Why You Need to Consider Colors and Finishes when Choosing Fiberglass Planters

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Colors and Finishes For Your Fiberglass PlantersThe visual harmony in a design scheme depends largely on the tones and tints of the pure colors that we use in our spaces. Therefore, selecting commercial fiberglass planters in appropriate colors and finishes, like glossy, matte, or metallic, is an important aspect of your design. Since matching computer colors to their real-life counterparts can be quite difficult, ordering planters online could be more complicated than it seems. Even if you have hired an interiorscaper or decorator, you’ll still need to make the final decision about the planters and colors you want. To help, we’ve gathered below a few important factors you should consider for a successful commercial design project.

Why Are the Real-Life Colors Different from the Colors on Your Monitor?

When the light hits an object in the real world, the object absorbs some of the wavelengths of the light and reflects the rest of them. The human eye perceives the wavelengths reflected as colors. Scientists estimate that we can distinguish up to 10 million hues, which are characterized by different levels of saturation, tones, tints, and shades.

Conversely, the colors that you see on your digital screen result from a set of processes that are different from the process described above. Digital screens generate only the primary colors red, green, and blue. One small dot of each color is included in each pixel of your screen. When the light emitted by a phosphor stimulates a pixel, the pixel generates different shades based on the proportions of the primary colors used, as well as the intensity and amount of light generated.

Some other factors that could affect the way colors look on monitors are:

  • The intensity, quality, and color of the light in a room, which are captured when a photograph is taken;
  • Image editing tools, which can alter colors in order to make photos look clearer and sharper;
  • Digital screens, operating systems, and web browsers, which have different color characteristics; this means that two monitors could display the same colors differently based on settings.

One thing you can do to get more consistent results is to calibrate your display. But because not all monitors have cutting-edge calibration technology, the colors on your monitor could still be different from the real ones.

How to Choose the Right Planter Colors for Your Design

If you have ever worked on a design project, you know already that a paint swatch that seems the perfect shade in the store could look completely different in your space. Besides the fact that the light in your space could be different from the light in the store, any objects that aren’t neutral, including the furniture, curtains, and area rugs, may alter the way you perceive colors.

For instance, if you place a red-colored fiberglass planter in a glossy finish next to a sofa that is the same tone of red, the color of the planter might appear slightly lighter because of the glossy finish. As well, the color of different decorative items in a space could be affected by the intensity and color of the light. As an example, warm light can make yellow, orange, and red look brighter, while muting green and blue. Cool light, on the other hand, could enrich blue and green. Intense light can also make colors look more vivid.   

Although ordering fiberglass planters online is more convenient and can save you a lot of time and money, one major drawback is that real-life planter colors, finishes, and textures could look different from the ones portrayed online. Just as with colors, the finishes and textures displayed on monitors may vary slightly from the finishes and textures of the planters that you receive.

Since plant containers are essential design elements, we don’t recommend choosing planters based solely on the colors, finishes, and textures displayed online, especially since the light in your space can also make them look very different. The best way to select the right planters for your design is to get a hefty supply of color swatches and put different samples next to the color on your screen. You have a match when the color swatch and the color on your screen blur together. Then, you can use the sample to see how the color looks in your space.

As well, you could order one pack of the planters that you consider using and see if they match your space’s lighting and surroundings. If the color of the planters is different from the one you need, you can return the pack. Remember, however, that the planters that have been pre-drilled with drainage holes upon your request are not eligible for return. If you want a planter color that isn’t readily available, we can develop the custom finish you need in order to create a distinctive look for your business.

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  1. hI:
    I read your post about light and colors and in real life vs on a computer monitor. However, when interiorscapers wo do computer design they do need to have images of your products in color in order to give their clients a reasonable idea of what color schemes they are using. I notice now that your website and catalog have all the samples in white only. The photography is spectacular, but again it is only white.
    I sell collections of plants and container images (as png’s) to many interiorscape firms around the country and have done so for many years. I make it very convenient for them to quickly do computer design by having all the container images in various colors that they need to do a design. Do you have images of your products photographed in color and would you make the available? You may be missing some business because of the unavailability your products in color.

    Joe Cialone
    Tropical Computers 561-734-1430

  2. Mr. Cialone,

    Thank you for your feedback, it is immensely helpful as we continue to refine our new branding standards. We are currently working on renditions of every planter in every color to have available on the site. We also have several photos uploaded in our inspiration gallery which demonstrate our colors in actual installations. In the interim, we can provide individual images as requested by reaching out to [email protected]. Additionally, we can provide color rings upon request which we paint in-house with the same paint used on our planters.

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if we can provide additional information or assistance.

    Thank you!

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