Personalize Landscapes with Custom Fiberglass Planters: A Guide for Landscape Architects

At Jay Scotts Collection, we’ve made it our mission to provide clients and customers with high-quality fiberglass planters that will meet any exact specifications they have for a project. This means that we have a great collection of fiberglass planters in stock. Should our standard products not meet your needs, we have the option for custom, or bespoke, planters.

This article focuses on custom fiberglass planters. From their production at our manufacturing facility to the many custom colors available, this article will be a deep dive into high-quality custom planters.

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Customizing Landscapes with Fiberglass: The Role of Custom Planters

custom fiberglass planters
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Fiberglass planters are some of the best ways to really start transforming your project. At Jay Scotts, we offer over 70 fiberglass planters to serve you and your clients. Whether you’re looking for a planter to add some greenery and privacy to outdoor spaces or if you have a statement plant in mind and need a planter for the job, we’ve got you covered.

Though we’re confident in our collection of fiberglass planters, sometimes we know you need a planter for a specific occasion. This is why we offer custom planters. Being able to work closely with our team to produce the custom design you’re looking for is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and that’s why we urge you to contact us to get started.

Say you’re a hotel owner and you want custom fiberglass planters that will spruce up the reception area while also staying in line with the rest of the interior design. That’s where the option of giving your exact requirements for a planter comes in handy!

Tailored Craftsmanship: Jay Scotts’ Custom Fiberglass Planter Collection

Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies
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A custom planter is one of the best ways to build a long-lasting relationship with clients and customers, and at Jay Scotts Collection we pride ourselves in providing the best fiberglass planters on the market. If you want to get to know a little more about us, check out the link provided.

Continuing now on the quality of our planters, we have to discuss the role of fiberglass in our business. The fact is, without fiberglass, none of this would be possible. The design flexibility of fiberglass planters allows it to fit into any sort of interior design, all the while being lightweight and highly resistant to external conditions like the weather and climate.

That’s why it’s possible to have a planter like the Cuba Low Corner Planter on an rooftop pool. This fiberglass planter is able to withstand any weather conditions, all the while providing guests with a comfortable environment to relax in–How’s that for a win win?

palm tree planter
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Another way in which custom planters work is the fact that they make it possible to hop onto any of the latest landscape trends. As we mentioned, the design flexibility of a custom planter is so great that no matter what you want to do, we’re sure it can be done!

For example, how about the bohemian chic style of landscaping that is ever popular nowadays? Our client at The Gates South Beach wanted to apply this style to their outdoor swimming pool area, and we were more than happy to help!

It started with choosing a selection of our planters, and then picking a few custom colors that would really make the planters pop. By then mixing and matching tones of green and blue, it became possible to create a vibrant display of greenery that’d be sure to impress any guests at the hotel.

Tailoring Elegance: Customizing Fiberglass Planters for Landscapes

wholesale large planters
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On a basic level, the customization process of a fiberglass planter ranges from choosing its shape, size, and color. By understanding how to properly choose from each category, it’s possible to find a planter that is perfect for your needs.


Planter shapes are probably the simplest choice to make. The more basic shapes are rectangular planters and round planters, but you can also opt for more interesting choices like oval planters and tapered planters. Depending on the shape you choose, how and where you use your planter changes. For example, a rectangular custom planter can be placed against a wall whereas tapered planters will have more trouble.


Sizes are also relatively simple to figure out, though exact dimensions can sometimes be a handful to understand. On a basic level you have your small, medium, and large planters. Once again, depending on what you choose, how you can use the planter is altered.


Because we use composite fiberglass as our preferred construction material, we are ensured a high-end smooth surface that we paint in the same style as how cars are painted. The end result? Paint-to-order custom finishes guaranteed to transition seamlessly into your design aesthetic.

Ensuring Longevity: Quality Assurance for Landscape Architecture Projects

architectural planters
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Our fiberglass planters are made from high-quality materials that ensure that don’t break as easily as your typical wood, ceramic, or clay plant pots. While it’s not our aim to disparage those materials, the fact remains that fiberglass is much more durable and able to withstand weather conditions better than they can–Really, you’re getting bang for your buck!

Besides this, when you decide to buy a planter from our collection, you always get a warranty that guarantees replacement planters in the off chance they do break. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Elevate Your Vision: Collaborating with Jay Scotts for Landscape Excellence

extra large lightweight planters for trees
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Committing to working with Jay Scotts is a commitment to the well-being of your plants. Our fiberglass planters ensure that no matter your design goals or the location you choose to pot your plants, our planters will keep them safe so that you can enjoy bountiful greenery all year round.

If you’re still hesitant to get started with the collaboration process, check out a few testimonials from our clients over the years. We’re sure that these can provide you with adequate confidence in our services so you can take those first steps into container gardening with ease.

Want The Best Custom Fiberglass Planters On The Market? Check Out Jay Scotts Collection!

At Jay Scotts Collection, we pride ourselves in our ability to give our valued customers the highest quality fiberglass planters. We do this because we know fiberglass is the best material on the market, and also because fiberglass allows for a myriad of design options that other materials fail to deliver.

While we’re extremely confident with our collection of over 70 fiberglass planters, we know that sometimes you’re looking for an entirely unique custom planter that is just right for your needs. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help you get the custom planter of your dreams. Whether you want to tamper with shapes, sizes, or colors, we’re sure we can help you get a hold of just what you want. Start your container gardening journey now and it won’t be long before you’re living in a garden oasis!

How to Create A Custom Planter Design?

  • Jay Scotts provides custom designs upon request, please contact our office for information.
  • Custom Designs are subject to a minimum quantity.
  • Custom Designs are subject to a product development design/mold fee.

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