Our Top Selling Planters for an Office

Our Top Selling Planters for an Office

When people consult with us about organizing and redecorating their business they often ask us what our top selling planters for an office are; Which we will always state the three listed below because they are almost always commercially viable and have widespread appeal.

But when it comes to some customers though, they get wise quick, and they’ll often ask us what our preferred planters are; thankfully, you don’t need to ask because we’ve put both answers to these questions in this tightly designed blog just for you!

Our Best-Selling Planters

These are our three bestselling planters that you can often find in offices, hotels, business complexes and more. They are the Camoux, the Brannan Round, and the Rio Grande.

Brannan Planters for an office
Brannan Planters installed in our client’s office hall

Camoux Rectangular Planter – The Camoux is one of the most popular rectangular planters that we have. The striking, simple design, often is perfect for establishing brand colors in a welcome area.

Brannan Round Tapered Planter – The Brannan will often show up in HR departments and customer service areas. I have yet to see one of these pictures without a Bonsai Tree or a Zen plant because they go so perfect together.

Rio Grande Round Fiberglass Planter – The Rio Grande is one of the most popular planters for a boss’s office. These often have stout positions and are equally rounded. They show a bit of elegance and accent the plant as much as the design.

Our Preferred Planters for an Office

Spiral Modern Globe Planter

While we do believe the three planters listed above are great, we enjoy these two because they are just a little eccentric.

Narbonne Large Rectangular Planter Box – The Narbonne rectangular planter box is exactly what you need to add some fresh earthy appeal to any plain boring space whether indoors or out. Due to its versatile size and shape, this extra-large planter box can be used as either a balcony planter, deck planter or office planter – just to name a few.

Spiral Modern Planter – The Spiral Modern Planter is my personal favorite because I believe it shows just how much you can do with Fiberglass. The spiral designs, the clever way it captures and disperses light.

Jay Scotts Collection

Jay Scotts constantly pushes to make the best and affordable planters available for people. If you are currently working to make changes to your office or business, please reach out to us. We would love to help you so call us today!

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