5 Maintenance Tips for Your Fiberglass Planters this Winter

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Congratulations! You have purchased the best fiberglass planters on the market. Fortunately, owning our planters doesn’t mean a life-long commitment to maintaining them. We let you keep that endeavor for your plants. Winter doesn’t mean you have to worry about the planters. A few simple tips, however, will help you keep your planters looking brand new for years to come.

Style, design and color come in many varieties with fiberglass planters. But one thing that remains constant throughout – quality.

High Quality/Low Maintenance

High quality material and construction help add to the low maintenance requirements of fiberglass planters. With little care, your planters will keep their beauty and style that you have chosen throughout a lifetime – and then some. Fiberglass planters can be used in any environment while maintaining their pristine look you’ve come to enjoy. All that will add to the decor of any area – inside or out.

Wintering Inside

Simply by their unique design, fiberglass planters are engineered to preserve their fresh new look and durability. Through normal use, you should not have to change the container due to cracks, breaks or loss of color. They need little attention when used in climate controlled environments. But even then, an occasional cleaning might be necessary to minimize dust accumulation that can dull the look. We recommend that every time you tend to your plants, inspect the planters for dust and dirt buildup. Frequent watering of plants can spill over to the planters themselves and attract dirt. To keep them looking new, a simple non-abrasive cleaning solution of vinegar and water or a mild soap in a spray bottle will remove any dirt and debris that has built up. Spray on the solution and wipe clean with a soft cloth. After this simple process you will notice that they are as beautiful as the day you purchased them. A great product for an office, home foyer or high traffic area is the peaceful Barcelona Rectangular Planter that welcomes guests with vibrant colors of your choice.

Wintering Outside

Unlike traditional terracotta planters, or other natural materials, fiberglass, with proper drainage holes, won’t freeze and break when used outside. The Tiergarden Rail Planter, for example, sits atop a rail to add character to a walkway, porch rail or patio. Sun, rain, snow, ice or cold weather will never negatively affect the look nor deteriorate the material. Just like some cars and boats made of fiberglass, a mild soap and a soft cloth will keep the planters pristine through all weather conditions. When cleaned periodically, your planters will maintain the luster and finish you have chosen for your design.

Larger containers used outside can be sprayed with a garden hose and the same cleaning solution used for indoor planters. Use your non-abrasive cleaner in a spray bottle with a chamois cloth for cleaning. Spray on the solution and wipe clean with cloth. Never use steel wool or other abrasive materials. They will dull the luster and remove the finish.

Outdoor Plants

Don’t forget the plants! While the planters will maintain their look throughout the year, the plant may not. Make sure you have plants that can thrive in all climates. If not, enjoy the fact that the fiberglass planters are lightweight and can be moved to locations that better serve the health of the plant. Check your planting area to make sure you have plants that will last the winter…..we know the containers will.

The Long-Term

Enjoy your new fiberglass planters for the versatility, low maintenance and beauty they offer by saving your time for your plants. Your distributor will help you find your unique style that will add timeless pieces to your decor that will be fashionably elegant for many years to come.

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