Fiberglass Planters Are An Asset to Any Holiday Decor

The festive season is here. It’s time to decorate your home with Christmas trees, lights, and potted plants. Yes, I said it potted plants can complement any holiday decor.

With the right touch, house plants bring a festive mood to any indoor space. With the right fiberglass planters and some TLC, your plants may hang around all year long.

There are many reasons to grow indoor plants. They clean our indoor air and improve our physical and mental well-being. Potted plants also decorate our homes our businesses.

Small plants like rex begonia, nerve plants, and earth star add a colorful spark to your table and counter tops. These plants can induce the holiday spirit as they come in the official Christmas colors; red and green.

Medium-sized plants like orchids, red aglaonema, and the Madagascar dragon tree are stunning on mantles and bureaus. They look amazing in our Casablanca Bowl Planter.

For the traditional holiday vibe, you can opt for plants like the Christmas cactus, Poinsettias, and the Norfolk Island Pine. These plants complement entryways and shelves. We have seen many of our clients use these plants with our Rio Grande planter.

The ideas are endless. How do you bring your vision to light? It all starts with the planters. Fiberglass planters are functional as much as they are aesthetic. Below are a few tips on how to choose planters for your holiday plants.

Choosing the Right Planters for Your Home

Vines are exciting plants. They may seem fragile, but they can become destructive. For vines, you want durable planters as vines live forever. We know vines for growing their roots through crack and crevices.

You do not want a porous pot for your vines. The tendrils and roots will drill through the porous surface, tearing the planter apart. You also do not want flimsy plastic pots, and they will not hold up to the vine’s life.

The best option for vines would be fiberglass planters. The fiberglass makes the planter durable and strong. Fiberglass planters are also weather resistant. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. We have found that look very attractive in our Tarragona Bowl Planter.

Decorating Your Fiberglass Planters

Jay Scott’s collection designs some of the finest fiberglass planters in the industry. You can use these planters as tools to inject the holiday cheer into your home. Your fiberglass planter is a plain canvas, and you are the artist.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your planters for the holidays.

1. Use Fragrant Greenery

Do you have a fiberglass planter that you have no use for? If so, here’s a tip for you. You can fill up your planters with evergreens. It is an excellent touch of color, and it breathes natural fragrance into your home.

You can go around the yard, picking evergreens, or buy some from the grocery store. Start with the base and work your way up. You can use a variety of evergreens. You can use cider, ivy, eucalyptus, fox wood, or magnolia. You can sprinkle some ornaments to spice up the color.

2. Wrap Your Planters with Garlands

Measure and cut the garland to match the circumference of your fiberglass planter. Add some lights to the party. You can achieve this fete by intertwining the garland with the cables.

Place the well-lit garland on top of your planter then finish with some ornaments. For outdoor fiberglass planters, you can use shatter-proof ornaments. For more greenery, you can add some boxwood branches. Finish the decoration with some berries and pine cones. Switch on the lights. Admire your creation as the ornaments reflect the light.

3. You Can Never Go Wrong With Ribbons

You can use ribbons to decorate your fiberglass planters. You can customize your style for any season or holiday. Decorating the planters with colorful ribbons adds some extra pizzazz to the fiberglass planter’s exterior.

Also, the ribbons give the impression that the planter is a gift worth unwrapping. You can use Christmas lights to add color and increase the visibility of the fiberglass planter.

Your fiberglass planters do not have to remain the same this holiday. You can use these durable plant holders as canvases for your artistic ideas. Whichever the season, you can customize your planter to bring the holiday cheer into your home.

Fiberglass planters are an asset to any holiday decor. They are durable and long-lasting. If you get your planters from Jay Scott’s collection you have the choice among some very elegant pieces. Let your imagination run wild as you decorate for the holidays.

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