To Change or Not To Change Planters Based on Season

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Fall is approaching, and with it, comes the changing of the seasons. For some, this means taking stock of their garden, determining whether to change their planters out, and whether to move plants inside or leave them outside. For most, this can be a stressful scenario where there doesn’t seem to be a right answer. To make the changing of seasons go smoother, Jay Scotts has determined when it’s best to change out a planter and when it can be left alone.

To Change…

With the changing of seasons often comes the changing of colors. Fall colors are normally warm, earthy tones. Winter colors are cool, dark, and high contrast. Spring contains beautiful pastels and light, airy colors. Summer hues are bright, bold blues and stark yellows and poppy corals.

Often, if you have a bright cheery planter in the midst of fall, it won’t fit in. Swapping out planters to make them fit the seasonal decor makes sense! Having a repertoire of different planters means that there will be the perfect planter for every season, no matter the color or style.

For fall seasons, the MDB Matte Brown finish is the perfect warm and earthy tone to play off of the burnt orange and ruby red colors of the leaves and other decors. The GEG Gloss Eggplant finish adds a splash of purple to a color scheme dominated by reds.

In winter, the MCB Matte Cobalt Blue combined with the SLV Metallic Silver are two cool colors that will brighten up any winter theme.

With the return of spring and the blooming of all different kinds of plants, the SGR Satin Green or GRD Glossy Red finishes will be at home among a beautiful variety of new plants! For summer, embrace the bright blue skies with the SSG Satin Sea Foam or GSF Glossy Saffron!

… or Not to Change

You can change planters with the season, but you don’t have to! Fiberglass planters are incredibly durable, meaning that rain, shine, or snow, the planter will not be at the mercy of the elements. Fiberglass, unlike other planter materials such as terra cotta, isn’t at risk of shattering when it freezes, which means that these planters don’t need to be moved inside.

This is perfect for large planters outside of businesses, especially if those planters have been combined with artificial plants. For neutral planters that can fit in with any season, look for minimalist finishes. Whether its the Gloss White or the Matte White, these planters can make any brightly colored room feel more cohesive, or make smaller rooms feel bigger.

The MBK Matte Black finish is ideal to draw attention to focal points of the room, or simply add a touch a sophistication to the design. The Matte Charcoal MCH finish is perfect for any kind of industrially vibed interior design, but it is also the perfect planter color to blend in the background and allow for the plant, or the other room decorations, to shine.

The beauty of Jay Scotts planters is not only their actual beauty and bright colors. Some of their beauty is in their durability. This allows for the control to be in the hands of the planter owner, not in the hands of the weather. The option to change out planters is there, but it is not something that needs to be done if it is not what you want to do!

Neutral colored planters are perfect for every season, and all Jay Scotts planters can withstand the turn of the season weather changes. For variety in planter size, color, and shape, check out the Jay Scotts catalog today.

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