Enhance Design Projects With Wholesale Planter Pots: A Guide For Interior Designers

For interior designers, using plants and planters to spruce up a space can be an after thought. The general tendency is to use furniture to achieve a desired style, but the fact is, wholesale planter pots are actually one of the best ways to create balanced spaces. The reason for this is because modern planters make it possible to harness the power of nature, all the while serving as pieces of furniture – Really, it’s the best of both worlds! Natural vitality and design sophistication.

At Jay Scotts Collection, we understand the dilemma interior designers and homeowners alike face. This is why we’ve made it one of our missions to provide fiberglass planters that can improve any indoor and outdoor space.

In this article, we’ll focus all on how you can start enhancing design projects with our extensive collection of wholesale products. Produced by a team of expert manufacturers, they can serve as the perfect vessels for your favorite plants and flowers!

Beyond Ornamental: The Functional Beauty of Wholesale Planters

extra large lightweight planters for trees
©Reveal Design // Jay Scotts

If you know anything about our wholesale products, you’ll know it’s easy to get lost in the sheer beauty of the planters. While this is of course great for any consumer, the fact of the matter is, the planters provided by Jay Scotts Collection go beyond aesthetic pieces.

Thanks to their fiberglass construction, our pots not only have the ability to transform any space with their looks, they also serve a variety of functional purposes that are great for landscaping. A few examples of these purposes are…

  • Provide privacy in a home or commercial spaces
  • Divide spaces in high-traffic areas
  • Save money as they don’t need to be replaced every year

As seen pictured above, with a planter like our Cuba Low Corner Planter–which comes in various sizes–you can provide privacy to a rooftop space when you plant a tall tree! This is just one example in the long line of positive effects our planters have.

Aesthetic Diversity Meets Quality: Jay Scotts’ Wholesale Planter Collection

Tall planter
©Jay Scotts / Myami Home / Fiona Araujo

The reason our planters are so functional in the first place is that unlike typical pots bought from garden centers, ours are made from the highest quality fiberglass. This material is really the star of the show, as it allows the planter to be durable, lightweight, and stylish all in one!

To get a more in-depth idea of why this is, take a look at this post on our materials. However, if you’re fine with the short answer, fiberglass is simply one of the most durable and tough materials out there, meaning it can withstand all sorts of wear and tear and climate conditions without any issue.

Knowing all this, wouldn’t you be glad. to know that our whole stock of planters is made from fiberglass? No matter what shape, size, or style of planter you’re after, our retail products all come from this same high-quality material!

palm tree planter
©The Gates / Jay Scotts

While originality is always great, sometimes you just want to hop on the latest trend taking the world by storm. If that sounds like a situation you’ve been in before, you’d be happy to know that fiberglass planters from Jay Scotts Collection make it possible to do so.

A big part of this is the fact that our planters allow for a great deal of customization. When you look at any planter on our stock of wholesale or retail options, you’ll find you have the opportunity to change the colors of the pots before making the purchase.

This is great for allowing you to hop on trends, like the ever popular trend of bohemian displays of plants and flowers in equally chic plant pots! How about try the Alzira Bowl Planter, as pictured above? These planters are great for getting guests to relax and enjoy the beautifully green view!

Tailored Elegance: Customizing Wholesale Planters for Design Projects

custom planters
©Miami Beach Edition / Jay Scotts

While we talked about hopping on trends with pots from our selection of consumer products, it’s also possible to go a step further and customize wholesale planters for something more specialized.

Ordering with us allows you find planters that are just what you have envisioned for your favorite plants, and the process of making that happen is relatively simple. Our dedicated team of craftsmen will support you every step of the way to ensure your vision becomes a reality, so you can start using your very own original Jay Scotts Collection produced fiberglass planter.

From the time it takes to flesh out want you want for your product until you receive the finished order delivered straight to your door, we pride ourselves in excellent service for our clients.

Just think, soon you could have a waiting room resembling the one above?

Timeless Quality: Ensuring Interior Excellence with Jay Scotts’ Planters

residential planters
©Casa Hermes Wilton Manors

The reason we at Jay Scotts Collection speak with so much confidence when it comes to the fiberglass planters we provide is because we have a long and storied history where we’ve evolved over time. Compared to your everyday garden centers that are still stuck in the past with clay or terracotta planters, we decided to specialize in fiberglass because we want to provide our customers with the best of the best.

However, just providing the best is never enough, we go above and beyond by distributing a whole collections of various sizes and shapes of planters so you can be sure to find the one that suits you. Finally, we have a timeless quality while knowing it’s important to transform with every season. The planter business, similar to the fashion business, always changes and we’re always ready!

Elevate Your Designs: Partnering with Jay Scotts for Interior Brilliance

modern outdoor planters
©Greentec / Jay Scotts

If you’re looking to elevate your designs, partner with Jay Scotts for the best in interior design. Like we’ve already mentioned, we’ve served as one of the top companies for all fiberglass planter related needs. Over time we’ve built many long-lasting relationships with wholesalers and other clients, and we’d be more than excited to start a fruitful relationship with you too.

If you need anymore convincing, check out our post on why fiberglass planters are great. On the other hand, if you’re just curious for some testimonials from our valued customers, don’t hesitate to check those out as well–You could be one of them one day!

Looking For Wholesale Planter Pots? Look No Further Than Jay Scotts Collection!

©The Dalmar / Jay Scotts

Once again, wholesale planter pots are great as they allow interior designers and homeowners alike to transform their indoor and outdoor spaces. This is the case because they allow you to harness the power of nature and introduce some beautiful greenery that will have guests and friends alike grinning from cheek to cheek.

Let’s Get Planting

If you’re interested in purchasing any of our fiberglass planters, you’d be happy to know that they come with a great warranty that will surely have your mind at ease after the purchase is made. If you’re still on the fence about how to proceed, we understand. How about getting in contact with one of the members from our team and see where you can go from there? We’d be more than happy to help you find the planter that will transform your space and make all your dreams a reality.

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