5 Components to Consider When Choosing the Size of Your Commercial Planters

When it comes to interior and exterior design projects, selecting appropriately sized decorative items is critical to creating a successful design scheme. Irrespective of the accessories you consider using, ranging from wall art, light fixtures, and statues to plant containers, their size can make or break your overall design. In this blog post, we focus on the five most important elements you should take into account in order to select the right planter sizes for your commercial design.

Space Functionality

Considering the size of the fiberglass planters you intend to use in relation to their location, layout functionality, traffic flow, and the aesthetic goals you’re trying to achieve could help you optimize both the functionality and aesthetics of your space. If you want to complement your design with an imposing centerpiece, for example, placing a massive planter like our Saint Tropez Round Bullet Fiberglass Planter with a turquoise puya berteroniana or another rare plant in the middle of the space is a great idea to increase the aesthetic value of your property.

On the flip side, using an oversized planter with a big plant in a small area can block the view of the room and make the space feel crowded. If a planter is too big for a room, there might not be enough space left for traffic paths. In a small space, our smaller, elegant planters in bright colors provide some of the best decorative options to lend personality to a neutral color palette, display different plants, and highlight specific details.

On the other hand, using too few small planters in a large area can leave too much empty space, making the overall design look sterile, dull, and unattractive. Keeping in mind the layout functionality and the location of each planter are therefore two important variables to consider when selecting the right planter sizes for your space.

Scale and Proportion

Besides allowing you to ensure functionality in your commercial space, considering the scale and proportion of your planters in relation to the size of the area and the other items can help you create a well-balanced space, which is essential for the curb appeal of any commercial property. If the planters are too large, the other decorative items may seem under-scaled. If the planters are too small, they might look disconnected and out of proportion.

To make sure that specific planter sizes are right for your design, consider the golden ratio and the 60/30/10 rule. According to interior designers, the spaces complying with this ratio and rule are more aesthetically pleasing than those that respect other proportions.

Planter Shapes

The shapes you intend to select for your planters can affect their sizes as well. If you choose to decorate your empty corners with square or rectangular planters instead of round-shaped flower pots, you could go for larger-sized plant containers and still save some space. That’s because square and rectangular planters can fit into corners better than round-shaped plant containers. Similarly, placing round or oval flower pots near curved walls allows you to use your space more efficiently than if you would opt for similarly sized square or rectangular planters, which take up more space when placed next to curvy architectural structures.

The Purpose of the Space

Before selecting planter sizes, you should also consider the purpose of the space you want to decorate. A guest room, for instance, might not need a massive planter with a huge plant to look luxurious. As well, if you want to place a few potted trees in a restaurant or lobby, remember that trees often need large planters that can accommodate their roots. If the area you wish to design is smaller, you might want to rethink your design scheme and opt for dwarf plant varieties that require smaller plant containers.

The Design Style

The overall design style of a space is another important consideration when selecting planter sizes. As an example, medium-sized fiberglass planters, with simple lines and glossy finishes, such as the 12-inch, glossy white-colored Hayden Fiberglass Planter, are more appropriate for minimalist design, while larger planters in matte finishes, like the 20-inch, matte brown-colored Bara Jar Planters, are great choices for complementing rustic decor.

Additionally, spaces that feature traditional design schemes look better adorned with smaller-sized flower pots, while large and modern or contemporary spaces can easily handle large plant containers and bold colors.

Different planter sizes and shapes will lend themselves to different uses of commercial spaces and design styles. This is one of the reasons why fiberglass planters are available in such a wide range of sizes and shapes. Irrespective of your design goals, how you select and use the decorative items and the space you have can make a huge difference between hitting the mark and missing out on creating a breathtaking design scheme.

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