Decorating with Fake Flowers: Perfect Arrangements That Last a Lifetime

Decorating with fake flowers

If you haven’t thought about decorating with fake flowers before, then you’re about to unlock new avenues of interior design. Real flowers are of course real, but that doesn’t necessarily make them any more beautiful. In fact, a jar full of drooping flowers is just the opposite. Faux wildlife has some benefits that you just can’t ignore. For example, they will never become old and withered, and you don’t have to maintain them other than an occasional dusting. In the end, you save time and money. Here are some tips and tricks for decorating with fake flowers.


Mono-chromatic color schemes are highly effective to punch through and grab someone’s attention. Use a planter with a single bold tone to draw attention to a particular feature in your house. You can also use this to offer contrast or compliment to the colors already in your home.  

Decorating with fake flowers

On the other hand, a mix of colors can be a showstopper all on its own. So arrange and rearrange, remember there is no time limit to your experimentation. 

Change it up

They say a change is as good as a holiday. Meaning that you don’t need to leave your home to get a breath of fresh air, simply re-fresh your arrangements once in a while. 

Decorating with fake flowers

A quarterly relocation can to some extent make your home feel like new. If you had some faux forsythias in your living room for example, then why not bring them in the bedroom for a few months to have a change of moods. 

Mix it in

Fake plants can look even more real when mixed in with the real thing. Have a look for real or fake flowers that match or complement your existing arrangements. Bear in mind that faux flowers don’t have a fragrance, so a couple of the organic originals are the perfect finishing touch to address all the senses. 

Decorating with fake flowers

Placement in planters

A major benefit of faux plants is the faux soil. For this, you don’t need to worry about getting your hands dirty as you no longer have to use soil itself. Without soil, however, you will need something that provides the plant with some support. For example, you can place balled up plastic bags in the planter, or recycle ground coffee for a soil looking effect. You can even use real potting soil if you so wish. 

Decorating with fake flowers

If you are using a glass vase, then pour a little water in to make it look authentic. Make sure to tape up any bits of metal that may be poking out the end of the stem or trim it down with some wire cutters. This will prevent the metal from rusting and yellowing the water and your vase. 

Go seasonal

In the same vein as ‘it’s not Christmas until the Christmas tree goes up’, curating a master plantscape with flowers that are in the cultural zeitgeist can applify festive spirits. Think about the chromatic tones of the season you are in. In Fall or winter, for example, choose flowers that are various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. 

Decorating with fake flowers

A common Fall favourite is Winter Jasmine. Bright yellow flowers on thin brown stems conjure images of taking a stroll on a fresh and frosty morning. For Summer, imagine perpetually healthy tulips and orchids dotted on windershelves and coffee tables, forever audacious and sultry. 

Fake is often confused with something less than real, when in fact a fake flower means less work and more fun. Every plant needs a home, whether fake or real. Choose from our extensive catalogue of colorful fibreglass planters to really open up your decorative possibilities!

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