Fiberglass Planters Are Setting The Style For Hotel Lobbies And Indoor Areas

Oftentimes, plants and planters are an afterthought in hotel interior design. However, bold plants and large planters are expected to become a big interior design trend this year, according to experts.

Specific types of plant containers, such as fiberglass planters, can completely transform different areas throughout your hotel or resort, while creating beautiful, cozy and stylish indoor areas. In fact, the versatility of fiberglass planters is one of the reasons why many interiorscapers and designers use these products together with artificial and real plants to lend a little natural spark to both traditional and contemporary hotel decor.

Although using planters and plants in modern interior design can sometimes be more of a challenge, the combination of natural and contemporary aesthetics can offer a great contrast that provides a truly unique, elegant look. Now, let’s find out how professional interiorscapers and designers use fiberglass planters to create exquisite hotel interiors.

Transform Your Lobby into a “Concept Statement”

From a design perspective, indoor fiberglass planters assorted with various plants can be sprinkled around the main lobby to balance its visual impact and add functionality. As an example, the Short Hayden Fiberglass Pot, or the Salon Narrow Low Rectangular Planter, or other low fiberglass containers can be used to divide certain areas and offer guests more privacy.

In lobbies with low furniture, the striking silhouettes of large plants installed in tall planters, such as the Darwin Tall Corner Planter or Brannan Round Tapered Planter, can add a surprising twist to the space. Additionally, a trendy plant in a massive fiberglass container, like the Saint Tropez Round Bullet Fiberglass Planter could provide an interesting, yet neutral visual counterpoint to a large piece of furniture. For a refined ambiance and a more cohesive look, planters should merge nicely with the rest of the decor.

To avoid striking a discordant note, fiberglass planters should also be selected according to the geometric lines of each lobby. For instance, round and oval fiberglass planters can better fit arch-shaped lobbies, while rectangle and square planters are ideal for modern, rectangular-shaped lobbies that now demand clean lines and simplicity more than ever before.

When selecting plants and planters, another important consideration is the size of the lobby. The aforementioned Saint Tropez Round Bullet Fiberglass Planter or any other oversized fiberglass container, for example, can be a perfect addition to a large lobby. However, the use of large planters should be avoided in smaller lobbies. Using small or slim planters instead, like the Corry Cylinder Fiberglass Planter or Hong Kong Tall Square Planters, can create the illusion of more space, while reinforcing the openness design of the lobby.

Embellish Hallways and Foyers for the Ultimate Guest Experience

Hallways and foyers are transitional spaces between different public areas and guest rooms. Although these areas are often ignored, unique combinations of fiberglass planters and plants or flowers can be used to adorn them and enhance the overall hotel atmosphere. While thriving plants can look impressive and beautiful, fiberglass planters in sizes, shapes and colors that perfectly match both the plants and the overall design of your hotel can help your business appear downright opulent.

When choosing fiberglass planters and plants for hallways and foyers, it’s critical to consider the functional aspects of each area as well. Because the lower portion of hallways and foyers is often subject to abuse from luggage and trolleys, planters should always be placed into corners. Although using rich plants in large containers to fill in empty corners could provide a wonderful visual effect, smaller plants in slim planters, such as the Lisbon Fiberglass Planter or White Sands Fiberglass Planter, are more appropriate for tight spaces.

Create a Luxurious Atmosphere in Hotel Restaurants and Bars

Plants installed in fiberglass planters can be used to bring life and color into a restaurant, snack bar or coffee shop, regardless of its design style. Whether your hotel or resort has a bar located next to the convention facilities, a pleasant coffee shop connected to the lobby, a luxurious signature specialty restaurant, or a separate roof-top restaurant with a breathtaking view, pairing plants with matching fiberglass planters that blend in with the overall decor of the space will allow you to create a sublime sense of harmony and serenity.

Using gorgeous plants in high-quality fiberglass planters as creative design elements throughout your hotel or resort can play a significant role in setting the tone for an amazing customer experience. Instead of taking a trial-and-error approach, hotel owners and managers should work together with interiorscapers to create positive lasting memories for their guests. Besides recommending the best fiberglass planters for different areas of your hotel or resort and matching them with plants that enhance existing decor, interiorscapers can perform regular maintenance to keep your plants looking their best year-round.

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