Our Five Favorite Planters for Hospitals

Fundamentals of Hospital Interior Design

There are many emerging trends in hospital interior design. Two of the most booming trends are incorporating nature/fresh air as much as possible, and the other is daylighting (bringing natural daylight into a room.) In a recent study from Health Design, they sought out styles and ways to incorporate nature cost-effectively and positively for many hospitals. One of the most popular ways of doing this was bringing plants inside the buildings. The easiest way to do this is with custom planters for hospitals.

Why do I need planters?

Planters are an easy and stylish way for patients to feel at ease in your hospital. Not only do we offer planters that can match whatever color scheme or brand image you want to convey, but our planters are also lightweight and durable with any plant you put inside it!

The Five Planters for Hospitals!

There are many different planters to choose from for every type of entryway and patient experience point, but we are narrowing it down to the top five most popular choices.

The Globe Modern – The Globe is a perfect choice for whenever you want to create a calming, zen-like experience for the patients or visitors. Ideal for desks or concierge services.

Badalona – The Badalona is 39” long and 17” deep. It is perfect for an accent piece or a window piece. With our multiple color choices, you can choose to have it blend in or stand out!

Salon Narrow Low Rectangular Planter – Similar to the Badalona, the Salon is ideal for hallways and windows, but this is a much more modest and easily movable piece at 42” long and 8” tall.

The Short Hayden – The Short Hayden planter is chic in style yet, with its reversed taper, divergent in shape. It is ideal for table tops which mean you can place one anywhere!

Tiergarden – The Tiergarden is one unique shapes we’ve come up with. It is ideal for setting on railings and will fit perfectly with balconies and other places that can take a touch up of life!

Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts has been providing planters for countless industries. If you are looking for a way to bring quality, style, and a touch of nature to your hospital, then give us a call today!

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