Are Fiberglass Planter Better Than Wood Planters

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Are Fiberglass Planters Better Than Wood Planters?

It isn’t always easy to know what route to take with planters. Every single one does have upsides, much like most things in life! But when it comes down to it, one type of planter is always going to be better for one situation than another. When it comes to wood planters versus fiberglass, there are a few weaknesses that wood planters have that sets fiberglass planters above them as the cleaner, more environmentally friendly and durable option.


Wood planters are, of course, made of wood! Planters that are made of natural materials such as this one have to be treated and preserved differently in an attempt to protect them from the elements. Sometimes what is being used to preserve the planter is exactly what is going to harm the plants! Many wooden planters are treated with substances that contain a slew of different kinds of chemicals. Not only could this impact non-edible plants, but any edible plants could take the chemicals in and become unsafe for consumption. Fiberglass planters are not treated with these kinds of chemicals, which takes some of the guesswork or stress out of trying to determine if your planter is safe for your plants or not!

Environmental Sustainability

In today’s day and age, environmental sustainability is incredibly important. Every action, no matter how small, is an action that makes a positive impact. Wooden planters may seem like the more friendly and sustainable option, but in fact, some wooden planters are made of resources that are not environmentally sustainable. Fiberglass may seem like it can’t possibly be more environmentally friendly – but it is! Fiberglass has a very low embodied energy. This means that the total energy it takes to make this planter is a very small amount, resulting in a smaller negative environmental impact.


Durability is so important when it comes to planters. No one wants to have a beautiful, thriving plant and then have to replant it and risk messing up all of the hard work. Fiberglass planters, due to their resin coating and sturdy material, are extremely durable! They are rust-proof, shatter-proof, can easily withstand the elements, and won’t rot or fall apart. Wood planters, with their natural composition, are extremely vulnerable to rotting due to water. Nails that hold the planter together can also impact the durability, as they are susceptible to rust. Fiberglass planters are, at the end of the day, far more sturdy and that’s something that can offer peace of mind for you and for the plant.


When it comes to planters, insects are not always thought about. Most planters are not an insects dream dwelling, but that’s exactly what wood planters are! This can put plants in danger by drawing more bugs towards them, which could result in total plant decimation. Fiberglass planters are not made of anything that draws extra attention to them, meaning that the plants within them can stand a fighting chance without being disturbed or chewed on by insects. Not only can the insects put the plants in danger, but, over time, attention from insects could undermine the structure of the planter and result in it needing to be replaced!

Wood planters may seem like the best option in many circumstances – and sometimes it may be! But when it comes to durability, resistance, lack of chemicals, and environmental sustainability, fiberglass planters are the overall front-runner. Jay Scotts is proud to have a large and varied collection of planters with a wonderful variety of colors, all of which can be found in our downloadable catalog. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Jay Scotts associate.

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