Taking Care of Your Fiberglass Planters

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Fiberglass Planters are an investment

If you are investing in fiberglass planters for your home or business, then you are investing in quality. At Jay Scotts, we chose to work with fiberglass over other materials because we believe that fiberglass is the best material on the market and we are happy that you share that opinion. But when you are making that investment, it is important that you also maintain and take care of it.

Fiberglass PlantersWhy should you take care of them?

Fiberglass Planters aren’t brittle like some terracotta pots, but they are capable of being scraped and receive superficial damage. To properly prepare for these kinds of accidental damages, it’s important to know how to take care of your investment.

How to maintain your Fiberglass Planters

Brush for caring for fiberglass plantersWater & Soft Brush – Soft bristle brushes are great for scrubbing off debris from your planter. It’s important to use a soft brush because harder brushes and steel wool can lift the paint off the planter. Additionally, you want to use regular water when cleaning the planter because harsh chemicals can also fray and damage the paint. If anything, use warm, soapy water that has a low ph level.

Waxing – For those who like that mirror shine, placing a small coating of wax can make the fiberglass shine like it was brand new. Apply after a wash and no later than every six months to ensure use for many years to come.

Color Touch Ups – If mild scuffing or scratches happen to your fiberglass planter, it’s no reason to stress out. Just call us today for the exact color match you ordered, and we can provide the best application option to apply to the affected area.

Jay Scotts

We are all about the Jay Scott’s experience for customer satisfaction. We want you to have the best fiberglass planter product and return on your investment as is possible. If you would like to learn more about our planters or how to best take care of them ensuring your investment can be enjoyed for many years to come, give us a call today!

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