Artificial vs Live Plants- When Deciding Your Office Decor

Indoor plants are an important part of office decor. Besides delivering a touch of green that softens the hard lines and strong lights in modern interiors, plants can transform a dull, boring and sad office into a great place to work.

Since both artificial and live plants can improve the ambiance in your office, considering the benefits of each category can help you choose the best plants for your office environment.  

The Benefits of Using Artificial Plants

Decorating with fake flowers

The main purpose of artificial plants is to offer an alternative to live plants for decorating different indoor and outdoor areas. One of the most important benefits of using artificial plants is that they relieve people of the maintenance that usually comes with caring for live plants. In fact, some occasional cleaning is all it takes to keep artificial plants looking good all year round.

As well, artificial plants don’t need light, so they can be used to brighten dark corners or offices that don’t get much natural light. And because artificial plants, flowers and trees don’t need soil, watering or to be repotted, they can be used in virtually any setup. What’s more, if you can’t place a live plant you had your eye on in a specific spot that is too hot or too cold, you can use an identical artificial plant to achieve the look you want.

Besides making your office look more vibrant and alive, while also setting a mood for relaxation, artificial plants are a great option for people suffering from pollen allergies. This characteristic is particularly important if your office is visited by customers on a regular basis.

Another great thing about using artificial plants is that some of them are made from high-quality materials, so they look just like the real thing. With artificial plants, you also don’t have to worry about pruning, adding fertilizers, and keeping an eye out for diseases and pests.

By combining different artificial plants with beautiful fiberglass planters, such as the Alzira Round Planter, Hong Kong Tall Square Planters or Globe Modern Fiberglass Planter, you’ll be able to achieve that perfect look you have in mind for your office and maintain it with minimal effort.

The Benefits of Choosing Live Plants

If artificial plants look like the real thing, can be placed in any location, and require very little maintenance, why would anyone choose live plants for an office? In short: for their health benefits.

Nowadays, the health benefits of using live plants in indoor environments are becoming more and more recognized. That’s because numerous studies have shown that live plants can purify the indoor air. Furthermore, sickness rates can fall by 20% in offices with live plants compared to offices that use artificial plants or don’t have any plants.

Although most plants have air-purifying qualities, some are more effective than others at filtering out chemicals and pollutants in the air. To make the most of your indoor plants, it’s essential to consider the air-purifying properties of each plant species when choosing live plants for your office environment. Additional benefits come from the fact that live plants can reduce stress and make workers more productive

Live plants can also aid in maintaining a higher level of humidity in indoor environments. That’s because plants can release up to 97% of the water they take in when the humidity in the surrounding environment decreases. This aspect is critical especially for environments in which HVAC systems are used to control indoor temperature and humidity. Because these systems can dry out the air too much, humidity levels can go well below the recommended values for a healthy environment. This can have a negative impact on our health and general sense of wellbeing.

When choosing live plants, make sure they’re suitable for your office. Besides determining the amount of light and space required, it’s important to consider how much care you’re willing to provide. If you’ve already decided to decorate your office with live plants, please check out our succinct guide to the five most popular office plants.

Only a few things can make your office more vibrant and alive than plants. Whether you choose artificial or live plants, both can make a great impact in your office and help you impress potential customers. For a unique look and feel, you can mix and match different artificial and real plants with stylish fiberglass planters, such as the San Jose Ribbed Round Tapered Planter or Potsdam Rectangular Planter Box. Besides inspiring creativity and boosting productivity, unique combinations of plants and planters can set your business apart from the competition.

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