Save Water Landscaping

Are you a little hesitant to have your commercial property properly landscaped because you are weary of a skyrocketing water bill? While professionally landscaped areas can add to the appearance and functionality of your restaurant, bar, high rise condos or corporate headquarters, you will likely need to make a little room in your water bill budget for maintenance. However, before you go assuming that your water bill will be too high for your budget to handle, take a look at these tips you can use to save a little H2O and some of that hard earned money. There are many ways to save water landscaping but here are just a few.

Do Your Research & Hire a Pro

There are many experts out there who know exactly how to design your landscape in order to preserve water. If water conservation is one of your main concerns, it’s recommended you hire a professional who has plenty of experience working with business owners, CEOs and landscaping crews who are looking to present a clean cut appearance without letting the water bill get out of control.

Update Your Sprinklers

If you plan to take care of your irrigation independently, the first thing you should do is replace your old sprinkler system. When shopping around for new sprinklers, make sure you choose ones that save water. Typically, jet sprinklers are recommended over traditional spray sprinklers.

 Invest in a ‘Smart Controller’

Yet another way you can save water is by getting yourself a smart controller that allows you to program waterings. These controllers are also equipped with sensors that monitor weather conditions and automatically activate when needed. This means they shut off during freezes in order to prevent costly accidents, conserve during rainy periods and avoid peak demand times without human involvement.

Install a Drip Irrigation Systems

Most of the smart systems you will find on the market today monitor conditions, but drip systems monitor and act. Many of them are also compatible with mobile apps and software, so you can keep track of water usage and settings on your smartphone or tablet. They also shut down automatically if any issue were to arise, saving you time, money and resources that is otherwise wasted.

 Select Drought Tolerant Plants

The easiest thing you can do to conserve water around the office is select plants that are tolerate drought. This is of course especially important if you live in dry and arid conditions. Some drought-resistant perennials include hollyhocks, lavender, foxglove, stone crops and English ivy. If you’re not sure which drought tolerable plants or shrubs will work best in your environment, you can always ask the owner of your local nursery or your landscaper.

Having your commercial property professionally landscaped no longer means you will be forking over hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars each month to the utility companies. All you have to do is put these tips to use and you’ll be well on your way to having a landscaped lawn, courtyard or garden that saves your company or tenants lots of cash.

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