What Is The ROI for Fiberglass Planters

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Any business needs to keep the numbers in mind when it comes to decorating their space. Oftentimes office decor feels like an extravagance that doesn’t add anything to the bottom line. However, when it comes to fiberglass planters, there is an ROI that you can count on. Here’s how you can measure your return on investment when you install new fiberglass planters in your commercial space.


Having fiberglass planters full of living plants doesn’t just improve the looks of your building, it also increases the productivity of your workers. Plants are inspiring and uplifting. Colorful planters help workers feel more comfortable during the day. All of these attributes lend themselves to higher overall productivity among your team because workers take fewer, shorter breaks to go outside and get some fresh air. This improvement can even be measured using your regular KPIs.

Reducing Sick Time

Another benefit of fiberglass planters is that they can really help clean up the indoor air quality of your facility by housing healthy plants. These live plants can provide fresher air, while also reducing the number of bacteria floating around in your space. In turn, workers are less likely to get sick and miss work. However, it’s not just the bacteria that are affected.

Plants in offices have also been shown to provide mood-boosting, stress-relieving effects. That means fewer days off for mental health as well! With the right planters and plants, you can help your employees feel like every day has the potential to be relaxing and enjoyable. When people are less stressed day-to-day, the results can be astounding.

Boosting Curb Appeal

Outside of your employees, fiberglass planters can also affect the way other people see your business. From an outsider’s standpoint, fiberglass planters bursting forth with live plants giving the impression that you care. They add color and pizza to a space, but they also show that the company behind the plants is more than just plain white walls and business as usual.

For those who are interested in your business, these planters can be the thing that pushes them toward you and gets them through your doors. In terms of ROI, we can look at it as new customers and consistent growth.

Longevity and Flexibility

Fiberglass planters have a long lifespan, as they are built with the same kind of fiberglass quality that cars and boats use. A business can rest assured that they don’t have to worry about the planter easily breaking and making a mess. This is what makes them great for high traffic areas and outdoor spaces. Imagine getting planters that are not built to last?

The time, effort and cost of replacing planters when they are at constant risk of breaking can be quiet a headache. Fiberglass planters are not only built to last but they are flexible for designers. They are light in weight, which makes them easy to move after plants have been placed in the planter. It is not uncommon to want the layout of your space to change and moving planters is just one way you can easily transition your space to give it an a different look. This saves you time, and we all know, “time is money.”

These are just a few of the areas where fiberglass planters provide a very strong ROI that can actually be measured. If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing new fiberglass planters, or wondering how much they will really help your business in the long run, now you can see that there are numerous benefits they have to offer.

Nearly any industry can take advantage of this simple tool for improving employee and customer experiences and creating a better working environment. For more information about fiberglass planters for your business, visit Jay Scotts online and check out our full collection of commercial planter options today!

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