Fiberglass Containers Are a Must for the Hospitality Industry


Fiberglass containers are the perfect solution for the hospitality industry. They add a bit of class and direction to your space while also creating room for the natural beauty of plants to thrive. If your hotel lobby or restaurant is in need of some dressing up, here are a few highlights that you’ll get with fiberglass containers:

Separation of Space

In the hospitality industry, it is not uncommon to have wide open rooms with blank walls and tons of empty space. For guests, this type of environment can create anxiety and leave them feeling exposed. With the help of fiberglass containers, you can redefine your space, create cozy alcoves and provide a greater level of privacy for your guests. As you lay out your space, consider how a living privacy screen will enhance your guests’ experience and help them feel more comfortable while they are waiting or sharing a meal with friends.

Light Intensity

Creating the perfect balance of light and comfort can be tough to do in a commercial building. Fortunately, a fiberglass container can help. By planting tall trees, climbing vines, and other vertical plants you can provide a natural filter to the artificial lighting that is already present. These plants will soften the harsh light and make the space easier on the eyes without making it too dark to move about as needed.

Custom Room Designs

If you are still in the planning and buildout phases of your facility, now is the perfect time to start shopping for fiberglass planters. With proper planning, you can have your planters worked seamlessly into your custom room design. Use planters along the walls to add a pop of color and texture to the space. You may choose to have your fiberglass containers painted to match your theme. Include planters drawn into the seating plans to create inviting spots for rest and relaxation throughout your room.

Give Your Space a Luxury Facelift

We know that consumers are willing to pay more for hotels and restaurants that have a luxury feel. Adding fiberglass containers to your room helps your guests feel more engaged with the space rather than just passing through. They are willing to pay a premium for this experience. If you want to take your service from 3-star to 4-star ratings, adding living plants and beautiful planters could be the ticket. The more welcoming your space is, the more customers are happy to pay, even if the planters do not directly impact the main service or product you are offering. In fact, many consumers seek out these luxurious spaces because they make for great social media fodder, which has become increasingly important in how we book hotels and share our stories.

Shading Outdoor Areas

If you have outdoor areas around a pool or patio, you also need fiberglass containers to finish out your space. Again, tall plants are vital to keeping your area well shaded and comfortable for guests. They can also provide a barrier against wind, street noise and other distractions that would take away from the outdoor experience.

Fiberglass containers are now available in a huge range of styles and sizes to fit your indoor and outdoor needs. They are the perfect solution for taking your hospitality service up a notch and gaining new customers for life. If you’ve been waiting to design your room, now is your chance to bring in fresh, funky colors and designs that will directly enhance the way your customers feel when they step through the door into your room. Jay Scotts Collection has everything you need to transform your lobbies, patios and more in to that must have look in no time.

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