Does Landscaping Increase Home Value? 10 Tips To Improve Your Property

Landscaping plays a major role when it comes to increasing the value of your home or business. In fact, in a 2005 study, researchers found that the perceived value of real estate property increased by 11% when small investments in landscaping were made.

Whether your customers are looking to sell their property in the near future or are simply concerned about the upkeep of the property’s value, effective landscaping is key. It helps shape the first impressions of buyers and of course, delights visitors, guests, friends, and family.

The value of development projects is maximized with a well-landscaped residential or commercial space, as landscaping adds to the property’s ambiance and aesthetics. And, as landscaping trends are set to increase, don’t you think it’s time you invested in your landscape too?

While some might think landscaping is a hefty investment, the return can be very fruitful.

From the front walkway to the backyard, from the patio to the rooftop, all these spaces stand to benefit from remodeling and landscaping to increase the value of the building.

In this post, we’ll provide 10 examples and landscaping tips that increase commercial property value or home value!

2 Landscape Features To Avoid!

Customers rely on their landscape architects, contractors, designers, and sales teams, to advise them on how to best increase the value of their home or commercial space. Before we delve into what to do, here is what to advise them against.

1. Artificial Grass

©Adrian Curiel – Unsplash

Artificial grass offers the ultimate in low maintenance. Lay it down once and you can forget it until it wears out. However, research has shown that most buyers either ‘love it or hate it; so it is best to stay away.

2. Oversized Outdoor Water Features

pool areas with palm tree outdoor

There are many things that are known to increase market value, a consumer trends expert says that a privacy fence, swimming pools, or hot tubs can do the trick.

However, our word of caution is to not add them just for the sake of increasing the value of your home or commercial unit. These additions are not only expensive but also divisive, many buyers are simply not interested in those things.

That being said, for high-value properties, especially in Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida, certain amenities like pools are expected.

Other large water features could pull down the property value depending on the size and how it is “plumbed” into the garden. While they are great for attracting bees, birds, and butterflies, some buyers see water features as more work to maintain and would want to have them removed if they purchased the place.

Try oversized trees instead! Learn more about planting for privacy.

10 Tips To Increase Property Values

Whether you’re helping homeowners recognize the value of their real estate, or you are investing in your own property, landscaping projects such as upping curb appeal or adding water-smart landscaping features, these simple ideas may help you attract a lot of buyers!

Here are 10 amazing ideas to pitch to your customers or your partner!

1. Plant Trees

planters hardscape
©Jay Scotts

Planting a tree on your property has a lot of advantages. Trees, especially mature trees, add color to a dull yard may it be in the driveway, walkway, or backyard, they can also add privacy and increase your home’s value or selling price.

Having a mature tree not only makes the home’s landscape better, but it can also be a huge demand for the buyer of the house or space. It usually takes at least 3 to 8 years to have a mature tree, so plant your trees as early as possible because the additional value may depend on the plant size. Or simply advise your customers to opt for mature trees from the local nursery.

Top Tip: Planting trees in a pot allows for better maintenance and makes it easy to move around seasonally or to change up the landscape look.

Find out more in our definitive guide to growing trees in pots.

2. Maintain A Healthy Lawn

planters outside house
©Jay Scotts

Having a well-maintained lawn can make the home or business more appealing. Planting different types of flowers, fruits and vegetables may help your garden or flower beds look healthy. Make the front yard as appealing as possible because first impressions last.

Overgrown lawns, roots, and dead plants are signs of neglected lawns and these can cause damage to your home and the home’s value. Lawn maintenance, lawn care service, and basic yard care service can make the selling price higher which is good for the landscape designer, real estate agents, and even homeowners who want to increase their home’s value.

Top Tip: Aerating soil can be done to produce stronger plants with proper growth and create a vigorous lawn.

Want to go greener? Try these green landscaping ideas!

3. Landscape Lighting

©Bespaliy – Shutterstock

Attractive landscape lighting improves security and improves value. A well-lit yard, garden, patio, outdoor kitchen, deck, front door, and garden upscale the overall look of the home. This leads to an increase in home value, which makes real estate agents very happy.

Having good lighting can make the home look lively. Why have a landscaping project when you cannot see or appreciate it during the night? Landscape lighting is rapidly becoming a preferred landscape feature amongst homeowners and business owners.

A good outdoor light can illuminate your exterior, accent landscape features, or improve home security. Make costs low by choosing LED and solar lights that are bright enough to illuminate the inside of the house but do not add to your client’s electric bills!

4. Trim Shrubs & Bushes

boxwood shrubs
©Jay Scotts

Work with your customers to set up a schedule to maintain their gardens on a regular basis. Advise them that it is not wise to only get around to pruning shrubs and mowing lawns when it is time to sell. Regular maintenance is integral to keeping the place looking professional and beautiful.

In addition, neglecting trees, shrubs, and other plants surrounding the real estate can cause problems. The garden can become not only unkempt but also a safety hazard. Fixing these issues can be a budget killer for the new owners. Therefore many potential buyers look out for this.

Learn more about planting with tall pots and level up your landscaping!

5. Go For Curb Appeal

planters outside restaurant
©Jay Scotts

Targeting curb appeal is a way to utilize minimal landscaping while creating incredible value for your customers. This can be as simple as dressing up the walkway with delightful planters, using trees to frame doorways, or having flowering shrubs welcome guests from the roadside.

The best way to do this is to use containers. Planters keep plants neat and tidy and reduce gardening time and effort by providing a controlled environment for plants if you use the right materials – by the way, fiberglass is the best!

Find out 10 outdoor landscaping design ideas to boost business

6. Decks Are Great

Wannsee Montroy
©Botanical Concepts of Chicago / Jay Scotts

A recent 2021 study analyzed home improvements that result in the best return on investment. It turns out that decks are the best landscaping project for increasing home value!

On average a wood deck costs $16,766 which has a rate of 65.8% return at resale. The composite deck returns 65.8% at resale and costs $22,426.

Due to the rising lumber prices, the ROI for wood decks has plunged in the last two years, while ROI for composite decks has held steadier. But over the last decade, both have performed well.

7. Adding Fresh Mulch

©pgreen1983 – Unsplash

Mulch is often overlooked by customers, but it can play an important role in making the landscape look fresh and thus attract the buyers you need.

As you know, mulch helps soil retain moisture, reduces weeds, and provides nutrients. Red mulch is more popular than black and brown but it will depend on the color of your house.

Brown mulch makes plants appear vibrant and it’s also a universal color. However, it tends to lose color after a season. In colder regions opt for black mulch because it heats better and retains sunlight.

8. Build A Fire Pit

©Tyler Delgado – Unsplash

Having a fire pit not only increases the value of your home or business. It can also be used for family or corporate events such as barbecue parties, camping, and having s’mores in the backyard. Installation of a fire pit can bring much joy to the existing users of the space, as well as interest potential buyers.

Incorporate it into the patio, garden, or backyard, but make sure it is a safe distance away from plants and other hardscape features like planters.

9. Install Irrigation

©Yarygin – Shutterstock

For your landscape project, it is a good idea to pitch to your customers about installing an automatic irrigation system. This will help reduce maintenance, hassle, and watering costs, especially for residential properties that are large-scale.

In addition, irrigation systems aid with water conservation. This adds value to the space as buyers are increasingly interested in climate-friendly solutions.

Learn more about commercial watering solutions.

10. Stay Low Maintenance

301 Ocean Avenue ©REWS Media LLC / Jay Scotts

Our last tip for landscape professionals is to focus on keeping maintenance low while creating an eye-catching landscape.

Clients are always concerned about the cost and time spent to upkeep the space when you are not at hand. Suggest ways to help them or the potential buyer meet low landscape maintenance goals.

Your project pitch could include hardscaping such as planters, pathways, terraces, and retaining walls or incorporating a xeriscaping system to make low-maintenance landscapes.

Using plants that do not need lots of water and can adapt to weather changes like succulents, sage bushes, or terracotta yarrow, and applying mulch annually is good for a low-maintenance landscape design.

Learn more about how we crushed this project.

Increase Home Value With Planters

Best of all, an easy way to hit the target for less maintenance and high beauty is with container gardening.

Using planters for landscaping creates a professional and stunning look in line with many residential and commercial projects. It is easy to care for as the planters provide a safe and secure house for healthy plant growth and lower weed growth. It is also easier to rearrange the garden’s look at will or according to seasonal needs.

5 Best Planters To Increase Home Value

The Jay Scotts wholesale planter catalog offers planters for all your landscaping projects. Select from 20 different colors, hundreds of styles and sizes, and attractive prices, to suit your needs.

These are the 5 best planters to style up your property and increase the value per square foot to make any homeowner or business owner happy.

1. Montroy Cube Planter

montroy cube planter
Montroy Cube Planter ©Jay Scotts

The Montroy cube planter is one of the most popular additions to our handsome collection. Sure to create curb appeal for home buyers, use a pair of these eye-catching planters to frame the doorway. They are sure to draw views to the entrance and create a warm welcome for anyone who visits. We recommend planting a flowering shrub such as Butterfly Bushes or Hydrangea Bushes that bloom and add even more beauty to the landscape.

2. Cuba Low Rectangular Planter

cuba with plants
Cuba Rectangle Planter ©Jay Scotts

The Cuba Rectangular Planter is made from lightweight high-quality fiberglass that is durable and reliable. Coming in four great lengths, ranging from 36 to 72 inches, the Cuba planter is as versatile as they come. Transform your garden, patio, or atrium into an elegant and chic oasis using these planters.

A great idea is to use them as space dividers or to line property boundaries. This is sure to beautify the space and increase its value.

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3. Globe Planter

globe planter
Globe Planter ©Jay Scotts

The round planter blends together contemporary and traditional styles and looks great just about anywhere. Add them to poolsides, walkways, and lobbies, for that enticing touch.

Our customers love using the Globe Planter in commercial and residential settings thanks to its sleek, elegant, and subtly luxurious vibes.

4. Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter

seoul planter
Seoul Modern Rectangle Planter ©Jay Scotts

The Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter is a distinctive-looking container, sure to be the focal point wherever you place it.

It is a striking way to brighten up any corner of the building with its graceful lines and unique shape. This beauty comes in three sizes and 20 lovely colors – perfect for a modern and bold home.

5. Lisbon Tall Round Tapered Planter

Lisbon round planter
Lisbon Round Planter ©Jay Scotts

Our Lisbon Round Planter, a decorative classic, is perfect for tall, elegant plants such as Rubber Figg, Fiddle leaf fig, or Monstera. Great for indoor or outdoor landscape design usage, the Lisbon is a sure win with its elongated tapered shape that is as eye-catching as it is sophisticated.

See Our Planters Make A Difference

Learn how Jay Scotts planters are used to meet the goals of our customers – from the Philadelphia International Airport to the Gates Hotel South Beach in Miami.

planters near pool
©Penthouse Pool Club / UA Companies / Jay Scotts

Jay Scott Planters Increase Property Value

Cube planter on a rooftop with a tree
Jay Scotts Montroy Planters. ©Reveal Design / Jay Scotts

Landscaping trends may change over time but our fiberglass planters will never go out of style.

Made from top-quality fiberglass and commercial-strength plant-based resin, our fiberglass planters are not only sustainable but also reliable and long-lasting.

Handcrafted by artisans and finished carefully with UV-resistant automotive paint, they are also simply some of the most stunning planters one can find.

Jay Scotts outdoor and indoor planters are a perfect match for landscape design. Investing in them means investing in the value of your home or commercial space.

Need some inspiration? We have worked to decorate airports, hotel poolsides, colleges, and homes across the country. Learn more about how the Jay Scotts collection transformed these properties!

Want to have your landscaping plan ready? Contact us today – let us figure out the best planters for your project and build value together!

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