integrating Planters

©UA Companies // Penthouse Pool club

The Equipment Exposition famously covers the tools and solutions associated with the early stages of creating a landscape. During this ‘hardscaping’ phase, integrating planters into the plan is a design technique adopted by leading landscape professionals.

By selecting the right planter size and shape, landscape architects can effectively prevent massive project blunders further down the line when large items such as planters are usually, and mistakenly, an afterthought.

The Action Plan?

Decide your planter requirements as early as possible. This means taking measurements and contacting a planter supplier to secure shipment and delivery of your products. You certainly want to do this before your plants have arrived!

Conveniently, adopting this practice leads to easier landscape planning in the later phases.

Projects where it would be useful to integrate planters into the design of the property, such as the boundaries of a patio, require this forethought. Keep this in mind as you browse the Expo!

Jay Scotts Planters Are Ideal For Hardscapes

Cube planter on a rooftop with a tree
©Jay Scotts // Reveal Design

Planters have taken a primary role in the post-pandemic way of life, be it in commercial or residential areas. By considering planters early, you guarantee the project runs smoothly.

See Jay Scotts Planters In Action!

Here’s a summer project we did for one of our clients. Take a look and see what a partnership with Jay Scotts can do!

Penthouse Pool Club Washington

As the highest point in a building, the pool area of a penthouse is more susceptible to high winds and extreme weather conditions. It was also typically surrounded by hard surfaces like concrete, which made it feel more uninviting and unwelcoming.

Read more

View Project

If you are considering integrating planters into the hardscaping phase, the most important thing to look for is weatherproof, durable, and high-quality pots. They need to be as sturdy and as reliable as the rest of the hardscape products.

Our planters, made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass, are the best in the commercial marketplace. Made much tougher than most planter materials you can find, Jay Scotts pots are designed to withstand diverse weather conditions – from freezing temperatures to scorching summers.

Coming in a wide selection of shapes, from squares to rectangles, from circular to tapered, there are many suitable options available for your hardscape project. Choose from a variety of 18 stunning colors to suit your design goals.

All our planters come with an industry-leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your planter hardscaping needs. Our team of consultants are committed to making your project run as smoothly as possible and blow your expectations away. Let’s make something great together!

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