How Commercial Planters Are Making a Splash at High Rise Condos

High Rise Condos have risen in height, as well as popularity, throughout urban areas in recent years. As the demand for these condominium homes have grown, so has the need to accommodate the decor and lifestyles which have adapted to city life.

Balcony gardening, both flowering and vegetation, have become prevalent and popular among high-rise home buyers. Proper planter selection and placement are critical for success in either of these types of gardens. Hardscapes, such as patios and balconies, present unique challenges when setting up successful planter landscaping and gardening.


When choosing your plants, keep in mind what kind of exposure you will have from your balcony. South and West facing balconies will receive more sun than Northern or Eastern facing platforms.

Western (afternoon and early evening) sunshine is hotter while Northern exposures will offer full shade. Be sure to also take note of your overhang above your balcony area. Any balcony above you may prevent natural light from reaching your greenery if your planters are placed along the inside boundaries of your outside areas. 

For very sunny or hot climates, you want to make sure your planter is durable. Try finding a planter with a UV coating to keep your planter looking good for years to come. Succulents are your best bet for direct, relentless sunshine. Ferns, Annuals, and Hostas will thrive in container planters in shaded spaces.

You could also consider investing in a Grow Light Bulb for Plants, provided your balcony is hard-wired for lighting. For balconies without overhead lighting, Plant Light Fixtures are also available at low cost.


Many patio gardeners forget to factor in cooler temperatures, as well as wind. The higher you are within the building, the colder and windier your balcony may be, especially during Winter months. Try finding lightweight planters, like Jay Scott’s lightweight fiberglass containers, that could make it easy to bring the plants inside during especially bitter frosts or snow.

To prevent planters from tipping over, stones may be placed in the bottom of the planter, or along the soil surface for additional bottom-heavy weight. The best plants capable of withstanding wind include silvery plants and succulents, as well as ornamental grasses and bamboo.


When it comes to watering your planter gardens, you’ll have two concerns: getting the water to the plants and drainage from them. When it comes to draining water, it’s not as simple as just letting the water sit in a pool or puddle until it dries.

Standing water can not only cause a huge annoyance to your neighbors below you, it can also cause a potentially-expensive structure problem to the building. Choosing the proper soil for your plants will also ensure they don’t suffer root rot. Mulch and water-storing crystals can be of huge assistance when it comes to conservatively watering your balcony gardens.

Watering your plants can become a challenge without the proper tools. Invest in a watering can or consider purchasing an indoor plant watering kit.

For proper drainage, choose a slightly larger planter than your plant will require. Add packing popcorn, gravel, sand, water storing crystals, or Styrofoam to the bottom of the planter. Then fill the remainder of the planter with potting soil or a light soil mixture.

Drainage is key for a lot of outdoor plants. Planters like JayScott’s planters have feet that create space between the bottom of the planter and the ground, to better drain out any excess water. This is necessary for the health of many plants.

Be sure not to place any planters near railings where children or animals may gain access to climbing.

Stand back and look at your balcony as the window frame to your view of the city. Decide what would look you’re trying to achieve. Larger plants like Evergreens can add a nice frame, while groups of smaller plants like Hostas create a lusher feel to your hardscape.

Create an aesthetically pleasing environment which encourages you and your family to use this area of your home. Our attractive, lightweight planters are designed for style, as well as function, and will stand up beautifully to all your hardscape climate variations.

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