Fiberglass Planters Are Better for Your Budget Than You Might Think

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy growing beautiful flowers and plants in their home or office? Plants enrich our lives and bring us joy on many levels. Caring for and maintaining foliage or growing things like herbs and vegetables to serve family and friends are rewarding and fun. 

Choosing the right planter will make the job of caring for your plants much easier. Fiberglass planters have many advantages over traditional planters. Fiberglass planters are eco-friendly and economical.


Fiberglass planters weigh less than ¼ that of traditional planters like terracotta. The lightweight of fiberglass allows for easy moving of plants to better position for sun and shade while allowing functionality in your living or working space. Sometimes simply changing location of plants gives a room a whole new feel.

Inside or Out

Because of the universal functionality of fiberglass planters, they can be used in any environment. Since terracotta style containers for example, are porous they can retain moisture in the clay itself. They can become moldy, change colors, and even become brittle from exposure to weather. It’s difficult to maintain a consistent look and feel with other planters like that of the terracotta.

In extremely cold temperatures, the moisture in the natural textures of terracotta or clay styles can freeze causing flaking and may even break the planter. Even exposure to sun can degrade the look and feel of those planters. That would mean replacing them again and again. We don’t know anyone who would want that work and expense.


Fiberglass planters never allow moisture into the fabric of the container itself. If the environment of your planter tends to be shady and attract mold, a simple cleaning solution sprayed on the container will keep them clean and beautiful. Cleaning can easily be done with a mild solution and soft cloth. The cleaning solution will not absorb into the fiberglass as it would with some other materials. That completely eliminates the exposure of those harsh chemicals to your vegetation providing for healthier plants and vegetables.

Fiberglass planters maintain their out of the box beauty, far exceeding that of planters made from other materials. Changing decor in a room doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same location of your planter. They are easy to move around, switch out plants or you may choose to fill your planter bamboo poles or boxwood spheres.

Regardless of the container, root bound plants will always need transplanting. However, fiberglass planters will never break from root bound plants. Watch for signs of distress in your plants; it will signal that it’s time to replant. The plants will thank you, and your planters will remain in the high quality condition you’ve become accustomed to from Jay Scotts Collection.

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