Want your Decor to POP? Say ‘YES’ to Fiberglass Planters

Decorating a luxury home can oftentimes feel like a burden. Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect pieces to accompany a vision, other times it feels like there will never be any way to stay within budget and still accomplish the task at hand. 

That is where fiberglass planters come in. These planters are the solution to completing the vision in any room, anywhere. Fiberglass planters are unique in a multitude of ways, from design to color options, meaning that no matter how off-the-wall the decor may seem, there will always be a way for fiberglass planters to fit in the mix, and make you say “YES!” 


The unique structure of fiberglass planters, essentially the way that they are made out of glass fibers and resin, allows for the planters to be bent into shapes that planters made out of other materials may not be able to accomplish. If a minimalist color design is preferred, a muted colored planter with a unique, edgy shape could be exactly what the room needs to maintain its theme but have a pop of something that makes the room different, and eye catching. An excellent example of this would be our San Jose Tall Fluted Round Planter in a vibrant red. 

The shape of the planter doesn’t always need to be the focus. Sometimes, a rectangular planter with a pop of color can be the perfect addition to a room that may feel like it’s lacking something. The various colorings of fiberglass planters means that almost any color scheme can be completed or added to with the perfect planter. The fiberglass material of the planters allows for color-specific peace of mind, with a guarantee that the color won’t fade as a result of UV-exposure. This guarantee means that there is no place in the house that can’t be spruced up with a bright, vibrant planter. 


The plants of the planter are as much a focal point to the decor placement as the pot that they come in. It is integral that the pieces work together. Brightly colored flowers in a neutral colored planter create a focus on the flowers, making them the eye-catching piece in the room that makes it all POP. On the other hand, a brightly colored plant in a brightly colored planter can make any room feel like the perfect balance of colorful and eclectic. 


Size matters, especially when it comes to decor. Sometimes big pieces are exactly what is needed to fill up big empty spaces, that designers often find in luxury homes or large commercial offices. Luckily, fiberglass planters are as versatile size wise as they are shape wise. With a variety of sizes, from massive outdoor pieces to small tabletop planters, there will always be a way to make the most of the space that is available. 


A benefit of fiberglass planters is the lightweight material. It may seem odd to factor weight into decor, but the ability to move the planters means that decor can constantly be rearranged and added to, making the room more like a fully functioning piece of art rather than just a room. The freedom the light weight of the planters gives also means that risks can be taken with placement. Planters can be hung from the ceiling, or placed on shelves, changing the shape of the room and elevating the decor to the next level. 

Every person has a different idea about what they want their luxury home to say in way of decor. No matter the idea, no matter the decor style, there will always be a fiberglass planter to match the ideas with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to make any decor pop.

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