How Designer Planters Can Refresh Old Style Design

When you’re tired of your building’s old style design, it’s time to dress things up with a bit of color and texture. This can be hard to do if you don’t have the budget for a full remodel, or if you want to keep certain elements of your old style in place while adding just a touch of fresh interest. That is where designer planters can come in handy. Adding a planter or two to your space can change the way the room looks and feels in an instant.

Choosing Designer Planters

Designer planters are a modern take on the old clay pots we’ve grown accustomed to. Instead of the characteristic terracotta and brown colors that are old and tired, designer fiberglass planters can be finished in any color to fit any theme. This means you can use your planters as focal points with the pizzazz of bright reds, blues, and yellows, or you can go for something a little sleeker with white, black, and gray. No matter what type of room you’re working in, you’ll no longer be limited by the basic materials of your planters.

Aside from the color variable of designer planters, you also have many shapes to choose from. Get rid of dull round pots and replace them with rectangular planters or large cubes. Alternatively, choose from a variety of whimsical designs that feature curves and layers. These planters can also be made to look like natural materials like a shallow depression in rock or a small cutout in a tree branch. These unique shapes make for interesting focal points and help break up the boring lines of an otherwise plain room. You can even choose some themed planters that emulate classic styles or design themes to build around.

Choosing Plants

While your designer planters might be sufficient to change up your old style, they are really only as good as the plants you put inside them. Before you buy, you need to be sure that you have a vision for what type of plants you hope to add. This will ultimately help you decide what size of planters you need, including the minimum depth and width to keep your future plants healthy. You should also consider how your planters will look next to one another. Taking a mix and match approach to styling your planters will ensure that your room has plenty of dimension. For instance, planting a large tree or shrub in a low, wide planter works well when combined with some smaller planters that feature bright flowers at differing heights. The color of your flowers should complement the color of the planters themselves to achieve a unified look.

Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that certain plants are often associated with a particular design theme. For instance, Lavender and Lilies of the Nile combined with long ferns are often a staple of Mediterranean design. By contrast, modern industrial themes tend to focus on interesting succulents. The plants you choose for your planter will ultimately speak to the new design style you are working toward.

Consider Placement

Placement is an important part of creating your new room design. Imagine that your planters are equivalent to a piece of art or a large piece of furniture in the room. Where you place them will likely depend on sunlight and foot traffic through the room. Planters placed against a wall will need to have different design elements and plant selections than planters that are placed in the open.

Jay Scotts has a huge selection of designer planters that are perfect for commercial installations. We can help you select the ideal planter size and style for your redesign project, and give you helpful tips for how to make your planters pop once they are in place. Visit our gallery online today to learn more.

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