Top Fiberglass Planters for Succulents and Why

Raising succulents has become a major trend, and now you can see immaculate succulent gardens featured all over the web. The key to creating a beautiful succulent garden of your own is choosing a proper container and plotting out your space wisely. Succulents are popular because they can be easily mixed and planted together to create a multi-faceted display. Here’s how to choose the best fiberglass planters for your design and why. 

The Selenge

Jay Scott’s extra large rectangular Selenge planter is a great starting point for building your succulent garden. This oversized planter provides a broad base with plenty of space for you to plant succulents of any variety. It is a full 84″ long, making it ideal for lining walkways or creating a room divider. Given its size, it is extremely sturdy, while managing to be lightweight thanks to the fiberglass construction. You can easily create a symmetrical look by planting your largest succulents down the middle and filling the sides with smaller, colorful varieties.  This is the perfect statement piece for any large room or outdoor space where you want people to gather. 

The Short Hayden Collection

If you’re looking for a great multi-tiered planter solution for your succulents, the short Hayden collection is the way to go. This three piece set is perfect for building out a larger display of mixed succulents. The largest of the three planters stands 20″ by 10″ so it is big enough for your large plants, while the two smaller planters can comfortably hold a couple of small plants. The added depth is great if you want to protect the roots of your plants and give them plenty of space to grow. When placed together, you can create a strong aesthetic by choosing from five different finish colors and using stones or pebbles in varied colors to tie the look together. Due to the size of these planters when placed together, you will want to make sure you have plenty of floor space where they can play a central role in the room or entryway. 

The River Rock Planter

Jay Scott’s impressive River Rock planters are meticulously crafted and designed to imitate the allure of authentic river rocks while incorporating contemporary shapes. This collection seamlessly blends the beauty of nature’s landscaping with modern aesthetics, resulting in a stunning presentation when adorned with greenery. The unique curves and angles of these planters make them a distinctive and captivating addition to any decor. The largest size of the river planter is perfectly suited for use on a grand table or as a striking standalone floor planter.

What to Look For in a Succulent Planter: 

These are just three of the best fiberglass succulent planters around today, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing fiberglass planters for your design. From the first steps of construction to the final finish, you need to be sure that your planter is up for the task of supporting your succulent display. Make sure that the paints and coatings used are safe for your plants, and inspect closely for signs of flaking or chipping upon delivery, which may cause your planter to crack in the future. Make sure that your planter is safe for use indoors or outdoors, and has proper drainage depending on where you plan to plant your succulents. 

To learn more, contact Jay Scotts today or check out our full catalog of planters online. 

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