Eco Friendly Design Tips For Your Landscape Designs

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In today’s day and age, being environmentally friendly and conscious is a key thought in everyone’s minds. From climate change protests to Greta Thurnberg’s impassioned speech for the UN, more and more people around the world are beginning to focus on how to be more eco and environmentally friendly. Luckily, there are a few easy steps that anyone can take to make their own landscape designs and gardens more friendly, with changes to water use, lawn size, and plant choices!

Reduce Lawn Size

One of the biggest eco-friendly design tips and one of the simplest is to reduce lawn size. The bigger the lawn, the more grass there is. The more grass there is, the water is required to keep it green and flourishing. Water conservation is easily the biggest, and easiest, way to be eco-friendly. 

Choose Plants Wisely

Certain plants require far more care than others do. Certain plants also require much more water than others do, so picking the right plant can immediately add to water conservation efforts. With perennials, there are various different plants that can be used! There are perennial flowers, such as dahlias and hibiscus plants. There are perennial fruits, such as apples, apricots, pineapples, and strawberries. There are also perennial herbs such as alfalfa, basil, mint, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Any of these plants will live far longer than annual plants, and use far less water!

Use Mulch

Mulching is a common landscape tool, and doing it correctly can save a lot of water! This is because mulch prevents the evaporation of water, meaning plants can be watered less. Mulch also prevents weeds, so it serves multiple purposes. However, it is very important to pick a mulch that is also eco-friendly, since not all mulch is. There are many ways to get local mulch resources such as straw, peanut shells, corn husks, chemical-free sawdust, or composted manure. It is also possible to shred autumn leaves, compost the leaves into leaf mold, and then spread that into mulch. 

Use Smart Irrigation

Irrigation is a good way to avoid wasting water. One way to implement a smart irrigation system is to install a drip-irrigation system. A drip-irrigation system is a system that drips water slowly directly to the roots of the plants, either above the surface or below. This is implemented to minimize evaporation and prevent water waste! If you already have a lawn system implemented, it can be key to inspect that system and make any adjustments you need to make so be sure that there are not any leaks or that water is being directed in the wrong way and watering areas that it should not be. 

Conserve Water

There are many different ways to conserve water when it comes to landscaping. We have mentioned a few so far, from using smart irrigation to choosing plants that need less water, but there are many other ways in which to conserve water! One way to use less water is to start watering and planting earlier. Planting in the spring means that plants will require less water to get situated. Using water-saving containers is also a bonus! Fiberglass planters are nonporous, so water will not be absorbed by the planter and taken away from the plant. Watering in the afternoon is also a good way to limit how much water is wasted, as it will be slightly cooler temperatures and water will actually go to the plants instead of evaporating. Finally, choose native plants! Native plants require less care and less amounts of water, making it a perfect choice to conserve water. 


Making small changes can make a very big impact, and everyone doing their own small part can be what ends up making a very large change! Following these few tips and tricks will allow for eco-friendly landscape designs that everyone can approve of and implement in their own way. Fiberglass planters are a good step towards an eco-friendly design, so be sure to look through the Jay Scotts catalog today!

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