Define Your Indoor or Outdoor Space With Quality Planters

Indoor or Outdoor Planters

If you are looking for creative ways to define spaces indoors or out, fiberglass planters offer a great solution. Quality fiberglass planters can be used inside any space to create faux dividers that are full of color and character. They can also be used outdoors to create designated walkways, private areas, and more. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking outside the box with quality fiberglass planters.

Walkways, Checkout Lanes, and More

Fiberglass planters a great way to outline a walking path so that customers and visitors will know exactly where to go. Planters provide a welcoming environment that gently coaxes people onward, without the difficulty and cost of maintaining fences or other permanent barriers. You can select from large or small planters, or mix and match, to create simple visual cues for guests. They can be spaced out evenly to direct people forward, so you can still enjoy some open space and breathing room for convenience. This will help people feel less cramped and crowded while they are moving through lines or following a path.

Private Gathering Spaces

Restaurants and other meeting spaces can really benefit from the use of fiberglass planters as a means of defining private spaces. Instead of building walls or closing off parts of your building into small, boxy rooms, you can use planters to outline a space. Long rectangular fiberglass planters are perfect for this task, especially when accented with unique corner planters to close in the space a little bit. The plants that you choose to fill the planters will ultimately serve as your privacy barrier, absorbing sound, and light, to give the area inside a more intimate feel. Bars, restaurants and coffee houses all use this method to create romantic dining clusters, but offices and shared working spaces can also use planters in place of cubicles to divide up a room.

Building an Outdoor Oasis

If you are working with a large outdoor area, quality planters are a simple way to design and layer your landscape without spending a fortune. These durable fiberglass planters can withstand the elements year round, and they are lightweight so you can move them or rotate them as you see fit. Many people use fiberglass planters along decks or around pools to serve as a visual barrier from passersby. You can also use planters in a tiered structure to break up a courtyard into smaller sections with dedicated uses. Planters are usually easier to maintain than trying to build in-ground tiers or garden beds and could be more cost effective.

Creating Fluid Spaces

For some businesses, like entertainment venues, having a single floor layout simply isn’t enough. In these special cases, fiberglass planters are the perfect way to transform a space into whatever you need it to be in the blink of an eye. For instance, you can put your lightweight planters on wheels so they can be easily wheeled around to create large and small sitting areas, or to change the look of a space by adding different plant varieties and colors to the background. This gives you the flexibility to redesign your space over and over to meet the needs of individual clients or customers.

To learn more about defining your space with the help of quality planters, visit Jay Scotts today. We have a wide range of commercial planters available in all sizes and colors, so you can design your space with creativity and flexibility in mind. Whether you need planters indoors or you’re working with a blank outdoor landscape, planters are a solution that can work for anybody and improve the looks of your location at the same time.

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