Room Decor with Plants: 6 Common Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them!

Room decor with plants

Before we get things right, we often need to get them wrong first.

A general rule which applies to a great many things in life, interior design included. With so many choices to make in terms of style and space, it takes most people quite a while to master the art of arranging interiors in a clever, deliberate way.

Why not just take a shortcut then? Have a look at our list below – learn how to avoid these rookie mistakes in interior design and get a better feel for what it takes to please the eye of every visitor, as well as your own eye, with a well-arranged room décor with plants.

1. Keeping plants out of the room

Many people feel they just can’t be bothered with looking after plants, seeing them as nothing more than an unnecessary distraction in their busy routines. Rumour has it plants have to be watered every now and then!

Keeping plants out of the room
Photo by Luisa Brimble — Somekind™ on Unsplash

It could just be us, but a room will never be as pretty if you choose to leave plants out of it. Add plants to the mix and the place suddenly springs to life – better air quality, more welcoming environment, an altogether different vibe. Choose low-maintenance plants like cactuses or other succulents if you hate watering so much.

2. Insufficient light in the room

Now that we’ve cleared the hurdle with putting plants in the room in the first place, we need to provide the room with enough light. This may obviously prove a little tricky as many rooms receive very little sunlight; the same is sadly true for entire climate zones further away from the Equator.

Insufficient light in the room
Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

Rather than assume that one overhead lamp will solve the problem and cast sufficient light even in the darkest corners, remember that the most pleasant way to light the room is in layers. Bedside lamps and wall fixtures will add favorably to any room’s aura – regardless if you live in Florida or in Alaska!

3. Cluttering the place with, well, everything

We just love collecting all those tiny figurines and old vases, don’t we? Unfortunately, this habit does tend to get out of hand a bit, and the result is that rooms sometimes feel terribly jam-packed with excessive decoration. Yes, over-accessorizing is a sin of many of us.

Cluttering the place with everything
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Time to declutter! Less is more, right? Remember that groupings of two or three decorative items have a far greater impact than an entire army of porcelain cats or other figurines, so why don’t you give your room a bit of an airing this season? How about replacing all those age-old dust collectors with a nice, breathing plant instead?

4. Shelves used for storage

It’s hard to resist the temptation sometimes, isn’t it? A problem related to over-accessorizing to some extent, using display space for storing purposes has the exact same effect of turning living rooms into junk rooms.

Box as many things as you can or consider throwing them away altogether – but do keep them out of sight, by whatever means necessary. Open shelving isn’t for storage; rather than clothing or documents, use it to display visually pleasing items instead.

Shelves used for storage
Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

5. Issues with scale and proportion

This applies to plants as much as it applies to all types of furniture and decoration. Remember that whatever you choose to put in the room you are trying to arrange, it will need to agree with everything else in that room too.

As a rule of the thumb, rooms look more interesting if you can keep it varied to some extent – if there are big things in it, consider adding little things for the sake of contrast. And as for plants, avoid shooting for the ceiling with them! If your room’s ceilings are at 8 feet high, your plants shouldn’t be any taller than 6 feet.

Issues with scale and proportion
Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

6. The showroom feel

Have you ever felt like you were walking into a furniture catalogue, rather than an actual room? Dubbed ‘the showroom feel’, this particular problem boils down to a frequent lack of originality in modern interior design – but then again, how could the room feel unique if all the furniture was purchased at the same store?

The best way to stay away from this trap, according to experienced interior designers, is to mix new and vintage elements. Add some intrigue to your room décor, keep it eclectic and less obvious.

The showroom feel
Photo by Yehleen Gaffney on Unsplash

We do hope this little list will get you started on the right footing with your adventures in interior design. See also our introduction to adding plants to any room’s decor in a skillful way!

And, for even more inspiration in terms of room decor with plants, make sure you take a look at our collection of square and rectangular planters!

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