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Fiberglass and Wood couldn’t be farther apart from each other when it comes to commercial pots and planters. While the two are very dissimilar, we need first to break down how they are alike and how they compare to each other in regards to Appearance, Plant Health, and Temperature Control.

wood planterAppearance – First, while each has their unique appearances, wood planters and pots have a much more specific aesthetic than fiberglass pots and planters. If you are going for a rustic or vintage look, then wood might be the superior planter for you, but it also comes with limitations.

Plant Health – This is a wash. Both fiberglass and wood planters aren’t porous, but instead of bored holes to allow the roots to grow.

Temperature Control – Fiberglass is better at handling varying climates better than wood. If the wood is properly sealed and varnished it will be okay for the variances, but humidity and wetness will break down wood planters faster than a fiberglass one.

What is the Difference between Fiberglass and Wood?

When discussing the key differences between fiberglass and wood it comes down to longevity, customizability, and environmental impact.

Fiberglass PlantersLongevity – First, there is no competition here. Wood planters will degrade and break down faster than fiberglass planters. In an office setting the degradation will be slower, but the wood will go before the fiberglass does.

Customizability – Fiberglass is much more customizable than wood. The variety of painting solutions and styles we provide can make them virtually indistinguishable between all the other materials out there, except for wood. Wood is best at looking like itself though it can hide the fact by using different paints or different styled cuts. But ultimately, it won’t look better than an alternative, and it would often cost much more to make it look like it’s cheaper counterpart.

Environmental Impact – When it comes to environmental impact, it’s hard to determine which one is more versatile truly. While wood can be ground down and turned to particle board if it’s ready to be recycled, fiberglass can be unwound and turned into fiberglass insulation. Both of these have long term positive effects through recycling, though it seems fiberglass might have the edge regarding longevity.

Jay Scotts

With Jay Scotts, we insist on the highest quality planters and pots for your business. We work with fiberglass because we believe it is the best material on the market. We also believe in proper coating procedures and using high-end paint with our products to create a nuanced appearance. If you would like to learn more about our planters or products, please call us today!

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