4 Industries that Use Commercial Planters to Make a Statement

Industries that Use Commercial Planters

Wanting to make a statement is an idea that isn’t contained to one industry. In their own way, each industry is doing all that it can to draw attention and bring in the business that it needs. Commercial planters are a quick, efficient and cost effective way to make a statement and draw in business at the same time, and here are four industries that do just that – from real estate, to finance and investment, to health industries, and, of course, the retail industry.

Real Estate

Planters are a curb appeal boost.

There is a full blog on boosting curb appeal through planters here, but it isn’t just a business that can benefit from commercial planters. Real estate does not always sell itself. Key points have to be highlighted, and the perfect way to do that is to draw attention with stylish, modern planters. Whether it’s a beautiful porch, or an enticing bay window that draws the eye, highlighting those features is a breeze with a commercial planter. The variety of colors that are available to each style, sixteen colors to be exact, ensure that any color scheme can be matched with ease, and the bright pop of color from the planter or the flowers within will be sure to give a real estate boost in a flash.

Finance and Investment

Investing money, or dealing with finances in general, can be incredibly difficult and often very stressful. The calming effect of plants has been noted for centuries, and the presence of greenery in a bank branch or investment facility is a great way to keep customers calm and relaxed in an environment that may often feel the exact opposite. The presence of plants is a great way to increase customer relations and make that business an area that people want to return to, even when dealing with unpleasant circumstances.


Much like the finance industry, the health industry often deals with situations that can be less than enjoyable. Whether it’s a hospital or a doctor’s office, there are often a ton of plants decorating waiting rooms. The plants are there to create a calm and soothing atmosphere, and often the patients feel more at ease and infinitly more comfortable surrounded by the foliage. While it may not seem like a planter is a huge way to make a difference, the health industry has long noticed the positive impact that a friendly looking plant can make in dire situations.


The retail industry may be the least obvious of these industries to use planters to make a statement, but the use of planters outside of boutiques and malls is almost a given. Plants, especially bright and eye-catching flowers, are a mood booster! Increasing the happiness of a purchaser moments before they walk into a store can not only increase revenue, but also heighten the chances of that customer returning again and again because they remember the appeal of the store. Not only that, but chances are that a customer will remember the store and happily speak about it to a friend, increasing the opportunity of more future revenue!

Every business, and every industry can benefit from commercial planters. That is why Jay Scotts has such a variety of shapes, colors and styles to guarantee that every single individual business can give their location the pop it needs to stand out. For questions on our planters and how they can fit your business,  feel free to reach out to any of our friendly staff, and someone will be there to help in any way they can. To peruse the full catalog of commercial planters, download our catalog today.

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