Guide To Green Build 2023 | All You Need To Know On The Past, Present, And Future Of The Green Building Movement

As the world’s largest annual event for green building professionals worldwide, Green Build 2023 is dedicated to keeping frontline professionals and industry leaders at the forefront of the green building community, all the while teaching attendants how to improve sustainability and quality of life in our buildings, cities, and communities.

This year, the Greenbuild International Conference Expo takes place between September 26 – 29th at the Washington Convention Center. With numerous keynotes, roundtables, and tours & workshops, Green build 2023 promises to continue delivering on its promise of fostering a green building community worldwide.

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The History Of Green Build

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Started in 2002, the Greenbuild International Conference Expo dedicated itself from the get-go to being the world’s largest conference and expo for green building professionals. Growing its community to over 30,000 frontline professionals over the first decade, Greenbuild renewed passion with its sustainability objectives, all the while bringing a unique energy to the conference and expo circuit. If that wasn’t enough, all its events so far have taken place in LEED certified venues -That’s the gold standard for a sustainable building!

What Are The Objectives of The Green Building Council?

  • Move Toward Zero Waste Event
  • Increase Stakeholder Education and Engagement
  • Commit to Sustainable Sourcing
  • Focus on Performance Tracking
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Positively Impact Communities
  • Lead Event Industry Through Advancement of Sustainable Management Initiatives

2022 marked the 20th anniversary of the Greenbuild International Conference Expo. Along with over 200 exhibits from frontline professionals dedicated to the green building movement, there were 5 keynotes and 2 brand-new virtual summits. With so much success so far, Green Build 2023 brings the same excitement and expectation to the Washington Convention Center.

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What Can You Expect From Green Build 2023?

green build 2023
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Following in the footsteps of past events, Green Build 2023 will build on its success so far with its theme for the year: Building Transformation. The idea is based upon the desperate need to make change happen now in order to create a future for the generations after.

Not only will the world’s largest conference for green building be commemorating the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), it will also co-locate with the Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference (IWBC), which is the world’s only international conference of the sort.

If all this wasn’t enough, Green Build 2023 will introduce LEED v5, the latest version of the LEED green building program that advances decarbonization, equity, health, biodiversity, and resilience in the built environment.

What Is The LEED Green Building Program?

If you were unsure about LEED v5, the program is basically the world’s leading green building project and performance management system. With its exhaustive framework, it helps industry leaders produce more sustainable building design, construction, operations and performance.

What’s On The Schedule At Green Build 2023?

  • A chance to tour wonderful Washington DC with Green Build tours and get behind-the-scenes access to unique facilities in the city
  • Chance to meet 216 exhibitors during the expo, held on September 27 – 28th
  • Three new Green Build virtual summits: Net-Zero, Nature Based Solutions, and Innovation (these will take place before the event so register here!)
  • A host of networking opportunities: from morning yoga, and speed networking, all the way to the Greenbuild Run & Walk Meetup!
  • Special events like the Evening Welcome Reception, Women In Green Luncheon, and the Green Build Gala.
  • Earn Continuing Education Hours (CEUs) for attending education sessions
  • More than 100 conference sessions

For a better idea of what to do, more information can be found on the Green Build floor plan

Register For Green Build 2023

Registration for Green Build 2023 has opened, with early bird pricing rates valid through July 21st, 2023. Several pass types are available, each offering various opportunities to learn, earn CEUs, and form long lasting relationships with industry leaders.

There’s also discounted pricing for USBGC members!

Register for Green Build 2023 here!

How Does Jay Scotts Collection Fit In?

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Seeing as Green Build has and always will be about gathering frontline professionals dedicated to improving sustainability and quality of life in our buildings, cities, and communities, a company like Jay Scotts Collection fits perfectly with the ethos.

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Whether for use indoors or outdoors, the collection of Jay Scott’s fiberglass planters ensures that customers will be able to rest assured that not only is their money well spent, but they’re also using a planter that will not damage the environment or plant potted inside, in any way.

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Jay Scotts Collection Offers The Best Planter Solutions Available

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All of Jay Scotts Collection planters come with an industry-leading warranty for both residential and commercial use giving you peace of mind that your investment is safe, and that the form, function, and beauty of your new planter will last beyond expectations.

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