Fiberglass Planters and Holiday Decor

Fiberglass Planters and Holiday Decor

Seasons are changing and the holiday season is slowly creeping up. With decorations already starting to fill the shelves of the stores, it is not too early to start thinking about the years decorating schemes! What many may not think about is that fiberglass planters are perfect for holiday decorations for a multitude of reasons ranging from color, to durability, to value and maintenance. 


Jay Scotts prides itself on offering a wide variety of different colors, and this means that there is the perfect color for any holiday color scheme! Whether it is a bright red to contrast with the mistletoe or a beautiful silver finish to match a low-key winter wonderland theme, there is something that will fit your ideal holiday theme with our array of colors. Part of the beauty of fiberglass planters is that their color is built to last. It will not fade, which means that even if it is picked now and put away until next holiday season, the color will be just as vibrant and eye-catching next season as it is this season!


Fiberglass planters are durable – and that is a wonderful thing! Other popular planters, such as terra-cotta or wood, are prone to accidents and can fall apart. With holiday decor, it is often placed in high traffic areas around other decor, which can result in a nasty mess to clean up when something goes wrong and the planter gets bumped and shatters. When it comes to decor, that is never ideal, but especially if you are placing your decor for holiday parties! With fiberglass planters that does not have to be a worry or concern- these planters are shatter and dent proof and can be placed wherever they look best. This is also ideal if planters are being purchased just for holiday decor! Packing these planters away is a breeze, and with minimal effort they can be boxed up and set aside for the next time they are needed without the worry of it breaking between seasons.


Fiberglass planters usually have a higher investment than some planters, but they are also far more worth it! Their durability is something that only adds to their value, whether it is the fade-resistant color, or its invulnerability to shattering. The holiday season is often a whirlwind, and with everything that goes on indoors and outdoors it can be hard to keep less durable planters safe, meaning that they would have to be replaced. Not only would this result in extra expenses, but it would be an extra hassle during a time that can already be stressful. With fiberglass planters, they need to be replaced far less frequently, resulting in fewer replacement costs and more peace of mind no matter where the planter is placed.


Fiberglass planters are many wonderful things, including low-maintenance! While other planter types can accrue dust, scuffs, and dents, fiberglass planters are less prone to getting dirty, getting scratched, or getting dented! When they do need it, fiberglass planters can be very easily cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth, leaving them looking as good as new with little to no effort.

The holiday season is, without a doubt, approaching! Make the most of the decorating opportunities and incorporate fiberglass planters into your decor to guarantee bright vibrant colors that fit any holiday theme, with the durability and value to ensure they last for years. Using these planters as part of your holiday decor, when much of holiday decor is flimsy or easily breakable, can be a simple way to bring new life to old decorating ways with peace of mind built right in! To find your ideal planter for all of your holiday functions this year, download our catalog today!

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